Has an anime ever affected your "life direction" or made you do something that changed your life...

Has an anime ever affected your "life direction" or made you do something that changed your life? I just finished Your name and I am suddenly motivated to go to the gym again and stop being a fatass.

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>I am suddenly motivated to go to the gym again and stop being a fatass.
And instead of going to the gym, you make a thread on Sup Forums about your motivation to go to the gym. Way to go.

Black Jack was part of the reason why I drifted towards a future in medicine, along with House.

I am going to go Monday after classes because it's too much of a hassle to go to school (uni) on weekends

That sounds awesome. Are you a real doctor yet or are you still in school?

Yes but not your name because its a steaming pile of dogshit, not even joking

Yes actually. I was contemplating suicide a while ago. then I rewatched a few episodes of Gurren Lagann. I got motivated and now im in nursing school.

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>it's too much of a hassle to go to school (uni) on weekends
Not going to make it

I got into a martial arts gym after reading kurosawa

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Initial D motivated me to get a license and get a car.
Currently saving up for a cooler japshit car than the civic I bought.

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Proud of you user - Being fat and gross is no way to go through life.

HibiYufo made me break of my French Horn for the first time in years.
Bakuon made me learn to ride a motorcycle.
I'm sure there're countless other little things like these, but this is all that comes to mind at the moment.

I really try to be more like mizunashi akari, even if i'm very bad at it. aria made me realize that the immediate world we live in is directly created by the way we behave, and that if we try to be kind, and to foster kindness in our thoughts and perceptions, (even when it's difficult) it will be a better one

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Hajime no Ippo motivated me to go to the gym.
Welcome to the NHK motivated me to get a job but it didn't work because I quit after 3 months.

The death of Commander Red in Dragon Ball changed me. When I was little, I was always bullied because of my teeth and physical appearance. Even my mom viewed me with contempt despite my efforts to please her. I wound up getting kicked out of the house at 18, and since I couldn’t afford college, I had to get 2 shitty jobs at fast food to make my ends meet. Then my friend showed me Dragon Ball. I was amazed at how a the imperious Commander Red, the leader of the most feared paramilitary organization in the world, was also bullied as a kid because of his appearance. I was inspired by how Commander Red, despite being shunned by his peers for being too small, was able to fight against his downsizes and establish a successful life and business. When Commander Red died, I was heart-broken. His death made me rethink my life and set me on a path for success. It’s been 8 years since Commander Red inspired me, and thanks to the message he presented, I was able to work my ass off and afford tuition at a college of my choice (in my 2nd year). Now I’m working to become a man of authority and words (a lawyer) just like Commander Red.

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Space Bros motivated me to turn my dream into my career, and to not kill myself.

are you posting from the ISS right now?

I fail to see the connection with Your Name and gym-ing.

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Bakemonogatari made me want to have a gf

Did you got one?

Keep working on it, bubby

After the newest episode of Franxx, I realized how much I relate to Futoshi. We're both nice guys, and I've already decided that if push ever comes to shove, I'd gladly let the girl I'm pinning for go if it were to make her happy. I'm also allergic to milk, fuck milk

You're allergic to semen?

he's just a Sup Forums crossboarder thinking the soy meme is really funny

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What was wrong with it?

Mitsuha makes me want to stop being a fatass

Well, watching anime has made me browse Sup Forums. And that has made me hate all human life.
I hope you all die faggots. That's all.

No, because I don't need external guidance to know how to live my life.

Ikuhara and Shinbo's productions got me to appreciate art more. Kajiura's beautiful soundtracks have also made me wish I could learn how to play an instrument, and maybe even join an orchestra and selflessly make other people happy.
If somehow, one day, I become a director and a writer (I'm a meager cameraman in Eastern Europe right now), my style would be pretty inspired by the abovementioned.

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>and I am suddenly motivated to go to the gym again and stop being a fatass.

Relying solely on passing motivation to get off your lazy fatass is how you stay a fatass

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Learned mahjong, learned shogi, climbed mount takao, writing my own isekai story.

What's going on in that OP image? Is it normal to be so irrationally angry in America? Not only did that person think about this, but it also thought that it should be heard by other people.
And also, they have actual kids in universities? How? Do you have class skipping or something?

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Just some vapid bitch craving for attention.
Notice how in the middle of her post, she changed content to about her.
If it was written by normal man that want to make fun of someone, he'll add explanation of his anger or maybe add some curse words instead, but for female, everything need to be about them.

She's probably angrier at him for being white than for whatever receptacle he's using to carry his water around. The jug's just an excuse.

Chunibyo taught me to be myself and find people who accept me for who I am

>And also, they have actual kids in universities?
I was 17 for my first year of uni, it's not even uncommon

No. It often makes me think 'Oh yeah I should totally do that', but then I can never be bothered because I'm such a pathetic loser.

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Huh, I've never seen anyone younger than 19 there. It's gotta be nice to start so early.

I'm not an impressionate underage retard so no.

Welcome to the NHK made me realize we have to earn our happiness and that life is worth struggling for.
I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying made me realize I need a wife. But I can’t. I leave in 6 months and I’ll have to leave the person I love.

>But I can’t. I leave in 6 months and I’ll have to leave the person I love.
So the next thing you need to watch is Planetes.

>it's too much of a hassle to go to school (uni) on weekends

>initial motivation not even gone
>already making excuses
Holy shit, you are literally never gonna make it

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One Punch Man actually made me exercise, though it made me sick after 10 days so I had to stop.

