One Piece

It's out

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>Luffy gets a 1B bounty
>Sabo still stuck at pathetic 602 million

The Virgin Revolutionary
The Chad Pirate

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let's hear it boys, what's it gonna be

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In b4

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I'm confused. Did judge unintentionally call himself and his kids weaklings after sanji saved them?

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Fourth option.

hopefully a food coma

>This is one of the reasons Katakuri fell in love with Luffy
If he heard Luffy he would have blushed

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Why would luffy get a new bounty?

Filler chapter to pad for 900. Fuck u oda

>all this cliche dialogue
God I wish the Germa subplot would have stayed out of this arc, I wanted more BMP

I think it's just himself.

>A weakling
Singular, not plural.

Judge dialogue was interesting enough.

Crew interaction is the best.

How so? It was forced shit drama


I'd normally agree but in this case it was set-up for Luffy to completely blueball Judge by not giving him an answer, it was mainly meant to be comedic.

Buster Call

>Cracker defeated
>Katakuri defeated
>Peros crippled for life
>Smoothie and Daifuku totally useless
>Oven, bless his soul, trying hard but overall useless
>rest of Big Mom pirates irrelevant

Half of Luffy's crew literally trivialized Big Mom's entire operation. This is beyond pathetic.

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It didn't create drama and stays in charcter for Judge not comprehending why somebody would bother to do anything for his "failure" son.
A touchy feely goodbye. Now that would've come out out of nowhere and would've feel forced.

>Perospero is on a ship and not riding on the caramel homie with big mom's soul in it.

>Zeus hasn't been seen or mentioned since his capture

I have a feeling something bad is gonna happen to the homies with big mom's soul inside of them next chapter.

The point of that dialogue is to set up Judge being proven wrong once he learns that Big Mom got knocked out by Sanji's cooking.

This, why even bring BMP again? Oda just cornered himself and had to use asspulls to make SH escape

He could be referring to Luffy. That's what I'm assuming anyway. Judge wouldn't call himself or the Germa stupid even if you told him off for doing stupid shit like believing in Big Mom in this arc.

My point is that Oda is making the arc more and more boring, focusing on things no one asked

Whole point of this arc was rescuing Sanji and humiliating Big Mom in the process. Defeating her was not going to happen so giving her reputation a hit was the next best thing. It was obvious that this was going to happen going into the arc, it's the same thing that happened with Impel Down.


I hope you're reading for naked mom next chapter

What has Perospero even done to be this tired? BMP a bunch of shitters I swear

It's obvious how the Straw Hats have been able to run over the Big Mom pirates. They weren't prepared for this.

They are strong and big, yes, but they grew complacent. They believed nobody could challenge them, so they became lax and lazy. So when something like this does happen, they get their shit beaten in because they weren't ready for it.

They were able to destroy quite a bit of their operation, yes, but they didn't even manage to scratch the Yonko herself. As long as the head honcho is still alive they can easily rebuild, while having to deal with this humiliation.

>another chapter
>no monet
>but also praline
It's a mixed kind of feel

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Don't forget Big Mom herself, the most incompetent yonko.

He's projecting himself and disowning sanji. Also to set free sanji from germa

>not jobberbeard
Slow down, Spee D Reader

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Oh I don't know... Maybe it's having his arm blown off and not having it treated for hours, maybe it's that

Reminder that Morgan escaped thanks to Absalom

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>2 different daughters betraying their mom. 4 if pudding and lola count

He was dying of plot sickness.

Man if people are this salty about them escaping Big Mom then I'm looking forward to seeing peoples' reactions to Wano when Luffy and his alliance takes down Kaido's entire crew along with Kaido himself. It's going to happen. It's not like Luffy's group took out a huge chunk of Big Mom's crew, most are still in tact but are being held off by a bunch of surprise attacks.

>Chapter 900 will be nothing but BM shoving the cake inside her face and rolling around in it, no distractions
>fully colored by Oda

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So how the fuck are Germa going to get out of this once the SH escape?

Talking about Zeff

Man, I hope something big gets fucked up next week, also, I hope now that they have Jinbei they'll keep Carrot,too.

Does judge actually respect luffy?

who cares about germa?

>big mom rolling around in the cake

this is a humorous mental image

He begrudgingly respects Sanji now,too. I mean, that rant of his sounded like he's trying his best to convince himself that Sanji is shit

He's tsundere for him now.

Bounty Hunter arc when? Oda could easily fit in a small arc between Wano and Elbaf for example that had the Whiskey Peak/Mock Town type of atmosphere. Maybe bring these guys back.

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If he doesn't by this point he's just being petty.

Ohhhh now it makes sense. Can still be applied to judge himself too.

Praline and Chiffon did nothing wrong. All it proves is that Charlotte's make the best waifus.

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They'll all die

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They are more than competent to deal with the fleet on Caco Island on their own and now Wadatsumi is there to take out most of the fodder. The fleet at sea will chase the SHs, so they won't have to deal with them. They're just going to push their shit in, then go away at a casual pace.

