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You do know she's 12, right?

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She probably smells bad, she is too young to have the smell of a woman.


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It's a piss-smelling childish pussy

someone post that stitch where you can see down her shirt I think she's trying on a swimsuit


Good thing she’s 2D

sahgeeree is so cute


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You do know you're on Sup Forums right?

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Yeah, a little bit old, but passable.

12 is pretty close to 18

Cute, but no personality.

Megumin is best girl

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s2 when



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if she has period she is ready to breed.
stop sexually oppressing children with social constructs like "age of concent" Sup Forumstard

Thanks for reminding that I can't wink.

This is why female illustrators make the most lewd.

whats the name for this meme about angry girls showing their panties

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no idea

why do people like 40hara? the scowl he draws look fucking retarded, that are so many other artists that do it better

I don't know the exact name but I know this i what you're talking about.
twitter dot com slash 40hara

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But officer, I thought that her age was written hexadecimally.

Stop sexualizing my wife

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Not forever

I don't understand what you're trying to say with this.

This has to be the most repulsive artstyle I've seen. The creator is trying to make them look sexy, but it's so comically exaggerated it turns me off.

12 year old are actually Kino. The world doesn't like it. but they are what peak performance looks like.

At 12 you can't even read well enough.

You think that at 12 you make good decisions?
Give it idk like 4 years more and it's cool

14 is the prime though.

maybe if you are a homosexual.

How is this not prime?

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White children can read just fine at 12. You wouldn't understand.

Don't post bear miko

Why isn’t she wearing bear pantsu?

I read at a 12th grader level in 5th grade. Fuck off, third worlder.

Normally, a 12 year old would have a soft, gentle sweet smell down there. Wel, not exactly "sweet", but it would be pleasantto the nose.
On another hand, 12 year olds don't give much of a fuck about hygiene unless they've been raised by strict parents; she could have a stronger smell brewing in her panties. She spends the majority of the day inside that room. She doesn't normally go outside, so she probably skips showering/bathing unless she has to quickly go outside for something. Shitty diet, wearing the same underwear for a week, and not showering for a week, budding pubic hair that traps her natural smell and teenage pheromones. It's the perfect storm.
If somebody called her out and they need her immediately (and there's no time to shower), she's just spritz some strong-smelling perfume to cover up her natural smell. In a way, this has the potential to make her smell even more appealing, since there would be an element of surprise when you went down on her.
>at 12 you can't even read well enough.
Are you bullshitting me? I read just fine when I was 4 year old, in fact, the teachers used me to read their material while they went outside to have a smoke, and not only that; I picked up a foreign language, English. By 7, I was able to count from 1 to 1000 in ENGLISH, and I also picked up a couple of curse words. You may have an excuse to suck at speaking a foreign language, but you can't possibly have an excuse for sucking at your own language.

when you go down on her*

>You think that at 12 you make good decisions?
I think even 60 years old man can also make a bad decision.

Prove it.


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Why would you go down on a 12 year old?

Is there any anime about a kid who has a crush on his older aunt or something and by the time he grows up the Aunts daughter has a crush on him?

why not?

Yes, and?

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Why wouldn't you?
If she were an actual child, I'd understand, but Sagiri is already showing signs of maturity, she is pubescent, and it would be a waste to leave her be.

>she is pubescent
That's why you shouldn't.

12 year olds in 2D or 3D are not for sexual. They are for intense and prolonged cuddle sessions before they become "too old" for it.

I recognize that mouth

show me your cunt

What does puberty have to do with someones ability to have and enjoy sex?
I thought toddlers can have orgasms.


If sex does't result in new life it's not enjoyable

Well thank you.

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Youre welcome

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It would feel better for a teenager. You'd be scratching an "itch" and filling in some niche of theirs when you're fucking them. A teenager would be more susceptible and willing to have sex than a child.
If you were doing it with a younger person, you'd just be forcing yourself onto them; sure, you might make them reach the point of having an orgasm, but it wouldn't really be pleasurable for them, since you were basically forcing yourself onto them.

>budding pubic hair
Yeah, sounds about right.

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Parents force their kids do all sorts of negative things in order to teach them to became functional human beings. You know, you act insane go sit in a corner. It's not fun for the kid but its good for them.
The idea of forcing a kid to do something is basically equivalent of parenting.

>Act insane
>Punishment is sitting in a corner

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Shit, when you put it like that, you're right.


Yeh, she's really old. Why don't you guys sexualize someone younger than this middle aged woman?

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>hilarious Sup Forums memes

You make it sound unnecessarily lewd, Anonymous.

I think the most disturbing event of my life happened just yesterday.

I've been chatting with this girl over the internet for a while now, and we met a couple weeks ago (she's young, ok-looking, name's "Izumi Sagiri"). Yesterday we had a date, and after seeing a movie went back to her place, we made out and before long I had my tongue buried in her vag and a finger in her ass.
This is where it all goes wrong.
I pulled my finger out and started licking her anus while gently pinching her clit, I then leaned back a bit while trying to find a comfier position, and was just going to slide a finger back into her ass when I notice something odd.
There's something on my finger. Moving.
At this point I have no fucking idea what's going on, with a closer look I see there's about 6 or 7 small white stringy things (each about 0.5" long) on my finger and more around her ass.
They're all writhing and wriggling.
I'm now holding my finger between us, pointing at it with my other hand, I can't speak; she's panting, out-of-breath, and looking at me as if to say "Why did you stop?". When she realises what's wrong she says "Oh..., they're just threadworms, most people have them, they're harmless."
I ran.
4 hours later, I got back home, I washed my hands with bleach and dettol, gargled a whole bottle of mouthwash, swallowed maybe 1/2 a tube of toothpaste.
After showering about 5 times I still feel dirty.

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What? No way!

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yep, thats how it works

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>that fucking patrick star shirt

this fucking guy i swear to god lmao

Mocking Shadman is universal

i would fuck that desu senpai

Eromanga sensei getting OVA coming April.

doubt, but if you really considered doing that in the first place you should probably kys pronto

where are the shows with chubby lolis?

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Do... Do I even want to know where it comes from?


It's from the anime itself you dickwad.

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maybe her stomach hurts

I want to dunk her in chocolate and nibble it off once she cools off a bit.

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Muramasa would be literally perfect if she had smaller boobs.

She wouldn't agree to be your simple fucktoy.

She's closer to 18 than 5.

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Why wait until 18? In most of the world you're legally allowed to fuck 13 or 14 year olds, though whether they'd like to fuck with you or not is an entirely different question.


It's not whether it's legal or not, it's about if it's morally right or wrong.


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