2018.......I am forgotten

2018.......I am forgotten

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the long part of her hair looks dumb

Short haired Tatsuki was cute. Cute!

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Never actually having followed Bleach, I've always assumed that she was just an fan-edit of Ichigo, to serve as an alternative protagonist.
Are you telling me she was a real character?

She was, dunno how you came to the conclusion she was femIchigo

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Childhood Friendâ„¢

>Get to Fullbringer arc
>Thought it was going to be a nice change of pace and an opportunity for Kubo to develop characters left aside like Ichigo's friends, his sisters, Chad and Orihime
>Its yet another shinigami wank shitfest
>Plot points like Karin visiting Urahara are dropped
Fucking Kubo, I just wanted some of japanese ghostbusters with sol elements again

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Go back to your dbs thread

I get the feeling that kubo's editor failed him, like he just let kubo do whatever he wanted rather than shoot down his shit ideas, SS arc was good so clearly Kubo is capable of a good idea, the editor just needed to sift through his head till he found it.

I don't watch Dragon Ball Super

>Plot points like Karin visiting Urahara are dropped
This was a ruse, you fell for the same trick Ichigo did.

Ginjou was taking advantage of his depression by showing him something that would make him jump to conclusions, making him even more desperate to get back in the game, to the point that he'd go along with some shady group that he knew nothing about. Karin was never involved in substitute shinigami shenanigans or anything, she was just getting (relatively) mundane supplies like ghost repellent.

Reminder that this almost happened

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Wouldn't have changed much, Tatsuki as a shinigami is redundant with Rukia filling in

A pity. Odds are, if it had happened then she would have ended up as useleful as Chad and ishida, but at least we'd probably get to see more delicious Tatsuki abuse, and maybe smut artists would draw more of her

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Sam get off of Sup Forums, and produce more content I can steal from you.

delet this

>MC's childhood friend
You'd think that'd mean she'd have some level of relevance, but nope, she gets tossed to the wayside as soon as fucking possible. Talk about wasted potential, huh?


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More like 2008

>childhood friend

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Okay I'll bite,

How do you give her a bigger role that doesnt block Rukia's path?

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what path? They have practically nothing in common

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>Okay I'll bite,
Literally the most autistic thing one could post. Kill yourself right now before your autism has a chance to spread.

Okay, I'll bite. Why does that post mean I have autism? Are you qualified enough to make that kind of diagnosis? What if I'm an autist who can function well?

literally who?

when's your next manga, Kubo?

her mullet was awful. God only knows why she grew it

>Get nice Tomboy
>Never use her
A tragedy.

More tatsuki abuse

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stop pls


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shes suffered enough!

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terrible haircut.

What did she mean by this

We may never know

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but Tatsuki abuse never gets old

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It could be
a) She's gay
b) She's jealous
c) Harder to explain, but I think this might be it, it's something to do with a sort of glamour you get with people who're not just attractive, but attractive in a sort of spectacular way, like they belong to a different tier of society. it's like Ichigo's been interacting with something above the normal life of everyone else


Komamura ;-;

>this thread

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