Hunter x Hunter

Who will get their hands on Danchou first, Pika or the clown?

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How many more threads do you HxHfags need exactly?

About another week's worth.

Reminder that
>Hisoka knew the Troupe would be on the boat for the royal family's treasure
>Saw the prince bodyguard offers
>Killed some hunter and stole his identity with Texture Surprise
>Applied and was accepted
>Is currently on the 1st floor waiting for the spiders to fall into his web

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>thread didn't even reach the bump limit
Fucking redditior

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fuck you nigger

>Still bitching about this years later
Literal autism.

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Would all the known Hatsu users in the series together be able to defeat Meruem?

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With the power of love and asspullery, possibly

>Dead thread
>Dead series

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I wish mods would get uppity and ban generals for a while again.


Banning generals doesn't tackle the root of the problem.
Ask yourself: Why did generals become widespread in the first place?
As someone who remembers the original general, even I can't quite say.

The more weak nen users are around the more likely it is Meruem just eats them and powers up even more.

Pitou is cute!

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Meleoron + Kurapika + Morel + Knuckle

Pika takes Perfect Plan from Meleoron.
He then loans it to Morel, who takes the deepest breath he can.
Morel then piggybacks Knuckle, who gives some aura to Meruem as gently as possible.
Assuming Meruem doesn't sense something is amiss and instinctively obliterates them with a tail swat, they'll just have to play the waiting game until he loses his nen.

They tried that a few months ago. Guess what? It was a disaster.

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Actually, add Netero to the mix just in case.
If Morel's lung capacity loses to Meruem's aura pool, Netero stalling and causing him to expend aura could close the distance to bankruptcy.

Deleting every general that pops up and sticking to that verdict is the only possible catharsis. Lazy nigger janitors can't just give up part way.

Poor Franklin, his buddy Shalnark was killed and now he's eating alone and probably will die alone too.

thanks god meruem didn't find the troupe

>kuroro comes in
>hey wanna play gungi
>why not
>unleash fun fun cloth while the king is thinking
That was easy

thank you

Alluka "befriends" Meruem, kills him with his asspul nen ability.

horrible OP. Spiderfags shouldnt be allowed to make new threads

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Dumping HD chinese scans

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What did she mean by this?

Even if the King goes Zetsu state they barely have 3 seconds to kill him before the 3 RG come.

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>6 gorillion darling threads
>6 gorillion dbs threads
>6 gorillion shitposting threads
>2 hxh threads because some retard forgot to check the catalog

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It took 1 old man with a bomb to defeat him because humans are evil.

Would you?

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Did this nigga just waste food?

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>long hallway
>four ranged with automatic submachineguns
>vs. three melee

Will they fight?

Listen here Pitoufag I love this cat as much as the next guy but she would rip your dick and balls off and kill you. Is it worth it?

No because I don’t like boys

>Guns working on the Troupe
Did these mafia types learn nothing from what happened in York New?
Seriously, guns seem to be essentially useless against them.

Why is this guy worried about the Spiders? Shouldn't he be concerned about the fact that his headquarters just got infiltrated?

I'm pretty sure every pitoufag's goal is the sweet embrace of death. I myself would pay good money to have pitou's thighs pop my cranium open like a bottle of champagne.

The Spiders are the biggest threat, so he wants to deal with them first

The guy with glasses knows nen

someone typesetted the translation yet?

Yeah, check the archive

Never really thought of it like that makes sense to waifu her then. I'll admit the chimera ant arc pissed me off because it built up Meruem and Pitou's characters just to have them both die off. Aside from the two initial turncoats they were the only ants with any sort of likability. The arc would have ended on a greater scale if Togashi stuck with the idea of there is no good or evil. Doesn't help Gon was extremely out of character with his immense rage and killed a literal newborn that was learning emotions, this goes for the king too.

u mad?

I mean I'd be fine with her crushing my balls

so is there a chapter next week or not? Ive been hearing both

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Looks like there's no break. This is the same company that announced the break a week ago.

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This is the dumbest post I've read in a while.

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B-but that's Baise...

So there's a chapter next week? Whew

>The troupe being manipulated by some new Nen user

Yeah, it's this chick, Togashi is just reusing the hairstyle on Camilla.

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Always wondered where she got the camera.

Looks very similar to this

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How can people think she's a man seriously.

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His design in the last chapter looks sorta like his old one.


His paper-like hair design is better than the Hotaru rehash

What's his plan? Is he just gonna try and gun them down?

So I haven't read/watched anything after Gon was healed and went back home.

Has he been seen since?


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once, in a phone call with ging

heh he could be a counter-type nen user who can summom dogs after he dies.
anything possible with nen

>When Gon comes back into the story his brain won't blow up from math problems

Yeah he showed up for a few pages during the setup phase of the current arc where it’s revealed that he can’t access his Nen anymore since he went back to complete normality, and he’s currently catching up on his two years of missed schoolwork with Mito. He’ll reappear again eventually but the current arc is about Kurapika.

Gon wants to fuck Mito-san let's be honest.

I can't find it

I know a lot of dudes look like that

Common sense