I mean Sanji cared enough about them when he saved them before.
Why would he suddenly let them all die?

I hope Kaido is not a jobber like BigMeme

the old ass leak from a drunk editor predicted a Sanji Rescue Arc

the next arc might be Las Vegan with the yonko-tier Kuma and bounty hunters using Vega's tech.

That's not the problem, everyone knows SH are going to win, what people complain is about the asspulls
>Katakuri change of personality
>Allies arriving just in time
>BM trapped in a lame subplot
>Smoothie can't do nothing because muh women
>Oven will probably forget about his powers
>Lets fix Pudding with a lame flashback
>Erasing memories weren't using in a cool way
>Germas can defeat an army now
And all of this just with half of the crew. This is Fairy Tail now

do you want filler?

We lost pedro and pekoms though. unless they somehow pull a pell.

>Compote AWOL
>Mont d'Or and Tamago totally useless
>Big Mom herself is completely useless and handicapping her own children
>Literally everyone who showed up at Cacao has done fuck all

I don't watch the anime and neither should you. Also Davy Back Fight 2.0 when?

And Pound

On top of this, think back to the Edd War when Roger took on Shiki's entire fleet with the Oro Jackson alone, and won due to pure circumstance of the weather. That's way more outlandish than what's happening with Luffy right now; at least Luffy's group has the Fire Tanks, the Sun Pirates and the Germa all attacking along with him.

Lol, nobody is actually going after bounties over 500 million. It's just a status thing at that point and a warning for civilians to avoid them at alll costs.

Where my perosperobros at?
>baravois btfo
He's so fucking based it hurts

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Jobbed to a cold JAJAJAJAJAJA

Both of them are alive and unharmed. Bobbin, Pound and Opera, as well.

Caesar will save them next. He's gonna replace the Coup De Vent's soda gas fuel with his own gas.


>mfw Oda wasted this arc and made it a spot for Germa merchandise
That hurt

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Liked the chapter a lot more than I thought I would.

Did anyone find the art in this chapter a lot wonkier than usual?

They will probably all die.


Oda already gave Bamco material for V2 RR's and +6 Judge

is he still with bege?

The cake will be so good she will transform. Into her fat self, that is.

Peros is the second best thing that happened this arc

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I don't see the "one piece will be on break next week" so does that mean it won't be?

4 - the cake is so good it exorcises Mother Caramel's cruel soul from Big Mom.
This results in her personality reverting back to her original happy-go-lucky self, finding great joy in the loving family she already has.
Also she disciplines all of her naughty children so the bullying stops.

guys Judge got a sample of Big Meme's saliva on his spear

he's now able to clone Big Memes and conquer the world

How is Sanji not being bulletproof one of his strong points?

>implying Big Bird isn't going to be shot down from the sky

>All those people insisting luffy and sanji would have trouble reaching the ship

>Off screened

What was the preview blurb about again?

yes, chapter 900 next week

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This can anyone confirm if one piece is on break or not, i was certain it would be this week

The only way this could get more shonen is if the cake is so fucking good big mom becomes pretty, faints and in the chaos of Jinbei's friends arrival, beige, the hats and the others all get away because the big mom pirates need to go fix shit and repair for big mom's wake up hunger rather than waste anymore precious time trying to kill the intruders and betrayers.

Even better, imagine a buster call on the horizon as the good guys make their getaway keeping the big mom pirates occupied and not able to stalk them down or make good on their threats.

That was confirmed a few days ago. Get with the times nerd.

His spear fucking shattered

The point is that he's human u troglodyte

Morgans can't fly, silly.

I recall noticing how Charlotte daughters are treated worse than the sons.
- Lola: runs away to escape being torn by giant dick
- Chiffon: gets beaten up for looking like Lola
- Pudding: bullied for her eye, hit by Oven(?) for failing to shoot Sanji
Can't remember if there are other examples. On the other hand, there is Katakuri whose mouth used to be normal until (most likely) Big Mom tore it.

Half of these are just you not liking the direction certain characters went in during this arc. Learn what the definition of "asspull" is, user.

better to learn how to dodge bullets before some autistic triclops caps you with a jaw breaker

how come judge wasn't killed by a direct hit from Big Meme? he doesn't have hardened skin like his children

big meme is such a jobber. she should be able to OHKO people with her hambeast fury

>On the other hand, there is Katakuri whose mouth used to be normal until (most likely) Big Mom tore it.
Didn't an SBS confirm he did that to himself by eating too fast?

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>Hit by oven

No that was daifuku

>runs away to escape being torn by giant dick

I bet Loki will turn out to be a small giant and Oda just used a generic giant silhoutte to not spoil the obvious twist

so, does judge have curly eye brows or not?

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Thanks for clearing that up Allison. 900 really is 100 away from 1000.

Will Smoothie bite Pudding to death for her betrayal?