Chapter 56

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Sometimes she reminds me of komi-san

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>Another sensei chapter

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>another /sci/ chapter
>another Sup Forums chapter
>another /lit/ chapter
>another senpai chapter
Mizuki chapter fucking when

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World End Harem is better than this shit. Plot, art, character design, sales etc. Prove me wrong]

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She's factually cutest and bestest, won't win, but doesn't detract from the fact.

It's a blueboard, sick fuck

Being a /lit/fag is fucking suffering

When Sekijou gets her chapter with Nariyuki.


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I'm glad this outfit is back.

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She wore it a few chapters ago though.

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I really love Sensei's expression in these two pages. She looks so peaceful while sleeping.

prime breeding position

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Tsutsui is really pushing the Mafuyu wife angle, I guess he figures Jump won't let him end it that way so he wants to give her the development she'll be denied later, I'm expecting a chapter where the twins have to tag along with with him and spend the day at Mafuyu's house...

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Just married already.

>I guess he figures Jump won't let him end it that way so he wants to give her the development she'll be denied later,
Pretty much, you can't tell japanese kids it's ok to fuck your teacher, even if you want to marry.

They already are.

Don't worry, I'm sure Fumino will get another chapter focused on her in 3 or 4 months

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if that happened bokuben would havee to move to one of shueisha's seinen mags

She already got one a few weeks ago though.

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sensei wife does not disappoint

>Uruka is actually and openly in love with Nariyuki, gets the most space
>rizu kinda too
>Mafuyu is CUTE and a better fit than most girls, will probably end up working together
>Fumino is just there

Wait a minute

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Jitsu Wa was in a shonen magazine and had MC's friend hooking up with sensei

It could work if the story continued past high school. Build up their relationship from there and you're golden.

He was a side side character who looked older than the actual teacher.

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>Uraka 23%
Truly the best girl.

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So the lesson for Japanese kids is it's okay to bang your teacher if you're a side character

filler chapter again...

Oh shit, can't wait for rizu's turn

Almost every Mafuyu chapter is the set up for another doujinshi, I refuse to believe Tsutsui hasn't written a few scenarios himself.

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Literally can't be any more perfect than that. Sensei is a fucking autist, why she's getting so much screentime, is beyond me.

That butt is fuckable

nothing happens the manga

Just like your life


it's a shitty harem, what did you expect

I need more fumino chapter, wew.

Is this entire plot a work of Satan?

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Don't you say, I wish that ass happened in mine

Mafuyu is the next ur---

Good Lord.

Husbandyuki strikes again

Nariyuki can easily be the MC for those blackmail doujinshi with the amount of dirt he's got on sensei.

>I guess he figures Jump won't let him end it that way
I always thought that Jump would never allow Kubo to go for a Orihime end and it still happened. They probably let authors do things the way they want giving some input until it's not acceptable by their standards.

What an otome.

Sleepy black fumino is back

What was the popularity poll result again?

>Sleepy Fumino
Been such a long time I thought the mangaka forgot about it.

Sensei is a miracle of the universe and deserves to be loved.

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>sensei chapter

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>another sensei chapter
>after moeyuki confesses his love to her
what did the mangaka mean by this?

A clumsy sensei is best. Dunno why most readers hates sensei.

When do we get to the studying

>fuminoshitters in charge of shitposting every week she doesn't get her own chapter

Like clockwork.

>Sensei has a suit in one panel
>Wake up in pajamas in the next
I see

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Not everyone is born with a sense of taste user.

>knee indents

Clumsy sensei is best. Clumsy sensei who always had to be saved by moeyuki isn't.

>Wake up in pajamas in the next
Blind and retarded /lit/fag is blind and retarded.

I like sensei, but Tsutsui really needed to show her in a more professional light again. The gap moe was pushed too fucking much, with no breaks in between.

>Dunno why most readers hates sensei

>everyone that doesn't like old hags is fuminofags
try again senseifags

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Why the fuck are there always waifuwars in the threads.
The whole point of the thing is that there are girls who fit every trope in the book.
Can't we just appreciate the clumsy hot sensei,the big tit Ogata,the older loli maid, the tomboy and whatever the fuck Fumino is.

>whatever the fuck Fumino is
Flat comedic relief

>Why the fuck are there always waifuwars in the threads


>can't use punctuation
>3DPD reaction pics
>complaining about sensei


Even as a senseifag I've started getting bored on the way she's been handled so far.

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Most of the stuff was outside of class which was why we never saw any of the classmates and friends for the longest time

/chem/ still MIA

>Why the fuck are there always waifuwars
It's a fucking harem series, of course waifuwars will happen

I feel like /sensei/fags are more educated than /lit/fags

The problem with this approach is that it waters down any focus over multiple shared chapters which under represents the actual presence of a given character.

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>everyone that doesn't like sensei is same person!
senseifags truly become more cancerous

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Do you have the chart of which chapters correspond to which girls?

Here it is Sup Forums new version of the chart. I used appearance in a page as measurement so it might not be that accurate but it's better than before. I want to use panel to panel approach but I don't have that much free time.

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Look I love sensei but always having chapters about her kind of gets boring to me. Just like how the author kept throwing Sup Forums chapters with no end before. In my opinion i think it's better if the author always have a different girl focus every chapter and throw in some harem chapters here and there.

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So /sensei/fags are the new /lit/fags now?

>i think it's better if the author always have a different girl focus every chapter and throw in some harem chapters here and there
Which is exactly what he's doing now.

Better than the other one but I'd argue that this will mislead people if it's being used as a measure of relevancy. Characters like Sensei and Senpai joined the game later so in pure numbers they have more ground to make up. That means, however, that they're over represented in later chapters where all 5 girls are present. Pure numbers are good for a historical view, but since people are likely using it as a chart to tell the "balance" of the series, you'd want to weight it against when the characters were introduced because that will put them on level ground with one another and reflect the current state of the series changes more accurately.

No. They don't complain every chapter about sensei not getting more focus.

>Why do people dislike Uruka she did nothing wr---

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Harem chapters is a better choice, especially for sensei. We've been getting too much solo chapters.

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It's fine she shot her foot so many times that she is already destined to lose now. She also raised too many lose flags that she's becoming fucking mario at this point.

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Miharu when?

She's also the only girl that Nariyuki is interested in romantically so far.

>Tsutsui is really pushing the Mafuyu wife angle
No he's not, he's pushing the Mafuyu pet angle. She's not an equal, she' something useless you have to take care or she dies.