Is Gintama worth watching or should I spend my time on something like Shippuden or One Piece?

Is Gintama worth watching or should I spend my time on something like Shippuden or One Piece?

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Skip all the long series, watch decent short series.

Gintama is an overrated shit with vocal circlejerking fanbase?

Read the one piece manga don’t watch the anime it fucking terrible

OP is worth it until the end of cp9 arc.

It's worth it. The first bunch of episodes are worthless thoug.

Don't do the Shippuden thing.

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Just try both. You have no obligation to complete them if you don't want to. For One Piece you should probably read the manga. For Gintama I recommend watching it as your own pace. As in you don't marathon it until you really feel like it. Gintama is the worst show to put an expectation of "when this gets good" on. People just burn themselves out that way. Can't recommend Shippuden though.

If you skip filler shippuden is honestly so fucking good (up to war arc)

Yeah. Just watch one episode of Gintama every couple of days or so. Don't bingewatch it. It doesn't work like that.

Watch all three since shounenshit seems to be right up your alley.

>When this gets good
What are you talking about-aru?

I'm telling those fags that ask "when does this get good" for anything to fuck off. That's a shitty way to enjoy anything. Is the time spent in this time black hole of a "hobby" that valuable?

Agreed user
Enjoyed Gintama just with the exception of episode 1 & 2

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Dumb question for me to ask, but what were the issues with episode 1 and 2?

Episode 1 & 2 were fillers.
But I really like gintama fillers
Episode 1 & 2 were boring and certain characters didn't have a proper introduction

Gintama episodes 1 and 2 were filler to celebrate the manga getting an anime adaptation, so a lot of the main cast is kind of just shoved in your face with their quirks and personalities already set up without you knowing, it's not bad to go back and watch when you're familiar with the cast but it is a little overwhelming when you're new to the series.

Man, I don't know if I'm just crazy, but I genuinely enjoyed pretty much every single episode of Gintama.

Fucking character rankings episode is still one of the best.

>Fucking character rankings episode is still one of the best.
Pic related along with

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I'm the same, I've enjoyed pretty much every episode too. I actually watched episode 1 and 2 first and still enjoyed them, and yeah Popularity Poll is one of the best comedy arcs in the show. The MS Paint OP is legendary.


What was the most ridiculous statement/action that Zura did/stated?

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Pounded ikumatsu on the street and sucked something more than ramen

I'm actually binging it since last month, already at episode 180 and there is no single episode were i felt either feels or laffs. I love it and i'm actually happy about this hiatus (until july if i recall right) because i may be able to watch the last episodes with you guys. And i also need to mention that there are some pretty cool arcs too with a lot of emotion and cool (but not well animated because studio) fights.
I'm really happy about catching this.

Gintama has been on and off for the past few years. You'll catch up ez.

Yeah i know, but i wasn't expecting it to enter an hiatus before the end, or at least that was what the anons at the gintama thread told me.

>People in a gintama thread saying that the anime will go on till the end

Excellent joke, you got jebaited. Enjoy the ride, it's a good one.


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Manga reader here
Dw fellow gintaman
after this hiatus ends, there is a 90% chance of another hiatus bcoz of current events in the manga. In short words, the last arc will be 3-cour

This, the animation and music were pretty decent until after Thriller Bark iirc.

One of the greatest moments in all of anime
>Don't bingewatch it
i watched 14 hours of Gintama straight, it was great

Of course, it is

It's the best show I've seen.

If you think Shippuden is worthwhile, Gintama will probably go way over your head.

The serous arcs have every shonen cliche in the book. Not very interesting.

20% of comedy episodes are about some boring reference. It's not just parody, it's a shitty reference.

Great and funny characters.

The comedy episodes about the characters and the dynamic between the characters is great.

The episodes that have both a little drama and comedy (like Madao episodes) are also great. Great tone balancing.

It's definitely better than One piece, which is very hit and miss and mostly miss these days.

Tama best girl

>The serious arcs have every shonen cliche
Atleast not some special move that a shounen MC pulls at the end of the fight.