NHK ni Youkoso

So now that the dust has settled, what did Sup Forums think about this anime?

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I read the manga recently, and ought to start the novel. I want to marry Misaki.

That's nice user
Would you recommend the manga over the anime?

Masterpiece desu. Still waiting for a knock.

average at best. oyasumi punpun for losers

You already know what Sup Forums thought of the anime. You have lurked for two years, right user?

not him but hell no. NTR is in the manga.

Great now i have to read the manga as well.

NTR is in the anime

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Saw the anime years ago and disliked Misaki, now I realize I have things in common with her and I hate itttt

Great show, though

>now that the dust has settled,
It’s been over a decade, retard

Unpopular opinion but I think it went on too long

Found myself skipping a few episodes on a recent rewatch.

love the scene when the mmo addict gets a job
nice feels desu

The ending with Yamazaki dropping game design for an arranged marriage and farm was terrible and out of place.

Better than him white knighting a trap

it gets stupid once they reach the island

Anime of the century

I liked it.

Originally I hated it too, but after watching it a million times it grew on me. Time to grow up and be a big boy. I didn't like how 50% of the show is about comifest and they drop that shit fast and hard

I liked the island's episodes, especially the ending. Satou was the most pathetic character I've seen at that point