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What are their roles in the movie arc? How will Urashiki die?

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Fuck off narutards

Denki = smart and good with technology

Sumire = smart and good with technology (after being with Katasuke)

Both getting significant roles in upcoming arc

Ship incoming

no u

>ship incoming
Oh God, as if we need another stupid ship

Denki works with his father.
Sumire meets Katasuke, if not. They retcon the manga and team 15 takes the chuunin exams.

Alsoo it looks like Ao oofed and Kashin Koji is related to Jiraiya.

We're gonna see their fights against the other kids
some shipteasing between Boruto and Sumire to explain the whole thing in the lab maybe
denki will use some techno secret weapon that will for some reason be accepted even though borts wasn't or something along those lines, he will probably lose his fight

What will happen to Sumire?
i don't care about denki and his fuckin laptop

It'll clash with the manga as Sumire was said to be in tech support for ages and Boruto and company never saw her during the exams

>create a character that's become popular
>find out she's not in your plans for the movie arc
>make a shitty reason to bench her

Another crackship
we don't need another one

It wouldn’t be the first time the anime does something different from the manga, though I doubt they’ll retcon her into the exams, but they do have to explain what happened to the rest of her team

I’m not too upset, I feel like having her right next to Katasuke increases her chances of getting more focus instead of just being another ninja who took the exams, based on her manga appearance

Is boruto any good? Watched the first episode and I was disgusted by how

I honestly want the Leaf to handle one of them. Have OG Ino Shika Cho get into gear. Use Ura as a chance to remind us why the Kona Jonin are revered and feared throughout the land. Maybe Konohamaru senpai deal the final blow and show off his Monkey Sage Mode

>I was disgusted by how

Is it possible Sumire is at the lab so that her jutsu can be studied further? Sai and Sasuke were investigating it after all

episode 53 is Himawari's birthday

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Denki dies and sumire kills Urashiki.

what's the translation?

As unlikely as that is, that would be amazing. How would tumblr react?

>Denki dies, I don't care
>Sumire kills Urashiki
doubt, but how /a would react?

So its time for Naruto to fuckup.

Another meltdown, unfortunately

>actually thinking that's gonna happen

A few Denkifags will be crying but everyone else will be happy.

>what is banter
Why do these threads attract newfags?

Denki is a goodboy.


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it's juts a recap of the anime so far

Urashiki jobs to Sakura.

Probably no major role. They'll just be there. Sumire will tell everyone why she's working at the lab now and Denki will be cheering people on from the stands.

please and thank you.

i'd ship them

*smooth jazz*

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>sumire kills Urashiki

I don't think they'll be significant roles but they'll be there

cuteness overload

Sumire's team isn't ready. She'll be working at katasuke lab.
Same with Denki. He'll be with his dad like you said.

I don't think either are competing in the chunin exams. Sumire works at the lab and Denki is easily the weakest ninja from this generation.


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she'll be at the lab

it's not a shitty reason

yes it's very good keep watching

that'll be amazing. I'd love to see the old cast in action again. Just for this arc or few episodes though. This show is about the kids not them.

very possible. That sounds likely actually.

i'd be furious at how retarded that writing is.

i'd love for denki to die

no he's not. He's a fucking useless nerd

Denki dies,Sumire enters Udon team
Wasabi and Namida dissapears

that would be even better

>sumire kills Urashiki.

I would be pissed. These are Ayy's that give the Kage trouble so to be beaten by some kid? that would be the absolute perfect signal that the writing is completely irredeemable and even worse, pandering would have become more important than plot.

it's just a joke user,don't take it seriously

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>Sasuke fought Kinshiki.
>Naruto fought Momoshiki.
It would make sense if Sakura fights Urashiki.

Sorry if that sounded a bit serious but it is a genuine concern I've had since he was announced. I'm worried that either one of the kids or all of them team up to take him down and I really don't want to see that happen considering how end-game they're supposed to be.

The chapter she appears in literally says she has been training at the lab.

I never understood why a lot of people claimed she quit being a ninja when the chapter stated she was training there.
Denki needs some jutsu, so maybe we'll see him actually fight.

The Nui could absorb Urashiki's chakra and become a mega-beast.

good point. Maybe.

Dragon ball super! Taking a picture edition GOKU VS JIREN!
Japanese youtuber exercised the selfish innermost secret.

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none of the kids should even be anywhere near a fight involving them. Don't genin take on evacuation responsibilities in emergencies? That's what I always see them doing

oh. How do you train at a science lab?

Go on...

