Happy Birthday, Rucky Girl.

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Happy birthday, pink nutjob.

I'd love it if Yuzu gave me a nutjob.

S2 any day now.

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please don't bring my hopes up

nantsutte tsuchatta

is this the brap girl?


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It's 'rakki gyaru' you uncultured toerag

yuzu actually said it better than most japs
"rucky garl"

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Yuzu will need to grow a new one now.

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Is it just me or there weren't really any wednesday threads recently?

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That thing is just going to go straight to her Aikawas!

Aikawa was made for anilingus.

Damn that's a good looking sub.

Just in case:

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thinking about those beans

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Happy Birthday, Yuzuko!!

nice hiss

Sweet MAD.

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