Let's discuss why Shinka is dangerous

Let's discuss why Shinka is dangerous.

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You can't be erect that much time, it will hurt your nut bladder.

She wants to do lewd things to Deko.

I want to cosplay as Shinka and get dangerous with lots of anons.

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Did she date MC?

Kumin > Shinka

I wish I was Shinka so I could be sex friends with all the Shinka fans

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>mad she didn't win the yuuta bowl
>takes her anger out on deko
Worst girl

She munches on deko's pussy.

Like a succubus. she sucks all that nut you got which may or may not kill you.

I respect Shinka.

I just realized you people don't like this gif for the same reason I do

She rapes cocks with her ass.

I want to see Shinka take the knot.

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I want to see Shinka take you out.

Dangerous! Like she's a serial loli kidnapper?

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or perhaps how she tricks young girls into working the streets?

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maybe just the evil eye?

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or when she lets one rip!

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I'm sure it's just the violence

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That's not a loli.

She was made for dick but harasses harmless lolis instead! A highschool girl like her should be out seducing old men for money. She should leave poor, innocent Deko alone.

That's lewd user

No, she has no interest in MC. This is part of what makes her an actually interesting character.

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Just her body, or her personality and memories too?

She will kill me to dehydration.

Her sessions for old fat dudes are draining!

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Shinka can get too carried away sometimes.

She's a slut.