Cardfight!! Vanguard

Bushiroad is having a booth for Vanguard at AJ 2018 and it seems they're trying to attract more players in the game. Over 6,000 people across Japan have tried out the new flash decks and Gift mechanic. Response seems to be pretty good. Bermuda booster is releasing next week so after that we should be getting V era card reveals soon. In anime news, GZ is airing its final episode tomorrow. There will be an EXTRA TURN next week, but unknown what it will be about.

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Hoping the EXTRA TURN will be some kind of epilogue instead of a talk show.

>Bermuda booster is releasing next week so after that we should be getting V era card reveals soon.
About damn time,I want to see what that swwet powercreep dragonic overlord loks like

We'll find out the summary for EXTRA TURN tomorrow. I'm hoping it's a rematch between Aichi and Chrono. Would be pretty sad if they never did that after the initial fight.

How do you power creep lmao quintet drive?

By making the cost 1 counterblast for re-stand and making him lose 1 drive per re- stand.

>I'm hoping it's a rematch between Aichi and Chrono.
If it happens,it needs to end with and quadruple crit for chrono.

I'm looking forward on the Reboot and I wanna see if Megiddo-chan is on the Bermuda anime.

Isn't standard going to be a break ride format?

Even more powerfuck rearguard poking which theyre fucking doing

Yes basically cross br on roids

Gifts activate when you ride the actual card, not when you ride on top of it. So it's break ride but not bad

>Vanguard is having a rebooted 1st series in 3 weeks.

>the original series is around 6 years old.

Ok, ill bite... why?

I mean, im not saying its a bad thing or anything, but as far as i know, reboots regularly are planned around 15-20 years after, not 6.

The original idea was a new anime to represent the format shift but since the game was starting from zero, they decided to start the anime from zero.

Because Stride was getting ridiculous, card design wise, and the original series is still fondly received, so Bushiroad said fuck it and did a reboot.

Why would it matter when something gsts a renewal? Also this is based on the original manga which is vastly different

Less to do with nostalgia and more to do with the state of the game currently. Powercreep is at an all time high and it was reaching the point where the game would implode on itself. So to counter that they’re restarting everything and decided to remake the original series because most people are familiar with it and they won’t lose their fanbase with these big changes to the game rather than reboot it with a completely new cast that no one can identify with.

I'm going to miss the G cast.
Try 3 did nothing wrong

The cast was charming yeah. They suffered from poor handling but they weren't really bad characters conceptually, they were great whenever the show wasn't fucking them with no screen time or Spanish boyfriends.


I have to wonder how will they justify it

>Spanish boyfriends

Jaime did nothing wrong but fuck MIGUEL though for ruining Tokoha

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The issue was that Next and GZ kept splitting the team.
While the initial premise of Try 3 splitting was good, it meant way less focus on them with 6 more "core" characters.
GZ was bogged down by Shin Nippon and Q4 fighting for screen time in a short season. All they had to do was keep Try 3 as the center instead of making them jobbers and nowhere to be seen.

It was more like try 2 at that point since tokoha became a non character and shion/chrono had more of the spotlight.

Apparently Miguel was designed by the director to keep Try 3 from being a love triangle.

Eh? But Shion honestly hasn't had a lot of romantic interaction in the series. The closest to it are Am and Chrono.

That would've been fine if he was a real character. No one ever complains about Kourin, or Miwa becoming Misaki's satellite. Miguel and Rati suffer from not really being likeable on their own.

Agreed. Miguel was just a pointless "addition" to the cast.
Even his initial appearance felt phoned in.
>"So Tokoha have you met by best friend Miguel who I haven't told you about in the months you've been here"

I've been out of the game since a little before Next. Should I really just wait for the new series to look into it again? I'm afraid it'll be years before they get back to the playstyles I liked in Liberators and Musketeers.

It's worth waiting for the new series unless you already want to buy stuff right now.

Gold paladins can call fields like a madman now and musketeer and liberators got support so you can still use it

We don't get these threads often

So will the anime end with Gyze winning and Chrono rewinding time to S1?

>Gyze winning
Good luck with that.
>Chrono rewinding time to S1?

More than likely. It's the only way to do it outside of them having a normal conclusion and just doing a regular remake.

>inb4 overlord gets a crit when he re-stands

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>Gyze winning
He already lost in the card lore, which has been closely tied with G anime, he's already 100% confirmed to lose.

Hopefully we might get them more often if the reboot picks up steam.

