Hunter x Hunter

Troupe survivors that won't job to the Clown this arc.

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But we already know how strong Hisoka is. It wouldn't be jobbing just normal losing.

Phinks potentially has limitless power. It'd be jobbing if he got Clowned. I'm actually hype for their inevitable showdown, I think he will give Hisoka the hardest fight out of all the Spiders.

Franklin is fucked
Feitan will job

Good ability?

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Literally only really convenient on the boat. He will get rekt by the spiders and most likely be held captive in order to travel level to level.

Although Chrollo's decision making is currently at an all time low.


How is it not convenient outside the boat?

Well I suppose if you didn't have Morena's killing condition it could perhaps be useful. But with it, he can only really make use of the ability since he's in an enclosed environment that's congested with lots of people. I guess I should say it's most convenient on the boat not solely convenient on it.

Do you think people don't get murdered in an enclosed spaces in real life? He can just stalk out a public restroom that doesn't have a window and wait for only one person to be in it with him.

Actually, why are we even talking about Morena's killing condition? That has nothing to do with his hatsu.

Let’s be real, she’s just yandere for that harlequin dick.

Who is Hisoka going to kill first?


Nah, too obvious. My money is on Shizuku. Killed because her disguises are literally just different clothes, that’s it. Maybe not killed by Hisoka himself though but through some sort of intermediary.

That is, of course, assuming that he’s even on the boast ;^)


>That is, of course, assuming that he’s even on the boast ;^)
We've been over this already. Hisoka IS the boat.
The moment the Troupe set foot on it, they entered a maw that's steadily closing on them.

Because user is confused and thinks he needed to kill more people just to use it. He killed enough, now he has a hatsu that's basically unlimited access to every closet he's ever been in. Or toilet. Or locker room, possibly.

I know, I know, I saw the fun shoop, too.

On a more serious note, the narrative structure doesn’t strike me as indicating that we will see Hisoka anytime soon, at least not directly. We just got introduced to a bunch of characters and factions bent on finding him so all those (sub)plots being resolved in a sense already within only a few chapters seems unlikely to me.

At most I expect some shadowy figure picking off Troupe members, maybe even off-page but no actual fights involving Hisoka just yet.

>the moment Chrollo finds out the ENTIRE boat is made of rubber and gum

>gum Phinks hands together
>now can't use his hatsu
Phinks is fucked if Hisoka plays it smart

>Feitan will job

I mean ... he is a manlet with a fairly dumb ability after all that is utterly useless if he can’t get his opponent to gradually wound him.

Hisoka will just slit his throat

I’m really more interested in discussing the Zoldyck members. Is Illumi actually there to kill Hisoka as he claims? What about Kalluto and his relationship to Illumi? I don’t recall the manga saying much on that (e.g. in the chairman election arc family diagram). Is he gonna play along with whatever Illumi might or might not have planned? Is he the reason Illumi joined in the first place?

Not like we have any new information on that topic since the last times we brought it up but maybe people came up with some new thoughts that I missed.

>potentially has limitless power

Yeah if someone was retarded enough to let him ramp himself up all day. This is always such a stupid fucking argument. POTENTIALLY means jack shit if you can't conventionally reach it

I'm sure Kalluto is bummed his weird older brother is hanging out with him and his new friends.

I called bono or shizuku a few chapters back and they both ended up teaming with chrollo. I could see hisoka picking both of them off then sneaking away, further triggering chrollo.

It was implied that Hisoka doesn't even know about the troupe's hatsus.

Just because the power increases every wind up, doesn't mean it's limitless. Could be a logarithmic increase.

>he is a manlet with a fairly dumb ability after all that is utterly useless if he can’t get his opponent to gradually wound him.
Feitan's ability has different forms and it's activated by rage, not pain, so the jury's still out on whether his moveset's shit or not.

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Jesus, can this fucker stop adding characters?

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This most recent chapter only introduced one new character.

Please don't use name of our Lord and Saviour and the F-word (or any of it's derivatives) in the same sentence, thank you.

I know. I've just catched up to the laters chapters and wanted to complain.

I'd love to know how many got introduced in this arc, but I'm afraid I'm not autistic enough to actually do it.

Uh, what? Didn’t he offer to reveal the abilities of several of them to Kurapika?

Could y’all waifu niggers just stop it? Shitpost in threads of your own.

What do you mean? His Rising Sun is powered by the damage he received, is it not? That side, can he even risk using it on the boat? Wouldn’t that potentially sink it?

He said he wanted to make an arc with lots of characters like one piece iirc, so he's gonna introduce all these characters like marine ford except kill em.

Only Illumi and Chrollo are strong enough to beat Hisoka.
He knows Shizuku's, Machi's, Franklin's Illumi's, Chrollo's. Not the others.

No, there are way too many fucking restrictions to make it work effectively.

