Darling in the Franxx

Is this some kind of reference

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No, that is some kind of duck

la creatura

I want you for Zero Two army!

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Yes, for autists like you.

I want Mitsuru and Kokoro to be a couple. I know everyone thinks it's wrong and that he's a bad character and no one likes NTR but I can't go against what I believe in my heart. I think she really loves him and I think they'd be cute together. I know it's causing a lot of shitposting and that it would hurt or kill Futoshi. You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs and sometimes you need darkness to fully appreciate the light. Unfortunately I believe we are walking down a dark path and this whole thing is doomed and will have a sad ending for them.

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Friendly reminder to support Ikuno. She got caught up in this messy love rectangle against her will. She did nothing wrong

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I love Goro.

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el bakemono

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somebody link the preview
also was it translated yet

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>Dying and Kokoro berserking was just Mitsuru's nightmare.

It'll all be daijoubu by next cour timeskip:
Ikuno will smile more and start to open up a bit
Fitoshi will be making serious gains to please his new partner
Mitsuru will still be smug as hell but he'll no longer be a raging asshole, his health issues are mostly behind him
Kokoro will be deeply in love but also feeling terrible because morning sickness

The plot can then focus on Hiro and 02 for a bit

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eva did it better

Me too
I think she can make a good person out of him. But its hard to believe it will happen

I hope they will surprise me

Ikuno is actually the only voice of reason within this thing. She just wants a peaceful and quiet life with her books. I know she's a lesbian but I just don't want her to suffer.

This is so silly I'm almost sad I dropped it.

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The average American in 2100

it's time to calm down again.
explain this to me
Is something wrong with the sun?
has the earth stopped moving because they used up nearly all of the magma?
Are we going to space?

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she's solely responsible for based milkman not reaching his true potential thus causing his withdrawn attitude, she deserves to suffer

looks like amerimutt desu

>Responsible for man
It's the other way around soyboy.

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>tfw forbidden love
Kokoro deserves to be happy though

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>Kokoro WAKARANAIing and going berserk mode after killing Futoshi/Mitsuru
>Strelizia has to stop them
>02 about to kill her in cold blood before Hiro starts to lose his shit
>Kokoro calms down for a second and begs Strelizia to put her out of her misery

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Global warming or some shit probably

>all the girls get their very first period at the same time
>papa appoints (you) to explain to them what menstruation is and what they'll have to do each month
how do you approach this? what do you say? keep in mind you can't mention anything about sex or pregnancy and the girls are already in a bad mood.

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I don't want Mitsuru rewarded after being a selfish asshole who likes causing pain and assigns all blame to others and none to himself.

They tease yuri with her alot but it might go nowhere. Girls tend to have this phase when they doubt their sexuality. I won't believe that she is irredeemable dyke unless she kisses or molests Ichigo in one of the episodes

why is Ikuno mad?

I didn't know I was Nana


He is just suffering because the others let him down
He literally did nothing wrong

if the horse has a gimp leg the rider isn't the one at fault retard

>Weak soylord with Oni aids


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02 was.

mitsuru didn't even bat an eye on

He's being punished in the sense that he has PTSD and internal damage after Oni put manners into him for badmouthing Hiro and Ikuno. Now no one likes him apart from Kokoro who sees another side of him.

Ikuno would have been discarded and not approved for piloting if she was inherently unfit.

I didn't think levels of delusion could be this high.

>every lesbian is slutty
Go back to Tumblr.


El pato del abismo

He deserves all the happiness in the world.

Yeah, she's still better than Kokoro even with the gayness.
Piloting can be sexual, but it isn't always. Nor is it an 1=1 equivalent of sex.

Will Abe-sama permit NTR to happen in his get otakus to reproduce anime?

these recent threads were just too much
killing myself tonight

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So when we will get Naomi episode?

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Climate change I imagine, there are more implications to that like the wastelands or the fact that 02 didn't know what rain was. The Earth cannot have stopped spinning around its axis, there is a day and night cycle so that is clearly wrong. Orbit around the sun shouldn't be affected by anything happening on the planet itself, at least I don't think it should be from a scientific point of view.

shut up Ichigo

>everyone thinks it's wrong and that he's a bad character and no one likes NTR

But most people here like this retard.

any translatorkun for the narration?

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When you read what milkman apologists post it's like they're watching some other show. Levels of delusion and mental gymnastics are insane, all to attempt showing some absolutely rotten trash in good light for the sake of shitposting alone.

His idol let him down
His partner lets him down

He needs someone to save him

Maybe the writing was bad, just like it was for most other parts of that episode.

Is this from a new episode? Or the pv?

Ichigo also had the "danger" signs inside her cockpit but she didnt go stampede mode like Kokoro
Why is that

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he's not a toddler. vulnerability alone doesn't make someone sympathetic.

Well, she need to do SOMETHING if she wants to be with Ichigo, because strawberry is completely unaware of her feelings

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why what's been happening?

she's the horse that can run the race but will never win, while based milkman could be jockeying for triple crowns riding a prime filly like kokoro

they also got their christmas presents around that time
it's clearly supposed to be winter
and they also wouldn't have mentioned that it's a WINTER constellation if it wasn't of any importance

It doesn't take much to make him happy.

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just look around for a second

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>Cant save himself
He IS birthrate crisis, a man who is passive like woman, and so are you if you assume that somebody in his situation has no ways out without some magical help from outside. For fuck sake, he dont even attempted to communicate with Ikuno and find out what's a problem, not even once, despite being explicitly told to do so.

So Goro when he was stuck inside the thunderstorm jellyfish. It literally just means danger.

No but it is some kind of preference

It looks like the standard franxx thread desu

Yeah. Although, unlike Goro, she doesn't talk about attraction with the other kids, so for her it'll probably take even longer.

>communicate with Ikuno
>"hey stop being a dyke and ruining my numbers"
talking isn't going to fix her

>It's a nightmare
All their friends are against the idea of them getting together but she insists he's the only one she wants to ride her. He's respects her courage but really questioning exactly what the hell she sees in him and if he even deserves the affection of a girl like her after failing so miserably with 02

Mitsuru is confident that Ikuno would be strong enough to survive if anything happened to him, but he's terrified if anything happens to him it'll destroy Kokoro

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Oh, thank you

It's something about Nana saying how these children aren't childlike.

I thought that she did but it wasn't shown.

Hello. Calm down with the shitposting please

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dios mio...

Are you just shitposting or genuinely this autistic?

no puede seeeer

He let his partner down even more.

citation needed
And that's why I consider both him and Ichigo wiser than our protagonists. Being lawful good is not stupid or arrogant.

we usually had at least some people ignoring the shitposts but recently everybody has just been losing it

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Ironic shitposting is still shitposting user.

People are just discussing the PV, what the fuck are you on about you schizo fuck

Fuck her. She's a man-hating dyke.

he's talking like it's literally the first time she's ever smiled at him.


Just talk about what you want to talk about and ignore the shitposters yourself. I'm pretty sure you'll get some real replies.

its a "genuine" smile

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if she was a man-hating dyke ruining fatoshi's chance of being a great pilot I'd be okay with her, but based milkman deserves better than that

are you retarded

>implying Sup Forums doesn't love Mitsucunt

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This is almost always an induced state. Although I know that I'm talking with indoctrinated westerners here who's been taught by professor Nosebergstein otherwise.

Spamming based milkman 100 times per thread isn't discussion.

She just risked her life to save him and stopped him from blowing himself up. I'd imagine that would feel pretty good.

That's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the PV yesterday.

I really hope this couple won't fail.

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