I'll believe you when you actually do it, consistently, for at least a month.

Talk is cheap. It's worthless in fact. If you say you'll go but never go then anime had no effect on you and the feeling was merely transitory.

K-On was at least partially responsible for me getting out of a pretty bad depression a few years back

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What do I need to do to motivate you to get back into your depression?

who says i'm not already back there

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he's not american

Anime, not really. I'm in Tokyo now and I have been here for a week. I've walked so much this past week than I have ever done in 7 years. Walking around the streets, parks, etc. has motivated me to excercise when I get back.

There is an episode of Gurren Lagann , the one where Simom meets Kamina in the dreamscape. Simon hangs out with fake Kamina but then the real one shows up and tells him he always has a choice to better himself or be a poor loser forever like fake Kamina. That scene has always struck a chord with me and I realize I don't have to be a lonely neet for the rest of my life.

Ever since my hero academia Bakugous autistic desire to be the best and his rage filled demeanor inspired me to get fit. I’ve been lifting regularly for over a year now, I’ve lost 20 pounds and I don’t plan to quit.

Full of plot holes, unexplainable bullshit, over the top making the girl girlish and the boy boyish, shit music, shit voice on the singer. The only redeeming shit is the visuals

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Is that you, Elon Musk?

No, I'm unmotivatable.

name one plot hole

No one cares


Plot holes have names? Also lern2eng you fucking spic.

I liked Mashu from C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control so I studied economics and ended up working at an investment bank

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>shit music

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Oh boy, you sure showed him!

Eyeshield 21 inspired me to try out for my basketball team in high school (yeah I know I was a dumbass for trying out basketball for an AMERICAN FOOTBALL manga). Tryout was the hardest thing I ever did, my stamina was terrible, I sucked at basketball, so I know I couldn't make the team anyway. I remember my body was aching for days after tryouts.

The reason I tried out basketball team was because I liked how inspirational Sena was, him being small but able to overcome Opposing teams using his speed. I also liked the chemistry between the characters how they all learned their strengths and weaknesses and use it mesh together as they fight to reach the nationals. I guess what I'm saying is that I wanted to be a part of it, a team but also be a breakout star. But I was never athlethic nor do I have good stamina so I never tried again. I learned the reality of my limitations and inexperience.

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Never gonna make it

Nice blog

Briefly explain one plot hole

I'm glad Your Kino has inspired you in such a way.

I found more joy in cycling and started pushing myself more after I saw Nasu.

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The biggest one is that neither of them ever looked at the date. They are both constantly using their phones, there's no way they don't see what the date is.
>durr durr theyre dreaming
So? They know theyre body swapping and they didnt bother to see and remember that its a different timeline

And yet you gave me a (you)

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(You)s are not upvotes. Lurk more.

Same, but for me it was Monster

Look at your phone and see if the year is included in the date. In most places it isn't.
It's also noted that their memory of body swapping fades away fairly quickly.

If you wanna lose weight, a proper diet is the route one should take. Building muscle is never a bad thing though, everyone should aim for that.

Not Anime per se, but my love for my waifu made me go to the gym a few years back.
It was a great choice and besides, striving for something better, for the sake of another (even more so your waifu) is a great thing which everyone should strive for.

Thats incredibly dumb sorry ass lame excuse, also theyre going to school.
Even if theyre dreaming, they atleast remember important shit like body swapping, how come they cant remember that its a different timeline?

They are called replies

the body swapping was going on for what, a month? you think you could really go an entire month without even once casually/accidentally seeing what year it was?

This is the notification bar for iPhones. Do you see a year anywhere?
Admit it, the only reason you "hate" Your name. is because others like it.

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Replying to people to call them out on posting unfitting stuff does not mean you care about what they have to say, it means you con't want it on Sup Forums.

Like I said even if you dont check your phone for the date, theyre going to school. I hate it because its shit, deal with it

You seem upset friend. Are you a deku-fag?

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I used to lie compulsively
It affected all of my relationships in life, and even my mother started to hate me
After I finished watching Revolutionary Girl Utena, I resolved to stop lying, mostly because of the lyrics of the ED, which go something like "I want to keep hating lies"
It really struck a cord with me, and I broke my compulsive lying.
People who haven't known me for a long time now think I'm an upright, honest person, and it just makes me feel really happy

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Great blog

this is a /soc/ tier blogging thread anyway

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Dunno, I dont go to shitholes like you

>get in the car, user

Ranma 1/2 got me into martial arts, hilariously enough. Did that for almost 12 years before arthritis fucked up my wrists and hands and I had to stop.

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I don't know if anyone wants this, but I'll post it irregardles.

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Martial arts is obsolete since the chinks invented the gun powder

Enjoy your exploding knees and heart problems

Not quite.

Funny that, rewatching Ranma 1/2 got me into crossdressing.

Your Name is not really the type of film that would change someone's outlook of life though.

Nah i only need my glock if some asshat tries to pick a fight at me

Gatchaman Crowds taught me how to deal with Internet trolls,be positive and have hopes for a better future.

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A glock is useless if you can't aim it at the assailant in time, or when you're out of ammunition.
Also, after gunpowder was invented, it took quite a while before every fucking soldier got a gun.

I just marathoned the last episode of Darling in the Franxx and I am suddenly motivated to go to the gym again and stop being a fatass.

I just marathoned the last episode of Darling in the Franxx and I am suddenly motivated to catch a cold and be a thin, sickly and frail NTR bull

>eating enough to actually become fat

fucking normie kill yourself