High Score Girl

>anime confirmed for July

About fucking time

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Holy shit, how many years ago was this announced.

Seven. It was seven years ago. Seven long years...



>r/kappa: the anime

Fuck yeah.

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Did the other girl get btfo yet?

don't tug at my heartstrings like that

On one hand I've really wanted this for a long time
On the other hand people are gonna make any discussion of hsg cancerous with Oono and hidaka waifufag shitposting

I thought this got cancelled after Capcom went after them for not getting permission to use all the properties in it.

You're fucking kidding.

You're kidding, right?


Check the archives from yesterday, that user pisted a source

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It was snk, capcom gave them permission to use guile as a character in the anime when it was meant to air originally

Which studio is doing it?

You better not be pulling my leg or I'm gonna rape you in your dreams.

I finally get to post cancerous fgc memes on Sup Forums and not get justifiably banned

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Nah nigga she making moves.

Does the guy come on the gitl’s face?

thread theme

It's been a little over 4.

We should expect the worst so we won't be disappointed.

I've been waiting for this for YEARS now. Now I just have to wait for Itsuka Minoreba to get an anime. God damn, I wish Tekken was more popular.

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Why do I feel like I remember this being announced in 2011? What the fuck happened!

With or without SNK references?

fuck everything it looks dreadful

Nigga, I wasn't expecting Kino. This was actually somewhat better than what I expected when no word about the animations for so fucking long.

SNK is credited but none of their games were in the trailer.

Buying big gangan now, I'll dump the new chapter in a bit

>that PV

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Wait I take that back, King of the Monsters is in there.

>morrigan up for some /ss/
muh diq

SNK is for chinks and mestizos

God, that looks fucking disgusting. And it's also extremely ironic considering the theme of the show.

>WcDonalds: the anime

>MUH 2D puritans
Get with the time grandpa, or just neck yourself. CGI done right is perfectly fine.

bless you user

I'm surprised to say I think that looks mostly great.

>I have never read the manga!!!

>CGI done right is perfectly fine.
Which isn't the fucking case here at all, you absolute retard.

It looks fine you fucking assclown. Go be an elitist puritan someplace else.

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>It looks fine
Do you have brain problems or something? Cause it really doesn't. The animation looks janky and uncanny as fuck.

These designs look like from that yokai short.

Is this 45?

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I'll do 45 this weekend, been busy and was waiting for vol 8 to come out

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I think this has the staff on it for any moonreaders

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>Yoko Shimomura as composer
I'm fucking excited for this.

>you wins
Nice engrish

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Looks bad so no thanks.

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friendly reminder that Modern Capcom killed Mike Ross.

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Not the worst 3d I've seen in an anime, but I would have preferred traditional animation. That said I'll still watch it, as I enjoy the manga quite a bit.

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It wasn't Capcom, it was the overall movement to esports that killed his interest. If you watched any of his last few streams before disappearing, you'd hear how he was just at a loss about how sterile and flat the FGC is becoming with the infusion of big companies. Certain games locking in spots in tournaments like EVO when they barely have any competitors, 'fake' rival matches and fake hype in general, and just the overall flat scene when it comes to player interactions basically made him want to leave.

His esports video pretty much clues you in to a lot of things, and it is sad to see where all the old names are heading. Even people like Yipes can only be themselves are weekly events or non-promoted regionals.

The real news here is Yoko Shimomura doing the music (no wonder the one in the trailer sounds so much like SF2).
Shimomura going back to retro arcade-style music? Awesome if you ask me.

I sure wish toei's Kado team did this instead. Their CG was pretty nice

How bad will Sup Forums shit themselves over Oono vs Hidaka?

Considering Oono is the clear superior choice I expect a lot

fuck man, why can't we just get a proper adaptation with good animation

not much
It's more likely that everyone will join hands on getting mad at how much of a clueless motherfucker MC is

Holy shit.
Also, will someone translate the last couple chapter in the last vol? I've been waiting for months

my boy Beastly Fingers is just a little autistic about his games

MC wasn't clueless though. He outright rejected Hidaka for Oono.

>MC wasn't clueless
you should read the chapter where both Hidaka and Oono visit him again

got up to ch 50 TL'd
was busy and waiting for vol 8 to come out
new chapter this weekend

Is it untranslated?

Again he's just a bit autistic about arcades (that's what the girls like about him), but clearly likes Oono

liking Oono and being clueless are unrelated

Hell yes thanks user. Where will you be posting them?

3D looks pretty bad.

>capcuck anime

Wake me up when the tekken lolis arrive.

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Don't bother the retard prolly hasn't even read the manga, the adaptation gets the style just fine

but they did play tekken


So are these sponsors, or does it mean they approve of this anime?

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mangadex and in the mega folder

>mega folder

Are they actually gonna have the balls to feature Darkstalkers in this thing and focus on the non-waifu characters?

Maybe they can change Haruo and Hidaka's, but for Oono big bois is a trait

not posting it on here, just find ciel scans on mangadex and follow the link to the website and then it's on there

>they got Yoko Shimomura to do the soundtrack

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>Maybe they can change Haruo and Hidaka's
They better fucking not.

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thanks user