Probably a restand and giving another fucking force circle

Dumb director, Miguel and Tokoha stuff was forced as fuck.

>Re-stand and plus 10k
That's most likely,to mirror alfred early's skill.

What skill will the retrain of LB great daiyusha have?
Im betting some breakride condition and plus 2k for each D-Police in the soul.

More like 5 or 10k now

3k or 4k make the most sense even with the increased shield values. 10k is just overkill

That sounds reasonable till you remember this is bushiroad and its dpolice. Logic doesnt roll with bushiroad

Maybe they learned a lesson somewhere

Judging by rinne i dont think so

Rinne was before the reboot.
Believe in Kidani


The new series is going to be based more off the manga, right? Are there any major changes in characterisation between it and the original anime? Will fan favourites be replaced?

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Things I've heard from people:
Aichi x Misaki is the OTP
Nagisa and Gouki don't exist
Ibuki is around longer
Ren is a lot more violent
Frankly, the manga is more violent in general
Reverse replaced with Psyqualia zombies


Do you even Dimensional Robo son?

Well, the concept of Psyqualia is a lot more different in the manga since it is basically a manifestation of one's inner turmoil instead of what we got in the anime

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Manga is darker and has better pacing and skips Asia Circuit and Legion Mate

I left off when the new delinquent looking red haired guy became mc and they were preparing for a tournament, should I finish that season atleast?

It and the two seasons following it were pretty good.

Thats already better by default. The real question everyone has on mind is How great is the homolust in the manga compared to anime?

Somewhat lower.
The start of the manga is Aichi x Misaki fanfic and Aichi's about to convert her into a zombie

>This Dragon and her daddy will never destroy your world

Feels bad man

>Somewhat lower.
Now its worse by default

But we finally have Misaki turn Aichi straight.

We all watch for the aichi kai/blaster lust. Also does he actually have a proper personality in the manga?

How was GIRS Crisis? I stopped a few episodes into it before the plot actually started and I'm wondering if I should go finish the series.

GIRS Crisis was pretty much a build up season.
It was good for Shion character development and some of the old cast/new cast interactions.
Watch it and Stride Gate

Dragonic Overlord is the embodiment of the phrase "This isn't even my final form".

But this Dragon can always destroy your wallet. Considering that original ZR Megiddo is around 6000 Yen in Japan right now I have to wonder if the Bermuda version will be 10000 Yen or more

>Stride Gate

Myojin Ryuzu ... HE WAS A CHAR

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Girs crisis was meh but stride gate is where it gets good again. Just skip around to the episodes where they do the tournaments since they pussyfoot too long to get to char. Its also where Shion becomes the most badass motherfucker in the show since he actually suffers a lot only to introduce his keyword Brave in the coolest way.

powercreep fucked the game and they are losing players

It was pretty cool seeing baby Ryuzu playing with cards in the last episode.

Man now I think about it a sequel to G starring Ryuzu being trained by Try 3 would've been great

Is the gameplay still same with reboot?

Nope, it's kinda different now.

Yes, just a new mechanic and some rule changes, new shield values for triggers and g1s, higher based power for g3(13000), and many g1/2 are 8k/10k now.

Makes you wonder how many more forms he's gonna get.

He's basically just the end continuously taking steroids at this rate

I wonder if Blaster Blade will finally be able to retire anything for a CB. I don’t know how much better you can make his skill. I guess give it non choose and make it send anything to the drop zone

Itll probably be the original effect at 1 cb. Itll be fucking gay to be able to retire forerunners as rg so it should only be a VG effect like the original

Will Gear Chronicles be in the reboot?

They are getting supported so it's very possible down the road they appear in the reboot.


Hopefully we'll at least get something similar in Extra Turn

The End: Forbidden Black Arts
The Re-birth: Link Joker
The Great: Alternate Timeline where he basically got mad gains
The X: Post Link Joker Revival
The Destiny: MUH POWAH

Then again Kai used Nouvelle Vague in the manga so I imagine we might get an actual retrain of that too

Bushiroad said that every main Clan will get support at least once per year, so we might get some token support before the reboot hits the G-Era

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There's no reason for TRY3 not to be one of the teams Q4 faces or is it?

>Chronojet Dragon V when ?

I really love the art of the ZTB and the names of the Gear Dragons let's hope in this timeline they get an actual playstyle and more balanced Strides.

The x is basically "So strong that only i am cool enough to team up with myself"