Why didn't Homura just wish for the power to kill Walpurgisnacht?

Why didn't Homura just wish for the power to kill Walpurgisnacht?

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Because she's a lesbian

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What would that accomplish?

Madoka wouldn't have to become a magical girl you dummy.

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>I wish I had the power to kill the thing that just died

Surely QB would've found another reason?
I;m gonna be honest I don't even remember what she did wish for in the first place.
Also her mahou shoujo outfit is sexy.

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>Kill Walpurgisnacht
>Becomes the new Walpurgisnacht

It's simple. Wish to kill Walpurgisnacht without becoming the new Walpurgisnacht.

Why don't you just wish Madoka will never become Meguca?

All roads lead to Rome.

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Madoka is already dead when Homura made the wish.

Because Madoka would still be dead.

Homura anal prolapse

elaborate please

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Didn't she get the wish before she knew about walpurgis, or am I misremembering?

Why didn't she just wish to know what to wish for

Doesn't she make the wish when Madoka is dying?

She made her wish after Madoka died in the first time line, defeating or driving off walmart night.

She'd go "oh, so that's what I should wish for" but by that point her wish is granted and she can't wish for that

Positive entropy is the madokami tier wish