This is a girl. They literally drew the wide hips, round ass, and curvy figure of a girl...

This is a girl. They literally drew the wide hips, round ass, and curvy figure of a girl, and said it was a boy because of an (unseen) penis. Why is this sort of thing allowed?

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You'll understand when you have to make money off of something.

its a drawing
who gives a fuck

It's all part of my master plan

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Because A1 is closet faggots and they sexualized Hideri in order to pander to their closet faggots audience.

You're only concerned about it because you want to fuck it despite thinking you're not gay. You are gay, user. Stop being in denial.

The thing that shouldn't have been allowed was making her(his) introduction so late in the series.

he can't keep getting away with it!


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Thats a boipussi

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Because that is what traps are. As far as body-types go they are flat futas with balls and no pussies.
Yes, it is entirely unrealistic for a boy to have a body like that. But realism was never a goal here, they are creating a character in established archetype.

This user gets it

So how old is this boy supposed to be? I didn't watch his anime.

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This is a guy. They literally drew the wide chest, toned muscle, and manly figure of a man, and said it was a lady because of an (unseen) vagina. Why is this sort of thing allowed?

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penis (unseen)

I am a straight male and I find plump boy pussy with the balls a feminine penis showing from the back.

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God I hate her stupid fucking face and her shitty haircut.

say that to my face not online fucker see what happens.jpg

we should call it dishonest crossdressing

It's not really that gay right? Maybe a lil' bit. I just find this hot.

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Because it would be gay otherwise.

it's s fad
it'll go away within a few months

>few months

pirates are up next
I've seen the script

>few months
I don't know how to break it to you, user.

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Spot the fag.
No, traps are clear boys, just feminine enough to fool someone when clothed.

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I actually like them more then it's just a boy looking cute white crossdressing instead of an actual trap.
Cute boys are the best but transvermin are disgusting.

Well, they usually have big butts, if one is drawn without one, they can pass off as a boy more easily.

Is it gay if I want to be fucked by a cute trap?

Let's just hope the whole 'traps xd' thing isn't co-opted by normalfags for much longer. I'd rather the term be as it's always been, 'trap' is too densely associated with shitty reddit memes now

No? Why would it

If by "fuck" you mean that you do the insertion, then no.

Traps, conceptually, are not necessarily gay. However, if you want to suck a trap off, or be fucked by one, or anything of the sort, maybe even fuck one, you're probably homosexual.

This. Trannies deserve death, but cute boys crossdressing are BASED.

Not him, but properly done traps have their tiny details, tiny giveaways that they are indeed traps.
People can allow themselves to draw every bit and piece of that in fanart, but in animated form, it's hard to keep things consisent. The only way to tell that a character is a trap is when it has a completely flat chest; but even this isn't a surefire way of telling a trap apart these days.
pic not related

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no user, sexual intercourse with an individual of same gender as yours is still gay, stop trying to find some loops
its better to just embrace is and fuck cute things, stop thinking too much about it

2D Traps are cute and make people horny, but wanting to fuck them IRL is gay as fuck.

No traps have that broad shoulders. If they did you'd spot them easily.

Same as said.

That image is just cherrypicked. I've never seen astolfo with such a masculine body before.

You homos do realise your cute lil traps are going to grow sturdier and hairy as they get older, not a single vestige of that androgynous look without a fuckton of make-up, right?

he looks better that way

But being fucked by cute things is gay.
Being the bottom is automatically gay.

That's the threat with anyone, male or female.

That's why we get a new trap every season

You do realize fictional characters doesn't need to age, right?

>everyone who likes 2D traps also like 3D traps
No you retard

Not really. There are women with the exact same body types but you're going for it because it has a penis.
If it's gay to want to fuck this, then I'm gay as hell.

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>No, traps are clear boys
Fuck no, the entire point of "trap" name is that viewer is "trapped" into thinking that boy is a cute girl. Sure, these days nobody is being tricked because trap characters are pretty clearly advertised as being girly boys, but their appearance and behavior stands.
Even Astolfo is only clearly boy when he is undressed(in official renditions, fans commonly draw him with wide hips and big butt), are you fucking saying to me that somebody with no context about Fate would see him in casual clothes, or even armor, and think "hmm, that might be a boy".

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I wonder if he hates foul xenos.

3D Traps are fucking disgusting, this meme that liking 2D traps makes you a flaming faggot who wants to go around fucking 3D young boys needs to die.

3D everything are disgusting stop fooling yourself

If it's cute, fuck it. That's my motto.

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>somebody with no context about Fate
I have no context about Fate but Sup Forums freaking out about him kind of gave it away.

Everything 2D is simply superior

See you retard.

That lends you outside context on character. Sup Forums foams at mouth whenever show has a cute girl(male), of course you'd hear about them when hanging out here.

its just retarded normalfags who can't understand concept of fantasy and fiction
really trapfags and pedofags even tho are hating eachother for some reason, have one enemy in common

Your point ??? The guy is talking about the crossdresser Link dude, not the hot ones from hentai.

Yes, that's exactly what I meant.

you just become muslim and get a new trap every time.

Old enough.

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I find myself strangely attracted to the fujo.
Probably because of the pervy onee-sama act.

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You do realize that you're not forced to keep fucking the trap as he gets older right ? (And as a last resort, HRT exists, and anime HRT must be one hell of a drug)

I'd say since you'll never fuck a cute 2D trap, the problem doesn't exist. You're neither straight nor gay for liking a drawing.

