Who is your favorite Fate king, Sup Forums?

Who is your favorite Fate king, Sup Forums?

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I don't have a picture, but I kinda like Richard.

Tits too small

Artoria is literally the best design that the anime industry has ever created

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Tits too big.

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ah yes Saladin's onahole

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I'm willing to write paragraphs every time we get into powerlevel discussions

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Caster Gilgamesh.

If they ever animate Babylon the reactions to some of the things that he does would be worth it all and I'm not even a Gilfag.

charlemagne looks like a bro desu. Hope he ll be a top servant

>Summons seven (7) servants
>Drags Tiamat down to the Netherworld
>Uses himself as a catalyst to summon Archer Gil
Sounds dope as hell

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DUDE is my second favorite Servant of all time, so I gotta go with the mighty Iskandar.

No tits, no king.

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But (You) are Charlemagne

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god please no

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>goes from being a cocky ass to a true leader
>entire kingdom has nothing but the utmost respect for him
>walks out of the after life because he has to save his kingdom
>his archer version goes all out immediately knowing the stakes

FGO story has issues but it really nailed Babylon and the Finale/Epilogue

I skipped most of the story so far in fgo but if it is as good as you say I may start reading it

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She was queen of france for a while IRL so I dictate that it counts.

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There's a lot of shit in FGO's story. Especially fucking Rome.

is london good? that's where im at right now

s'okay. Nothing special.

A lot of it isn't very good and even the good chapters like Camelot, Babylon, and the Epilogue suffer from a bit of keyboard diarrhea.
That said there's some great moments in FGO that sadly get drowned out.

It's generally agreed that FGO's writers had no idea what the fuck they were doing until Camelot. The earlier chapters are hit and miss, but that's when shit really starts going down.

I kinda want to be spitroasted to oblivion by Gil and Ozy.

Are you a king of a small nation?

how strong is chiron?

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Worst Kingu

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America is kinda fun too.

>still pretending it doesn't continue being trash after Camelot
All of the core issues that stem from it being a shitty mobage centered around Servants never go away, it's always shitty and will continue being so. But sure, the very rare 5 and 6/10 chapters are technically better than the common 2-4/10 chapters.

that's mostly because of the Presi-King

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I didn't vote for any of you.

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