Tfw mai gets raped in a boxing ring

>tfw mai gets raped in a boxing ring
I love this manga

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This kills the mashirofags

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Nice meme, OP. They caught his GF and now he's going to Justice Die.

Is this the prequel to Stopman?

post the rest

have the links been taken down.

Was that all part of her master plan?

Please, it's all King of Cinematographers' keikaku.

post the rest

her getting ""raped"" gave be a boner

Thanks for the update.

Is this ryona manga

Who were the girls in the hoodie again?

Mizuno and Macchan. They were both beaten and raped by Justice Man.

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>justice die
This shit keeps making me laugh

I dont really get justice raped and beated the shit out of their own allie

Just because she was against torturing Mizuno and kill Mr Diligent.

Mr Dilligent was too good for this earth

I bet that if they take justice GF as hostage, or plain out kill her, he will lose his shit and maybe go on tirade on how he did everything for attention and love, loosing any support he had

>Mai gets justice raped to death
>dead tube good end

Unless it gets axed. This serie is far from over

whys the glasses chick with the MC now? what the fuck happened

Why do I read this shit?

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because you're a rapefag

>mai gets raped in a boxing ring
She doesn't though. Like always it's just a ruse.

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What the fuck was with the damn Manager?
Did he really dick those 2 girls into love?

I dropped it after the MC decided to make it his mission to destroy Dead-Tube.
Is that still a thing?

you're gonna get the thread deleted

>thread getting deleted for posting official manga nips

We were SO close. The ultimate blueball.

chapter where it happened ?