I disagree. It's much easier for there to be a cute girly boy in 2D than 3D.
Why do you think the trap camwhores always hide their face? Because real boys generally don't look like girls, they have different bone structure.
And even if they kick reason to curb when it comes to genetics or spend hours mastering make-up, then there's a matter of voice. In 2D characters generally don't realize that trap is a dude before somebody explicitly tells them "oh yeah, he is a dude", because they also sound like girls. In real life guys sound different from girls, amd while it is possible to shape your vocal chords to something more feminine, doing that takes shitton of more time and dedication than simply learning to use make-up, and is bit too much for simple kink to most people.
Not to mention smell, in real life guys fucking stink. Think back to all doujins you've read, how common is it to have somebody go "he smells so nice..." when they're about to fuck a trap? That is also because they are not based in reality in any way.
...This was a bit long, but my point is basically that 2D magic does not happen in real life.

16? That's fairly believable; some people get a late start in their puberty - in anime, doubly so, and with some work put in, they could look convincingly female. They can't fake hips and tits, though.

If one day VR exists on the same vein as something like SAO with the nerve gears and all and we are able to fuck our 2D Waifu traps, will it be gay? I mean we are fucking something fictional, does it count as masturbation?

t. pedo

people who apply 3d logic to 2d should apply themselves

Assuming this will be possible, will you still be worrying about "gay" label in the future? Jeez, why so insecure. Have fun fucking your fictional character, period.

All that I'm saying about the matter is that it's not gay when you're on top, and she (he) is the bottom type.

How would you react if your son turned out to be a cute trap?

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I'd protect him from people like you

Mother Nature made her beautiful but gave her a really disturbing mind that makes her think it's ok to imagine her male coworkers in tentacle rape situations. Maybe you're into that user.
Hideri, though, doesn't seem to be the type.
Which is why I still can't picture how he is evnetually going to fall for her.

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>VR being so good you can plug in and enjoy yourself to your heart's content
>caring about something being gay or not
when the VR nirvana arrives, you will be found unworthy to ascend

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If I lived in the 2D world I would fuck him hard, IRL I would cry for having such a faggot as a son and blame myself for this happening my entire life, most likely killing myself in the future.

If you have sex with a woman theres the danger of causing her pleasure thus making it reciprocal affair and ruining the dominating another individual aspect of it.
While if you fuck a guy in the ass it's much more dominating.


You have a trap as your waifu? Just interested; who is it?
And damn right it would be gay. The sensations feel real. You will be having pleasure doing it, won't you? Even if you know all along that it is a fictional world, and that the character is nothing else but bits and bytes, you're having fun. You're not fucking a real woman in there, you chose to have your way with a trap. You chose to get your dick wet in his boyhole over a virtual woman.
On a second thought, in that case, you might not be gay, but bi-curious.

I'm going to be there for him and give him the best years of his life. We'd travel the world together if he wants to.

>gave her a really disturbing mind that makes her think it's ok to imagine her male coworkers in tentacle rape situations
I guess I really am into that. Being imagined, not actually being raped by male tentacles.
I'm guessing so because the fantasy got me so distracted I mistook my ashtray for my coffee mug and got a mouthful of fag butts.

She is not real, so she's neither gay nor straight.

It is. It doesn't matter how many mental gymniastics you do to try to lie to yourself.

Japan is preparing to become Thailand and compensate for its fledgling economy by prostituting their herbivore men to degenerate tourists.

I watched a documentary on this.

People who like feminine features with a dick are more likely to be straight.

People who like masculine features with a vagina are more likely to be gay.

Foolish, you should know that if you kept fucking a trap in the ass, they will eventually go all kimochi and ahegao, while calling their assholes asspussy and saying how they want to be impregnated.

Easiest way to get attention to your anime/manga is a cute trap believe it or not if it's a decent looking one at least.

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Doesn't matter, it's 3DPD and must go away.

3D traps are gay as fuck but 2D traps are straight as can be

Fujos can often be the best girls of their series

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It's not gay, you worrying about it is pretty gay though.

Exactly. It's like masturbating to Lolicon and Shotacon (and Toddlercon, maybe) and not getting horny by the real thing.

God knows they're just drawings that hardly resemble real life.

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If it's too late, I'd kill him.

Exactly. Men that dress as woman and the men that want to fuck them are the most insecure people there is.

I love traps

user even if you pour the cum back in it still counts

I dunno, David Bowie looked pretty androgynous even in his last years.

Obviusly I`ll just turn him into my new wife desu.

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Imagine bedding a jaded trap gun otaku. He'd have a disinterested, detached look, not quite a thousand-yard stare, but almost there. You'd have emotionless sex with him. You'd do your thing, he'd do his, and he'd live on comfortably for another day.
But right before you cum, at the brink of doing so, you stop, and you propose to him. You propose to him, and in that very second, his ass tightens up and manages to extract all of the semen from your dick. He then looks at you teary-eyed, with eyes full of emotion, confides in your chest, and says "yes!" in the meekest voice you've ever heard.

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>wanting to fuck a cartoon character

Wait, when the fuck did I have a son?

If I was a 2D character then I'd have plenty of father son bonding time with him if you catch my drift. And judging from the page you posted, I think you do. But I'm not a 2D character unfortunately so I'd disown him and consider him dead.