An original mech anime "Planet With" by J.C. Staff

>An original mech anime series from studio J.C.Staff, titled "Planet With," has been announced comine Summer 2018

Why does it suddenly feel like this year has a lot of anime originals coming out?

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>an original mech anime from J.C.Staff

Director: Youhei Suzuki
Script: Satoshi Mizukami
Design: Kazunori Iwakura
Music: Kouhei Tanaka
Studio: J.C.Staff

Atsushi Abe
Sayaka Harada
Shiori Izawa
Saori Gotou
Yuuichirou Umehara
Hitomi Owada
Mai Fuchigami
Shinsuke Sugawara
Shizuka Ishigami

that maid looks cute but
>original mecha
i give it a 1/100 chance of being anywhere above average

It's going to be interesting at least with who's writing it. Based on his manga, he always make good and interesting stories.

>insulting mizukami
He's rarely disappointed before.

>Not mentioning this anime was Mizukami Satoshi's idea, as he's credited as creator, and he storyboarded the first 1000 pages of it.
Well fuck you, buddy. Also Kohei fucking Tanaka doing music. My body is ready.

Is that footage from the latest episode of Marchen Madchen as it existed two weeks ago?

So is this going to be like Aldnoah Zero where Urobuchi wrote the first 3 episodes and fucked off

Remember Re:creator by Black lagoon author?
Remember Punchline by Uchikoshi?

Right girl looks cute

Just a glance at that art and I was getting Mizukami vibes. Glad to see him working on something new.

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Punchline was good, though

>more mecha
As a mechafag, this is good. I can't hate anything mecha. I just can't.

>Mizutani finally gets the anime adaptation he deserves
>it's an original
>it's a mecha
I can only get so erect

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>Script: Satoshi Mizukami
Holy shit my body isn't ready.


>revitalizing a four year old idea
If it's meant to stay dead, don't try to revive it. I love Satoshi too but Planet With is going to become Star Driver of the season, at best, maybe as memorable as Eureka 7.


Is it revitalizing a 4 year old idea or is it an idea he's been working on for 4 years?

Could have just adapted Spirit Circle.

>tfw actually like most of what JC Staff does
Only annoyance is that JC Staff productions are basically guaranteed to be a 12-and-done series.

>anime originals are bad you should just adapt manga instead
based 2018 Sup Forums poster

Who are you greentexting?

See you in SRW in three years


Oh shit Mizukami is doing the character design

>just noticed the Flying Spaghetti Monster in the background

Picked up

The maid seems like porn-bait.

anime is unironically good nowadays

Concept art is cool, but that name is retarded.

I'd read it as "Planet Wiz", which is still stupid, but at least less Engrishy.

Nevermind, I just noticed this.

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>Female cast
in the garbage it goes

>another anime-original mecha to watch with Sup Forums

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>not mentioning how this is the brainchild of the guy who did lucifer and the biscuit hammer as well as spirit circle
Fucking anime only illiterate faggot OP.

Whats the name of that orchestral piece again?