So you wanna register a new alien? Let's see them

So you wanna register a new alien? Let's see them.

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Pikachu $240 woolong

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This one is to lewd

$240 woolong?
it took me 2 decades to catch it, i know you moved on and got a real job but come on.
please take me back

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Ok $241 woolong

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This guy should be worth quite a bit.

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I think he's an alien.

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So clearly they were going "chick from 1980's Blade Runner" look for this character, weren't they.

I've never seen this one before
Must rare

Genki type humanoid alien, not quite rare, but in pristine condition

Register? Oh, wrong place. I want to eject this one.

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Sir, that is a lion.

It knows how to play the guitar. Please, I need the money to buy some food.

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go back to gaia teenagers

I'll just leave this one here and make some errands while you register it.
Don't worry, it's harmless.

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Scarlet was by far the best girl.

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There are millions of those, they grow in vats or something. They taste okay so I'll give you 2 woolong for it.

Is that Ron Perlman?

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how much for this one?

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A successful crossbreed of the Ron Perlman race with a house cat. Very rare.

how much is this thing worth

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Isn't that Sigourney Weaver?

I'd like to register this gay angel thing from the Moon

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Big money right here

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user that's a whale.

122 woolong

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This one is already deceased but please preserve him, especially his smile.
God knows where Spring has gone to ;-;

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>oh yes check this one

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Sorry sir but those are used goods. They wouldn't even sell in a clearance.

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user, that isn't an alien.

yeah, no question

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how about this one ?

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Why is this two frames spliced together?

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user, that's just a thinly veiled metaphor for humanity.

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I know you think this is just another human, but it seems to be of a mysterious third gender type hitherto undiscovered.

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Yes. It is a scifi reference heavy show.

the dandy's ex 4th dimensional gf episode was artistically spectacular. went way beyond great anime, to great.

That's nothing new, we already have one of those "third gender" type registered.

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Every episode had a different director. Look up that one if you wanna bang him so bad.

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I love her

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That's a weird way of saying Pine-pine.

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Sir, that is a wheelbarrow.

How much for this guy?

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20k woolong

Sir, that is a hat.


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A ban.

Found this one on my toilet. How much?

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Don't you mean... Ron Purrrlman?

That's a mexican, throw it over the wall.

>Stupid overblown parody
>Cheese to the maximum
>It's not like the outcomes actually matters anyway
>It still hurts

Christ I'm like such a little bitch sometimes.

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How much for this one?

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Hideyoshi should have won.

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Personally I ship Dandy with adult Adelie, but this was a good episode.

this will get me a good price ...right ?

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ten woolongs and a condom

I don't need any money, how much quartz can you give me?

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Nope, just a Chuuni with a weird stand.

>another Gold Saber
3 SQ

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Can I have 2 condoms instead?

It was probably transitioning

>tfw Hideyoshi is too much of a bro to fap to

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olny if your a power bottom

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Wow, she looks like Jessie except not ugly after being put into the Sun and Moon's art style.

>that fucking train

Sir, that is a Ctarl-ctarl, an incredibly common species with its own empire. This one seems especially unintelligent. 30 woolings at the most.

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well then I'll keep it btw can you fuck it ?

Excuse you, but that is my wife you're talking about

Are you trying to get us all killed? You better be grateful I'm not calling security.

Fuck really?
How many woolong though?

Your wife is a dumb dumb.

Sir, I do not take kindly to those words

your wife is a border line retarded cum-bucket