Shiori Experience

It's back baby! Chapter 24 is out

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Monthly now or no date for the next chapter?
Thank you, by the way.

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I don't think there's a schedule for the translations, just whenever they get it done.

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Did he get fat?

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That's it for now.

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Also thanks to the scanlators.

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Thanks for dumping user.

Thanks, user.
Here's hoping it won't take six months until the next chapter.

Reminder, you can own this

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I can't believe Prince is fucking dead.

Should've gotten that hip surgery.

I'm amazed the mangaka or the publisher was able to get permission from the estates of Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix.

he was obviously murdered.

Why now, though? Is it because he became a JW?

idk, but i dont think his health was poor at all, nor do i think he was a junkie
His death is probably stranger than MJ's.

>short hair
Best girl arguably got better.

He did use one of those battery powered scooters obese people at Walmart use. I'm inclined to believe he did have health issues to some extent.

so is that Janis next to Jimi?

That was my first thought. I doubt it'll be Amy Winehouse.

Oh hey its that iconic album cover. Is it actually any good?

I'm really loving this.

Can't say. I just know that I like it.

Morrison is definitely next to Cobain, that's for sure.

Also, the guy with the bowl cut is probably Brian Jones.

Most likely. I wonder which other 27 artists we'll see.
Chances we'll see Robert Johnson?

Kek. Thanks for dumping.


He's the origin of the myth right? He's gotta be in there somewhere

Anime when?

OP is Foxy by Jimi Hendrix
ED is In Bloom by Nirvana

They'd have to nail the music, though. And shell out a lot of money for the licensing.

>>Nirvana's Nevermind was 27 years ago. People don't even remember it.

Where the times goes?


>yfw Robert Johnson's soul is following Eric Clapton

ohhhhhhhh shit, calling it
>Brian Jones behind Kurt
>Jim Morrison to Kurt's left
>Janis Joplin to Jimi's right
>Kristen Pfaff or Dave Alexander on Bass stage back right
>Pete de Freitas on drums

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I don't remember a prominent drummer who died at 27yo.

Apart from that is funny because Brian Jones after get dumped of the Stones actually think to made a band with Jimmy, Lennon and Ian Stewart. And irc Hendrix and Joplin were never too fond of Morrison.

kurt is cute


aaaaand dropped

yeah that's not a bad idea

according to wikipedia
you've got
Pete de Freitas 1989(echo and the bunnymen)
Kami 1999(malice mizer)
Not exactly stellar options.

Maybe Keith Moon is rockstar enough to cheat and show up anyway.

Keith moon was 32 though...but they might make an exception just for him, maybe he made a different contract?
I guess they could recruit some who died before they were 27, that would definitely open up the rosta

Weird, John Bonham also died at 32
maybe drummers get an extended contract?
according to this article musicians do tend to die younger but only on relative terms

Yeah, that's what I mean. It's a literal deal with the devil. The terms of the contract are probably a bit flexible, and Keith Moon is kinda THE dead rockstar drummer, so I could see him showing up even if he's five years off. We've got all of two datapoints to go on so far.

forgot the image
the 27 club is maybe just the group that dies at peak popularity.

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I know we already had a timetable for death on the main character. But psycho music producer/Mafia don here is kind of extreme for the story.

It's the whole series, but pages like this give a good feeling with the buildup you get to them.

Danke, OP.

>But psycho music producer/Mafia don here is kind of extreme for the story.

Yeah, it's a bit much. It kinda bummed me out for long stretches of BECK. And that's way more grounded.

Like I get the idea of a corrupt businessman willing to force people into contracts with satan to get his ideal band. But executing a guy in the streets is out there.

Does raise the question of what role the antagonist would be otherwise. We're going for a central antagonist and whatever bands we encounter in the future as well as the bitchy music teacher. Could have done well with just the latter two but I'm not sure where everything is going with the Producer so I'll just sit back and see.

He has great expressions and presence though.