Moments you cried watching anime

moments you cried watching anime

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Door closes on Ed.

violet evergarden episode 10

When that little girl starts crying about her dad being buried

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You made me remember this scene again, you monster!

I cry every time I watch an anime and come to find out it has a LN or manga, but no fan translations or localization exists.

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Abe cried a lot while watching Berserk 2016. It was awful for Abe. It hurts Abe even to think about how terrible it looked

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>That girl
>Her dad

I cry everytime I watch anime because it reminds me of how I let it take over my family and friends and how much it made me into a failure

I laughed to the point of crying

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Re:Creators bored me to tears. Does that count?


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No bullshit I got teary-eyed

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Last episode of code geass

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everytime I realize that they're not real I'm just staring at a flat screen

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Mine is when I realize that real people are voicing these two-dimensional characters

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You're gonna carry that weight.

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1000/10 SCENE

I bursted out laughing on that one.
All of you faggots are so thin ski-god damn it, user.

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i defenitely felt this scene.takasugi's voice actor gave the performance of a lifetime

clannadman visiting his father

When thr Magician does not return