Has this surpassed K-On?

Has this surpassed K-On?

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In what? Popularity? No. Success? No. Relevance to the medium as a whole? No. Animation? No. Characterization and development? No. Direction? No.

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It sure did in plot at least.
And art.

It's actually yes to all of those besides the first two.

Nice bait.

What's with all the KyoAnifags on suicide watch today?

I'm not a Kyoani fag but to say SoraYori surpassed Keion is being a delusional imbecile, to be quite and completely honest.

I wasn't baiting, I agree with him on everything else, but I think it surpassed K-On in plot and art. Well, it's not particularly hard to surpass K-On in plot anyway.

I disagree.


Hahahaha No.

I agree with you

Keion didn't have much of a plot, to say it surpassed it in plot is to say an airplane surpasses a boat in flying. Keion is character driven first and foremost, and the characters as well as their interactions are more real and natural than YoriMoi's. The larger than life quest and sob story are great and all but it's something Keion didn't even attempt to do because it didn't need to.

Why compare a drama to a mediocre SoL? Surely there are better benchmarks for comparison here.
I'd say it's more apt to use something like Anohana or Hanasaku Iroha as measuring sticks.

Both anohana and iroha are melodramatic trash, oh wait I get why you're comparing them to Sorayori. Do go on.

No. K-On has the most natural character interactions in the medium. Not to mention far superior directing and animation. Yamada >>> Ishizuka by a mile.

Thats wrong, there's no reason K-On couldn't have a plot as well. You can't just overlook something that SoraYori surpasses it in and dismiss it just because.
Your airplane boat analogy would be more appropriate if K-On was to a videogame and it was said that it was lacking in gameplay.

Keion is a SoL, character interactions are its bread and butter, not having a plot is not overlooking anything, it just doesn't need it. This is why the characterization is so much stronger in keion, it uses every single minute of the show for that.

Yeah, I'd say that SoraYori is at least more aware of not going overboard than the two I mentioned. It didn't go full retard with its emotional moments to the point where I was laughing at how overwrought it was like Anohana.

You're an ignoramus.
>muh plot

Way to dismiss character driven stories, avant-garde art, all of literature, documentaries, non-fiction, structural cinema etc. Of course you're a gamer. How the fuck do you think plot in a visual medium is as important as gameplay in a gaming medium? You think SoraYori is better than Tom and Jerry? Fleischer cartoons? Duck Amuck? The fuck outta here.

Nope, not even taking your bait.
If you actually think you have something to say leave your hysterical emotions and accusations at the door next time.

>hysterical emotions
Are you describing Sorayori?

Plotfags are the biggest plague upon art critique. This isn't bait, it's fact.

More unbelievably stupid accusations. None of my favorite shows even have a plot, that doesn't mean I can't think another show has done better than them in terms of plot.

btw im a girl xd

the current wave of threads opening with a suggestion that an airing or recently ended show is superior to K-On were likely all made to allow the OP to rail against the show in question and should be ignored by anyone who does not share this desire

Someone's sounds quite angry.

At least it's good unlike k-on

How can you hear letters?

>an entire decade later there is a full genre that literally only exists to replicate K-On/Azumanga
>the same stale recycled shit still continues to work season after season.
So what's the next seasonal flavor? Cute lifeguards lounging around a pool? Isekai'd girls working in a shop?

Who are you quoting?

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Yamada is a goddess. Ishizuka is a hack. Sorayori's designs looks too glowy, the animation is meh, drama is average, character interactions are way worse, the cinematography is trash tier by all means of comparison, very melodrama heavy, overly loud and sensational. Can't even compete desu.

He's quoting me, I said that a long time ago.

You can feel the impact K-ON left just by reading these threads. Haters will never let it go and they will die while cursing K-ON.
Their last words before leaving this world will be "Damn those keions and their moeshit"

Is K-ON anything like Sora Yori? Sora Yori's my favorite show in a very long time and I've avoided K-ON for years because I heard it was plotless SoL and I don't like KyoAni.

watch it already gaylord

The only way to get neo-Sup Forums to reply to a thread is to bait retards into taking one of two sides.

>Is K-ON anything like Sora Yori?
Not really. This thread is just a pointless excuse for fanbase wars.

Not even in my top five anime slice of life/drama/comedy let alone surpassing the greatest ever. Top five is reasonably easy for me to sort out. After that it gets a lot tougher. Six I would maybe have Anne Happy then maybe Sora yori mo Tooi Basho followed somewhere by Yuru Camp.

1. K-On!
2. Clannad
3. Barakamon
4. Non Non Biyori
5. Flying Witch

There I said it.