>like one piece iirc
No he didn't. He said he wants to break Captain Tsubasa's record which has the most named characters in a new arc and wants to see how many characters he can add while still being entertained.

Its almost time

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Machi is going to betray Chrollo, Hisoka has been inside her.

He said it himself that he returned the pain and that the sun could have been more powerful.

Money is on Franklin.

I feel Bono, Shizuku and Feitan will follow. In that order as well.

The rest will scrape by to the DC. Hisoka will off Chrollo in there despite everyone agreeing to work together.

I think characters like Phinks (bless him that beautiful Slav) will also make it all the way only to be left for dead most likely by Kurapika. Machi is also too useful as I’m sure her, Leorio and Cheadle will make up the primary med crew in the DC.

Anyways this is all pure speculation since we may never even make it off the boat ;_;

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Me on the left

you're gonna die

Why I said potentially

>he can gum everything
hisocucks need to stop

Why the fuck do you care how many fodder characters he introduces? You only have to remember the ones that actually do something.


Needing the closed space killed it imo.

Good ability?

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>His Rising Sun is powered by the damage he received
Thats just one of the modes, we dont know how the rest work, or how many of them are.

Maybe he wants to make a Mobile game and hes introducing characters now to fill the lower rarities.


Ready for the hiatus announcement boys?

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There won't be a hiatus.

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I'm rubber you're Rushirufuru, whatever you say bounces off me and gets gum'd to you.

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>fucked up his future telling ability
>would probably fuck up more abilities if he knew about it
>killed two of his bros
>always following him
Damn, if I was Kuroro, I would be diamond mad.

Novu really was 1 in a million compared to this guy's shitty ability.


would killing Morena take away their abilities or just make it so they won't become stronger when they kill people?

he didn't say shit about one piece, he mentioned captain tsubasa.

>fucked up his future telling ability
Nothing says Hisoka is the one who did it. She probably died way before which is why Pika is the boss.

just like that double that killed Momoze, it's only useful for espionage and other indirect activities. great utility, useless in combat against other nen users

>still calls it Musse's ability

Benjamin really does care.

Don't forget Uvo and Pako.

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a logaritmic increase is still unbounded though. not limitless, just relatively slow. Just saying.

Is machi doing the virgin walk?

Honestly I'm alright with a hiatus. I just don't succession war to return for the next 20 chapters atleast. Those chapters were beyond boring, Togashi really screwed the set up of the arc.

she wants to enjoy it before Hisoka finds her alone

uvo didn't die because of him, but paku did
funny that the spider is that bullied by someone using glue to fight

You need to add Illumi there you know. Hisoka did say there were 10 spiders left.

>shizuku and bono die
>kalluto/illumi leave
>shizuku died alone
>half members remaining
>the prophecies were true
can't wait

Hisoka was Pika's informant, he's the reason Pika knew where the Spiders were going to be.

Selling well Hiatus friends?

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It's sad how much wasted potential this series has. Hunter x Hunter could've been #1, if only Togashi wasn't such a lazy piece of shit.

fuck off wan pissers

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based luini going to kill cammy and then teleport before the cat can kill him.

>took care of his young girls
yes, why would he be a good father?
I want my weekly dose of comics reeeee

that looks nothing like camilla

how many layers of plot armor do kalluto and illumi have

How come Hunter X Hunter ass pulls are entertaining and fun, but One Piece ass pulls are some of the worst examples of writing in all of Shonen?

Illumi a lot since, Kalluto not much. I don't think anyone would even give a damn if Kalluto died to Hisoka outside of the Zolyck parents.

what about kalluto trying to get killua back?

Whats with the Zoldycks producing the best traps?

He looks so much better in kangz mode instead of slav

what did phinks pick up from the black market storage room

His stupid pharaoh helmet?

LIDL version of novu's ability but still useful, he should bury a closed room deep somewhere in a lost place to avoid the drawback

you think phinks just have ripper cyclotron?
he has other abilities and probably uses a weapon, like a steel bar

>hidden closed room
>then he can go anywhere he already went in the world
bad thing is that he doesn't speak of sharing it, but aside of this, his ability is better


i like how franklin is just chilling by himself

>his ability is better
Not when you can fuck his ability just by opening a door.

They both have a lot of plot armor.


there's no restriction to the localisation of the orignal door, nor precision on if he can just use it in buildings (walls walker)

how come the meteor city doesn't produce regularly nen genius?
I mean, we have like 12 guys with the same age coming from it, and gathering at the same moment, then nothing new?

novu's ability is better in a number of ways.

one, he can teleport anywhere. two, he creates an actualy nen space that's super complex and large. three, others can use his nen space and portal.

i was unaware you knew every single citizen of Meteor city

>there's no restriction to the localisation of the orignal door
So what? He still can get fucked by someone opening it.