Is this the only anime without a single flaw?

Is this the only anime without a single flaw?

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This one is pretty close

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Ah yes, endless eight was truly flawless

>Bump of Chicken ripoff AMVs and pretentious duet monologues: the movie

Fuck off imbecile son of a bitch

This but unironically

This is mediocre at best.

There was that stupid movie making arc.

chill out achmed

Forgotten anime thread?

The comedy was only good for one or two arcs. Still, for anime that's pretty good.
I also didn't like a couple of the characters, but that's opinion

So what? If you failed to grasp the meta of haruhi then that's on you.

Was there a non-stupid arc in haruhi?

I've seen a lot of shit posts about haruhi before but this is something else

Haruhi herself was the biggest flaw of her own Anime. Disappearance is the best part because there is so little of her there.

She's a bitch, but she's a hot bitch.

>anyone who approaches this show from interesting different angles unlike a narrowminded faggot like me is shitposting.
Yeah you just continue using your shallow checklist to judge an anime

You don't have to be this pretentious over a shallow show.

This whole series was nothing but flaws except for one episode of S1 and the movie.

Hey you're pretty good at this

This is a good example of a show with great visual direction and horrible writing.

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Thank god this show didn't cater to your shitty writing standards.
I bet you guys didn't even recognize how the show tries to tackle themes in two levels attributed to difference in the way haruhi and kyon experience the world. the movie arc also plays with this difference in perception.

How is it stupid? It's pretty serious.

The lack of conclusion to the story is a glaring flaw.

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Why bother answering to retards? You won't make their taste less shitty or unretard them.

Haruhifags are still as embarrassing as ever

Not an argument

You know a series is shit when you have to scrape for something deep.

>watching the show and understand obvious plotlines and development is scraping for "something deep"

Not every show has to be deep, but Haruhifags are basically fooling themselves

They should have adapted tanigawa's other forgotten masterpiece

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Was this an Ebichu reference?

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>I bet you guys didn't even recognize how the show tries to tackle themes in two levels attributed to difference in the way haruhi and kyon experience the world. the movie arc also plays with this difference in perception.

This is some Rick and Morty faggotry right here.

How? It's pretty fucking basic. That guy worded it badly as if this was some kind of secret but really it's the good old "two opposite people get closer and interwine" structure, simple and done well.

>Any kind of analysis no matter how simple is literally rick and morty
this whole website is embracing anti-intellectualism because of fucking Sup Forums memes

Haruhi fans are the equivalent to R&M.

No. The LN is god-tier though.

I don't know about Haruhi fans but you're screaming at a void without ever bothering to backup your point or attempting to discuss at all. Even szechuan sauce autism seems better.

Back to

Dude, stop getting triggered by every post. Learn to ignore.

Anime is literally the same as LN with additional audio and visual elements. So i feel like anime is superior experience to LN

That's the second post I respond to, but I don't think I'll need a third one.

The anime didn't adapt some monologues or plot elements like Kyon thinking Koizumi might be right in that Mikuru is manipulating him, but otherwise I'd say the anime magnified the LN, especially with Sugita nailing those Kyon monologues and giving him more personality. That's what makes the lack of S3 even more frustrating considering the next LN are better than the first ones.

>Butthurt Haruhifag his series will never get a conclusion.

I watched the same episodes eight times and i was still less bored than when watching Toilet Everboring, which I've dropped after 3 episodes.

You misused this fallacy, creating one yourself.

>based on a Light Novel
It's shit.

I wasn't the user he replied to, nor was I rebutting his claim. I was pointing out the meaning of the phrase in case was parroting it without understanding it, ad people around here are wont to do.

Here comes that retard faggot who subscribe to "LNs are trash" memes. 99% of Light novel world goes untranslated, japanese language is radically different than English with writing conventions not as same and retarded as in west, so people who don't nihongo must shut the fuck up.

Who cares. The series is never going to get a conclusion because the hack author can’t bother finishing it.

Most LNs are garbage like Haruhi but Spice and Wolf and LOGH aren't bad.

That's not how you use the word hack. Tanigawa is really good writer. Just cause he didn't end the series doesn't mean he is a hack. I'd say he's better than writers who just crank out stuff without any care for quality.

I'm okay with Surprise being the end though

You’re trying to lecture me on how to use the word hack? Hahahaha, fuck off. It’s one thing you can disagree with my opinion’s he’s not a good writer (hence the use of the word), but it’s another thing to prescriptively dictate word usage.

It still would be better for him to follow through and finish it or at least continue it like he said he would.

Yeah, I wish he'd do more.

Not making a sequel doesn't really make an author a hack. You'll have to elaborate if you want to prove something.

You need to use the words just how everyone uses otherwise you'll just come off as edgy faggot. You also seem to misunderstand why prescriptivism is seen as stupid. It's fucking stupid when a group of elitists try to shove how the word should be used for group of people but it's doubly more stupid when you alone use the word in ways you seem to like.

Haruhis is fucking cute.

>99% of Light novel world goes untranslated
And I thank God everyday for this. I also apologize for LN writers, for the Lord knows they aren't gonna apologize for themselves


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>i don't like this writer he's no good = hack writer
Did your favorite anituber neckbeardo told so. You must fuck off from here.

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I dropped it halfway through, since not one character was likable. Did I miss anything?

Yeah stop this forced shitposting now.

This is an English-speaking board, sir.

Yes and You need to up those english comprehension skills of yours

You missed a trip to the hospital because of how terrible E8 is

E8 is post modern art at its finest. Retards like you don't understand it

>E8 is post modern art at its finest
I'm glad we both agree it's shit

Ignore them and just post more cute Haruhis please. I assure you something good will happen if you keep that up. Maybe summon god or something.

Maybe just let the thread die?

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That would be fine too

NO, this one is

Why did you bump it then

Why did YOU?

I didn't. Look at the catalog.

Ok then


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Anything worth discussing?

Honestly no, everything worth talking about has been chewed through multiple times since 2011. All that is left is shitposting and posting rare haruhis.

When is Yuki S2 coming out?

don't be a sourpussy douche canoe

nah, bad series


you see the movie?

What? This anime has tons of flaws. Starting with the fact the the female MC is basically hitler

nice bait

Its only flaw is not having a season 3

>without a single flaw
There is one flaw, the fact that we'll never get an ending due to the author writing himself into a corner.

female hitler is a considerable flaw

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What corner?

That was Bananya

>he doesn't know about sage

So when's Netflix gonna buy the rights to the series?

How the fuck do KyoAni make a totally clothed girl so lewd?

The corner where he has lots of money and no fucks left to give

That's the corner I always wanted to be in.