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Oh. OP's a fag then.

Why are you guys sucking this show dick so hard? Its just ok

I for one enjoy the drama along with the comedy and slice of life. I think the well done addition of that elevates the show.

>No Nichimasterpiece
>No Hibikino
>No Amagi Brilliant Jewel

The comedy is honestly the weakest link in this show, feels so generic and relies mostly on characters reacting like idiots..

That's weird. Right now, there's a Yurucamp thread just like this one: Almost like someone's trying to shitpost.

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Hibike Euphonium would possibly be top ten along with maybe Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon. Nichijou and Amagi Brilliant Park might just make top twenty for me after shows of similar genre such as Yuru Yuri, Hyouka, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!, Azumanga Daioh, So Ra No Wo To, Mikakunin de Shinkoukei, Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?, New Game!, Gabriel DropOut and Stella no Mahou of which all I consider to be superior.

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K-On has that effect on people, every season with a mildly popular CGDCT show we get the K-On comparisons. It's understandable since it IS the golden standard for the genre. Sadly for Keion haters, it will not be surpassed in at least another decade.

>K-On is the best CGDCT
but Sora no Woto exists

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>K-On has that effect on people, every season with a mildly popular CGDCT show we get the K-On comparisons.
Interesting how you completely neglected the fact that neither of these threads is earnestly interested in comparisons with K-On, OP.

k-on with guns was trash even if Sup Forums shilled it.

Non Non Biyori and Himouto Umaru-chan have already surpassed it in every conceivable way, but feel free to screech some more, fanboy

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but thats wrong

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>K-on is like Neon Genesis. It will never fade away. What ever this show is will slip into obscurity in the next few years. So NO it hasn’t surpassed K-on. Thanks for the laugh. Just saying that question out loud makes me laugh. NOTHING will ever surpass K-on.
Pretty much this.

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>Barakamon and Flying Witch

How can you consider adaptations that only cover a fraction of their source material masterpieces?


he's a total loser who likes post-nichijou kyoani, that's how

It's something else completely.

Why does it need surpass something? Can it just be great, in itself? Or you desperately need an autistic thread about "Muh anime is better than yours"

this for story, yurucamp for moe

Did the number of fan art it has surpassed K-On!'s or any other shows' this season?

I don't read any manga so source material is irrelevant to me.

Easily, considering K-On! was boring.

It didn't get much fanart at all sadly

In plot, art and characters at least

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I'm just not one for short random comedy skit type shows in general. The animation is top tier as usual from KyoAni however there's not much more to the show that appeals to me.

>Forced Drama: the Anime
>Flavor of the Season trash
>comparable to a timeless classic

I could always tell K-on at a glance, even before I watched it. I have no fucking clue what that is though so I certainly don't think it's permeated the industry/fandom as much as K-on did.

We just had this mess of a thread awhile ago, and have had these types of threads for a few weeks now. OP's just trying to force this as a new template to get (You)s.

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Good to know. I'll just add this phrase to my filter now.

Is everyone going to ignore that the screenwriting and storyboards are from the same guy?
That nigga is goat.

Fuck no

Why do all Kyoani shows feel so artificial. They remind me of the love movies my female clasmates went crazy for in middle school.
This also applies to Love Live.

It hasn't even surpassed Slow Start, let alone Yuru Camp.

Why do people feel the need to bait for attention?

What the fuck is Slow Start?

>Is K-ON anything like Sora Yori?
Not really, albeit it's far superior than this forgettable trash.

>relevance to the medium

Hidamari Sketch surpassed both.

This, but unironically. Lots of moe anime surpassed K-On, including the ones made before and after it. But trash like Yorimoi definitely didn't.

If by neo-Sup Forums, you mean Sup Forums in the year of our lord 2003+15 in general, then that's wrong. There's a whole galaxy of of time-tested OPs that can get the ball rolling without immediately false-flagging "this is the greatest anime ever amirite?" and invoking muh studio wars. Or just say something that demonstrates you know anything about the show other than the genre and who produced it.
If by neo-Sup Forums you mean newfags who argue with bait and say things like neo-Sup Forums, then I can't really disagree. If you're that desperate for (you)s, comparing everything to K-On or Eva is the way to go.

No, but it's the closest thing we've had to K-On in quite a while. Much better than what KyoAni, a once great studio, has become

This show will be forgotten next season, while we'll still get these has insert show of the season surpassed K-On threads for another next 10 years.


It's putting up a good fight with non non biyori in my book and if the ending is good tomorrow it might beat that.

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All of these.