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Does anyone else feel like Big Duo was meant to be the weakest of the three Bigs? Aside from not having a color-coded pilot to indicate symbolic importance, it looks to be mass-produced in the flashbacks. Furthermore, it's named after its twin engines whereas the other Bigs have much more significant names, and it appears outclassed on all fronts except for its leg missiles, which are a one-shot thing (and Big Fau might just be able to tank it). Big Duo never felt like it had a proper niche or aptitude for Megadeus vs. Megadeus combat until it was modified into Inferno.

i think it'd be far stronger if it wasn't handicapped by the domes

>it looks to be mass-produced in the flashbacks
All 3 bigs were mass produced in the flashbacks.
Being able to fly was a huge advantage for Big DUO, I wouldn't say he was weak.

How was it handicapped by the domes? It can just break through the glass.

There were more Big Duos by far though. It's inferior in "hand to hand" combat, has less artillery (and couldn't even take down the hollowed-out husk of a skyscraper that Big O ascended through), and unlike the other Bigs, it only has one, maybe two shots maximum with its best weapon. In contrast, Big O can do as many super punches as it needs to, and Big Fau's cannons likewise seem to have no limits. Also, Big Duo's hands seem innately worse for punching with, doesn't appear to have any kind of unique crushing grip in its normal state, and in its normal state would lose the ability to fly if any damage happened to a propeller arm or even a digit. Only Inferno had the back-up claws/propellers.

Big Duo could fly, but that shock trooper mobility seemed to be its only real advantage.

>Aside from not having a color-coded pilot
Pretty sure it was color coded.

It wasn't. Schwarzwald's primary color was brown, whereas Big Duo was red with some black.

Such a good series

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I think its ability to fly means that it had to be built with less armor and artillery compared to other Bigs like O and Fau. In a war against lesser giant robots, it would likely be used to reach and bombard the front lines before the other heavy hitters like O before peeling back.

i loved the ending of this show, was disappointed to see how many people hated it

People hate what they don't understand.

Last episode is actually pretty damn great, the last sequence is confusing and not as good as the original planned one though.

I'll admit, I didn't understand it at first.
Had to rewatch it 3 times.

Brainlet here. Could you explain what happened?

Im bad at explaining things.
But there a few good posts online about the ending.
Or get another user to start typing paragraphs.

That still makes it the weakest of the three though, and what bombardment it could do would be piddly. My impression was that it was a sort of suicide trooper where once it landed the odds of flying away again were slim to none and it was better off with sheer numbers or just destroying a city or a low-tier robot that wasn't a Big. Inferno, on the other hand, was properly upgraded for full-on combat and taking hits.

>Final Stage

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Damn it

he could fly

dorothy is the HOTTEST android in all of anime

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Just need to know this user. Toilet Paper. It can save your life!

Her emotionless-yet-scornful standard expression makes me diamonds

Are you sure?

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It's like comparing a bomber to a tank.
Tanks will fuck up a grounded bomber
They all had combat roles with Fau believed to be an amphibious unit.

So is Big O the only mecha anime with slow as molasses robots? Everything else is zipping around doing space karate and shit