Do girls like dragon ball z/super? im the only girl that i know that watches it and all the people online are guys

do girls like dragon ball z/super? im the only girl that i know that watches it and all the people online are guys.

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No, you're absolutely the only one, you special little snow flake, you.

Lurk for at least two years. Jesus Christ.

Yeah, you're not the only one.

Every girl in South America is watching it.

You don't know about La Chilena Del Gohan?

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Are girls pretending to like Dragonball the new girls pretending to like Star Wars?


I love them!!!

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Eww, disgusting

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based cutegang user

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Girls like Dragon Ball, just usually never admit to it.

go back to the containment thread

Dressing like a girl and calling yourself a girl doesn't mean you're a girl.

now that i think about it, i've never met a chick who liked Dragon Ball in any capacity. i've met girls who like Naruto, though.

I know plenty that do (pre-Super)

You need to get out more.

>You need to get out more.
na, i'm good.

Anyone else remember Temple of Trunks from the early 2000s (late 90s?)

Wasn't that a site of girls fangirling over Future Trunks?

Anyway, a ton of them like him and/or Vegeta.

Trunks, Gohan and Vegeta have a shitton of fangirls and one of the older fansites, Temple O' Trunks, was made by a girl. She's married to the owner of DaizEX and co-owner of Kanzenshuu now though

I know a couple that do. My sister is into it and watches it with me weekly and she's like 20 now. A few girls I used to know had crushes on Trunks or Vegeta back in the day too. And just look online, there are a lot of girls that talk about it.

One man's trash is another man's highly-valued trash.

the show is pretty much a distillation of the core values of the modern man. the drive to improve yourself and best life changing challenges, as well as to protect your loved ones at the cost of your own pain is something that contemporary women lack quite distinctly (whether or not that is because of societal upbringing or genetics, doesn't really matter).

so to like the show as a girl you would either have to be one of the few who has those values too, or you would have to like the show for its aspects that don't relate to those themes, which means you like the show for all of its bad parts and have quite terrible tastes, or simply like it because it's a popular anime.

Girl actually

Yeah sure thing neckbeard

oops, forgot the most important part.

that means no, at least relative to men not a lot of girls watch it, even in hispanic countries.

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Would you ever fuck your sister?

That's right mostly girls have no personality or they are literally the shadow of her boyfriends hobbys


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Majority of the Trunks and Gohan love comes from women back during the years Dragon Ball did mostly nothing other than games.
After Super though, everything went to shit, especially over here.
Just look at shit like this, has fuckall to do with the topic

Damn, they're really making mad money with Heroes cards over there.

I know 2 girls that watch Super, and a few that have watched Dragonball/Z but not Super

why you post a picture of trash?

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absolutely based

21 is better.

funny i should ask you the same thing

What's fucking wrong with his arm?

I have a dragonball grinder which I brought to a pregame, and literally the only person that recognized it as a dragonball was a girl

Yeah because girls are dumb.

>dragonball grinder
Hang yourself.

A friend gave it to me on my 21st, and it does the job really well

my normie girl friends that watch netflix 24/7 do like the movies, super not sure

my weeb friends not watch at all

If they like the movies, chances are they liked Z as well, if not super

On the internet, I don't give a damn about your gender, will I fuck you if I treat you better? No? Then don't bring it into the table, just say what you want and insult anyone you want, everyone is equal on the internet.

No one with a brain cell likes DBS.
So I think that lots of girls like that shit. Just go out and look for them.
Also reported because you taconigs are cluttering the front page with the same shit.