Dragon Ball Super

Will the results be obvious?

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I can only see it ending in three ways.
>Goku finishes off Jiren at base form with a final kamehameha; wins the tournament.
>Jiren rings out 17 and then Goku and Jiren ring each other out; Frieza wins.
>Jiren wins but now believes in FRIENDSHIP and wishes everyone back.

I bet my house on "Goku finishes off Jiren at base form with a final kamehameha; wins the tournament"

If we get a new series it should focus on Trunks and Goten

and Pan

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There's still fighting going on and only 20 minutes to wrap up the series, I wonder how "complete" it will feel

>Shithan's worthless Mexican daughter
No thanks


It's the only way to redeem the series after Super

This destroys the weebs



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>two useless half saiyans who would rather get aids than train

lol fuck no


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I enjoyed the manga Zamasu arc. Merged Zamasu was just so cool.

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>g-g-goku San, I gave you all my power already

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>Will the results be obvious?


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Soon, lads.

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what do you mean

>aaarrgggghhhh s-save me 17......

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FighterZ confirmed for Heroes.

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"Don't worry, pal. We're gonna make it."

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You know, there's a healthy amount of irony in Freeza going from dealing with the pests that bother him to actually being the pest that bothers Jiren

>aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh help us 17!!!

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Are we ready for Dragon Ball being great again?

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Looks so much better than anything in Super. Only thing keeping it from being perfect is the lack of the RoF Gi

why not now

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What am I looking at here is F. Trunks DBS version going to be playerable in fighterz?

Why was this shark god hyped so much ?

>why not now
Because it actually is "never".

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How did they get their shirts back?

Maybe because his universe is the one that first came up with the time machines.

So what's U7's ace in the hole that Goku mentioned in the preview?


>don't worry goku, leave jiren to me

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Potara fusion

Genki bomb

I'd laugh

Ultra Instinct 2

why isn't buu in the ToP again?

>Goku fused with an unlimited energy android
Just not fair

Fell asleep

Heem sleepy


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>Goku has fought Jiren 5 times while using the energy of other people
>Failed each time
>We're supposed to believe the power of friends is stronger than self attained power.

This is bullshit. U7 would be fucked if this wasn't an abstract tournament fight with no kill rules. Jiren's worldview is right but no one can see it, not even the writers.

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Goku and Frieza fuse.

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>we will never see Whis fight seriously

>implying he's not fusing with frieza and cuckdroid17 won't be ringed out first

Chadhan always wins baby!

Seems like FighterZ story mode is gonna be on Heroes.

It failed once. Doubt they'll try it again.

Jobdroid 17 sacrifices himself this time for real and Jiren is disqualified


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We got this image before we knew 17 was alive, now that we know he is alive. does your guys perception of this image change? maybe they're reacting to jiren eliminating 17?

No, FighterZ story and characters are coming to Heroes. There's even gonna be a set of special FighterZ cards!

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Probably. Maybe 17 is buying time for Goku and Frieza with another bullshit shield

>maybe they're reacting to jiren eliminating 17?

Other way around


What's the deal with the "BAn" text?

best angle

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>that shameless copy/pasting of the FighterZ entrance poses

They're clearly attacking jiren together in that image. I don't see how anyone sees them as reacting in this pic

Nice delusion jobdroidfag

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Then where's 17

Would be cool, curious to see the full extent of his power.

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u7 wins. So yes.

To stop google from deleting leaked pics.

That's the point.

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can you post a smaller image please.

Merged Universes confirmed?

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In the bench


I can't wait till you're wrong. Holy fucking shit it'll be so fun to rub this in your face

Seems pretty obvious with all the times Jiren uses his eyes to attack.

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How come no one has powered down when getting shot by a beam from Jiren so he can get DQ'd

Can't wait to see your tears when you're wrong once again

How strong is Emperor Blizzard?

I reckon Calvo-tier

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I've been right about everything though.

Blizzard-sama could one shot El Grande Padre.

Goku and 17 do the fusion dance since his perfect Android memory can replicate it just from seeing once, the Gokenteen potara fuses with Frieza into Gokiezenteen, who goes Super Saiyan Android God Kaioken x50 Ultra Instinct

No you haven't

you forgot Golden

What's the practicality of a tail that big

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>new kind of Frieza in the last episode
What did he mean by this?

"G-Grandfather? I thought you were dead!"

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>the big power of friendship speech comes right before the reveal of 17 who met Goku for the first time yesterday, and Frieza who fucking hates him, the only members of the team who are absolutely not friends with Goku in any way

Leave Blizzard to ME.

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At the very least i think this confirms that the wish will be some sort of major multiverse altering wish, sucks that 17 wont get his boat though

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That's what makes it so cool. The remaining members with Goku are the ones who don't care for him as a friend.

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It's like a boa constrictor

Frieza's a good guy now. They literally are pulling the Orochimaru twist with him.

>The Super Dragon is susceptible to the "AND" extension

Can we say 18 gives a shit about Goku?

Daily reminder that goat gets the boat

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