Hakumei to Mikochi

Night train tonight

last episode is probably gonna be meeting the Emerald Tail caravan. too bad we didn't get to see gambling sisters introduced, maybe they'll come back in the OVA

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It's Friday!

>episode 11
Wait shit I was sure it was going to end today for some reason.

The soundtrack really outdone itself this episode holy shit.

>Still another episode next week
Thank God.

Did this show sell well enough for a second season?
I need more Mikochi in my life.

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Shouldn't the train people be mad at Shimaya?

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I don't usually follow stalker threads, but its sales are alright AFAIK. It's not selling like hotcakes, but it's not a flop either

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Hopefully there will be some worthwhile merch as well, 1/1 figs are a must.


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No idea how it's doing commercially but I'm surprised how little discussion there is here. Feels like the show is flying under the radar for a lot of people. I don't know if that's an indication of anything in particular though.

A lot of people dropped it because of the horrible animation.

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>horrible animation.

I haven't noticed it.

I love my station.

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The train was my favorite part of the show yet.

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This season had a lot of popular shows, so it never got a spotlight. A least this got somewhat regular threads, How to Keep a Mummy is/was completely forgotten after the first two episodes

I picked it up two weeks ago. Not sure how I managed to miss it. Yuru Camp was my AOTS but this is top tier.

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Those kinds of shows always get dead threads.

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Trains are pretty comfy desu

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I was expecting the "Night Train" to be animal drawn. A steam train in a otherwise medieval world is kind of a jolt.
But the idea of riding on a steam train run by train otaku is by itself great.

>Comfy not a toy train
>Jii-san catching a fish 30 times his size
Great episode.

I always skip the fishing minigames in videogames. What is the appeal of fishing in real life?

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I always thought of it as late 1800s to early 1900s, or thereabouts.
Meiji era or whatever.

Sitting comfy in a nice setting.

Fishing is the comfy version of hunting. You chill out and catch food.

You get to chill, then you get to eat.

This episode nailed my fetish for miniature steam engines.

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Post Sen

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>I always skip the fishing minigames in videogames.
I don't think I've ever done fishing in a game that I didn't enjoy, minigame or otherwise.


dumb metropolitan Mikochi

Ey peeps. user translating the world guide here. Some folks thought I was dead or something. Was just dealing with Life things -- which is a lot like being dead, I guess. Site hasn't moved: still at staubbedeckt.wordpress.com. I won't tinker with the public/private blog settings anymore.

Haven't been putting aside much time to work on the world guide as of late, but here's a v1 of the hakumiko world map. Image quality is pretty bunk, but it works for the time being.

Where some of the characters are from:
Hakumei - Mukaku
Mikochi - Kei
Conju - Kananka
Sen - Gadai
Iwashi - Hinochi
Jada - Haruhan
Narai - Kei, outskirts/outlying territory
Hakuyo - Mukaku
Katen - Kei, outskirts/outlying territory
Higaki - Kananka
Laika - Mukaku
Koharu - Hinochi
Old Emerald Tail - Hinochi

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More like "no animation" than "horrible animation."


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No worries, thank you for your work!

Oooi, Mikochi!

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Luckily it lasts five seconds.

it's normal for a boy to get a haircut silly

Conductor is cute! CUTE!

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Best girl of the season.

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Glad to see you again dude.

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perform the self killing ritual

Every girl in this show is best but Sen is a bit more best than the rest.

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Thank god you're still alive, thanks for the hard work

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Poor girl can't get Mii-chan to pay attention to her.

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>That feeling when you are good friends with someone, but they don't enjoy what you like

It really sucks sometimes. I mean you can sort of try to do what is fun to them, but it doesn't always work out.

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All the characters in this show are so cute holy fuck. Especially the background ones.

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That's very true.
I really enjoy how different Hakumei and Mikochi are in their interests, but they still find common ground to enjoy each others company and have a good time.
Hakumei might not like clothes but she'll still go with Mikochi to clothing shops, while Mikochi will go fishing even if its not her thing.
What a great pair of main characters with great chemistry.

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It's one of the things that I like the most about this anime. It's amazing,really.

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But that's not DESU WA

I don't have friends

Even that background frog is cute.

The animals in general are really cute. Even the bug was ridiculously cute

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It shouldn't suck. You should both accept that some of your interests differ and work around it.

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I want to fug a bug.

These little creatures are too cute.

I wish airplanes were 1/3rd as comfy as trains. Trains are so great.

The chara designs are so good. Every background character is top cute.

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I can't wait to finally buy a 8/1 scale.

Transparent her

Nice relaxing episode.

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Because there's not much to discuss in the first place.

Flirting with cute female passengers is forbidden!

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Hakumei has a nice ass.

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I adore the atmosphere of this episode so much. I wish I could jump into it. The foggy platform, the crowds, the cozy train interior, the coffee and snacks, the sense of going somewhere, the companionship, the easygoing mood, the fresh and gently oppressive morning weather.

I wish I'd saved more of it til my lunch of melted cheese and leafy salad.

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This scene was so cozy and cute and wonderful, I have no words. webm please

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I think my issue with it is that they seem to be using the manga instead of a keyframer. I like source fidelity, but not _that_ much source fidelity.

I felt cold watching this because it reminds me having to get up super early to get ready for a big trip. At first it kind of sucks but later on it was worth it enjoy the rest of the day.

They likely don't have a big budget, and I think it's a better way to deal with that than having an increasing amount of random QUALITY as the episode number increases.

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She drinking the rest of Mikochi's coffee like it's no big deal.

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Have never posted in the threads, as I always watched this later in the week, but for the last episode I just want to say.

The ending and the warm little stories had not once failed to make me smile so wide.

Is this the best episode of anything this season?
I think so.

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This episode was basically perfect. Definitely the best one. Also, the conductor is way too fucking cute.

I'm fine with this style, to me it fits the theme and it's easier to make stitches.

You thought right.

I honestly don't even think it's the best episode of this show.

You probably like the shitty one the dumn kidnapping one

tiny threads for tiny show

That episode was fun, fuck you.

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>OVA covers a chapter where Iwashi screws and beds the beautician

how did they get away with this

It felt out of tone with the rest of the show.

It was an uncomfy episode thrown in for the casuals.

After their house exploded I knew I had to expect a lot more than I previously thought.

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there are even weirder ones, like the one with a murderer of makinata settlers

I think it's nice how it mixes things up and all the characters are really fun. But I can see why it'd bother some people.


I haven't posted in the threads til now but I'm watching it every week.

That one became a fairly standard episode after the explosion, though.
Now that I'm thinking about it, there're multiple occasions in which the drama suddenly spikes. Reminds me of SSR, when the potatoes risked dying at least once every two episodes. A bit weird

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didn't watch it yet, does hakumei fucking die again?

>the perfectly appropriate piano on the platform
>the whimsical strings throughout
>that moment when the bittersweet "wrap up" track is subverted by the fish's appearance and it winds down

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That last one was the best.

mikochi almost fucking dies while fishing

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This episode got me thinking, what makes it okay to hunt/eat fish and other meat sources despite lots of small animals and wolves being sentient?