Then we have a fully powered Nue again and no tension as Sumire would be able to deal with anything that comes along, or shitty writing would take over and excuse her not using it like they do with Mitsuki.

That's true but the kids are always defying the rules so Borts class might do something reckless, which is fine but I don't want them to even be able to damage the Ayy.

only Boruto should do anything to it like he does in the movie

Please. Nue struggled againt a fucking wolf from a zoo

It also could transform into a giant nuke, your point?

Yeah but that was only through the help of the Kage's and Naruto. If Sasuke and Naruto get involved then I've got no issues but if the kids do shit on their own and are actually successful? the series is fucked.

I would definitely like to see Nue absorb space chakra, I doubt they’ll go that route any time soon but if they did, I’m sure they’ll find another way to nerf it so that there’s still tension

Agreed but once or twice every 20 or so episodes doesn’t hurt. I want the kids to shine but i hope our og crew stays active. Or like take them to a different planet and have two concurrent storylines. OGs in space trying to survive and get back and the young gang trying to get them back. Can’t wait for Space Justu. Eldrich God Shikamaru when?

Learn about ninja tech.
The Nue will have to get back to full power eventually but its too early for that right now.

I think Urashiki will survive this arc and become a recurring antagonist though.

yep that definitely shouldn't happen

I wouldn't. I don't want any of the kids except Boruto anywhere near the ootsuki

yeah that sounds cool. I like seeing the old guys.

Later on? as in part 2 later on? no problem. 12yo and her demon pokemon actually doing anything to an Ayy? no.

>I think Urashiki will survive this arc and become a recurring antagonist though

Never even occurred to me that could be a thing. Honestly that sounds like the best route.


because they're genin. They aren't strong enough. They'd get their shit pushed in. Fine any kid you want to fight one of the ootsuki I want to die. That would be the only way they could fight. They'd be destroyed.

>12yo and her demon pokemon actually doing anything to an Ayy? no.
Well, it was just an idea, so don’t worry

It’s not that big a deal, user

Sorry user but I am pretty worried here.

I think Urashiki survives this arc because someone is going to have to tell the rest of the clan that Momoshiki and Kinshiki screwed up.

Assuming that the Otsutsuki Clan don't already have spies on the Naruto world(Kara?).

Wait until we get more info

How far can we expect Boruto to go in terms of length. Is it realistic to expect 400 more episodes or will it cap out at 1 or 2 total. Will we see Grandpa Naruto in our lifetimes

5th great ninja war will be against otsuki invasion

i'm hoping for grandpa naruto

>Will we see Grandpa Naruto in our lifetimes

I'm seriously hoping for this. But I also hoped to see Naruto and Sasuke be good fathers considering the past they have but they've both been shit fathers so I won't hold my breath.

I dont think sumire team and team iwabe will skip the exams.

I'm sure that we all grew up wishing we were ninja and pretending we were. Does anyone here actually think they would have been able to be a ninja in naruto world? Even if we managed to graduate from the academy 99% of us would be fodder

No. God no. I can barely walk in a straight line.

if I was a ninja i'd be somewhere betweem Naruto hokage and Hashirama power level. I'd be like orochimaru and learn every single jutsu possible. I'd be 100% committed to learning jutsu and becoming stronger. I wont waste my time with waifus and shit like i'm sure most of you would. They're just distractions. I'll become the most powerful ninja ever.

Sumire's team yes they'll skip it
Iwabe's team no they won't skip it

>Even if we managed to graduate from the academy 99% of us would be fodder

Speak for yourself I'd be labeled a bad guy for doing "extreme" shit like taking out a target stealthily with a cyanide mist jutsu, exploding my own clones, or some shit, paralyzing and removing bits of an enemy for Intel, and studying all forms of Jutsu to better myself. I tell you user if I had access to magical powers I wouldn't sit around and become fodder.

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holy edgelord

See? even you're doing it despite my described tactics would avoid conflict and keep casualties to zero or as close to and I would be able to obtain information effectively and quickly to protect my village. Would you prefer I throw flowers at them and practice Talk no Jutsu?

I think he is making a joke

I literally wasn't. I would take out targets with poison mist or trickery. I would harshly interrogate to get information. And I would study up on all Jutsu to further my ability as defender of my village.

You ready for the third iteration of the Cakening?

>Sarada: This tastes... like a liar, doesn't it...
>Kakei Sumire.

Why do you niggas chimp out when someone mentions another ship than yours. Like fr holy shit you guys are manchildren just relax for a moment.