Dragon ball super

it has finally ended

press s to spit on its grave

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Nope. Loved it


Nope, loved it.

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Reminder that Gero’s research and incentive to build 17 stemmed from his service in the Red Ribbon Army.

Bow to your real savior

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>dragon ball super has ended
>there's a movie coming this year

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S. Fuck this goddamn sack of monkey shit. GT Was fucking better than the shit Toei has shoveled out since the movies.

so what was dragon ball super? i only ever watched the dragon ball z anime 100 years ago on cartoon network. i thought dragon ball was over after the GT thing?

GT is not canon

Not to make this weird, but I’ve really enjoyed watching Super with this subreddit. For the most part, the discussion is always thoughtful & inviting. I always look forward to the discussion arguably as much as I do the episode itself. I once saw this sub referred to as toxic and that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s been a superbly enjoyable adventure and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Dragon Ball franchise and this sub. Sorry for the drunken rambling, but this subreddit has been a clear part of my life the past couple years and I have to honor those who made it happen. Thank you so much.


jokes on you, Toriyama stated that the manga will continue on

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Why did you guys hate this show so much? It was fun and great.

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>it has finally ended
He doesn't know...

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Because it's behind the anime you fucking retard


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fuck you, faggot


>The nightmare is over for now

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New super Saiyan forms sucked.
Most of the new characters sucked.
Animation just couldn't look as nice as z.
This was the worst case of monkey's paw I've ever experienced.

Second season already been confirmed.

I unironically think some of the Toyotaro chapters are among the best Dragon Ball manga chapters ever.

Super was fucking garbage though


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>Cell Dorado didn't join the tournament as a wildcard
>No el Hermano reveal
>No fated El Grande Padre vs Gohan Blanco
I think Toriyama has dementia

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seeing freeza and classic ssj goku fight together was nice I must say

the tournament of power had some good fight scenes and the zamasu part was ok. Once again gohan isn't developed as a character despite being more interesting than anyone else in the show

>press s to spit on its grave
back to Sup Forums

So this is it, the TFA of the Dragonball franchise.


had it moments but overall shit due to having a lot of padding/filler to meet the weekly release.

It could be cut down to about 70/80 episodes and be so much better.

it's not over
we'll soon watch a new adventure that will end in a kickass tournament

if you only look at the highest level which is,
>overrated by fans

then yes.

It was a shitshow most of the time, specially during this tournament since everything but that last part was basically shitty filler, but it had its good moments

Last arc sounded promising but they botched it so hard.
Add interesting characters only to turn them shit in the next episode.
Oh hey let the other universes do nothing while Goku and friends are fighting.
Oh hey make the most powerful guy boring as fuck!
Pic related was the best thing until she became fat.

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It's not over retard, new series is obviously coming next year after the movie

It was a fun ride. The rest of the series, after season 1 and 2, were redeemed and the ending was as good as you could ask for from Toei.

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If I ejaculate all over it, would that be good or bad?

I admit the last episode (and the last only) was really good. Based Goku/Frieza co-op. Vegeta and Gohanfag will never recover.

God I hope so.

Kamikaze Fireballs spinoff next!

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It was already confirmed to be going on hiatus until after the movie, have you been living without internet?

Good, we can now consider it non canon and put GT into canon status.

End of Super or End of Gt?

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What about End of Z? who did it better?

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It made me really said when I saw so many fucking manchildren going back to this garbage. Kill yourselves

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Kill yourself, trash.

>ended at the same point where it started

At least the memes were funny.

Most of super > sayian saga

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>watching any powerlevel garbage past the age of 13

Sort your life out, m8

Seriously does no one keep up with news? Super is on hiatus x hiatus

sorry senpai

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my superior opinion > your retarded homo dumb dumb opinion

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>watching moeshit
Have sex.

>having sex before marriage

Please don't post pictures of my wife without my permission, user.Especially for an AIDS series such as this

Nope. Loved it

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t. Ahmed


I don'tgive a fuck that last fight sequence was fucking great and Goku and Frieza working together was amazing.

See all you bitching faggots after the next movie/at the next series.

Are we gonna pretend there won't be a new series after the movie?

Anybody got any links to vids and shit of spics/south americans reacting in large crowds to the final ep?


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he specifically said continue on BEYOND the current arc

Hell no I won't spit on its grave
That's not enough, I'd piss, vomit, shit and leave aborted fetuses on its grave


Super was amazing, only suburban retards like Z babbies and GT spics hated it. Thanks for the ride Toei

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Why was he such a fucking creep?

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Been reading the previous threads, people are all saying that the villain of the movie will be a frieza henchman because of the armor.

It's been almost two decades, but didn't they say that the armor of frieza's henchmen was based off saiyan armor? It was a throwaway comment but i'm fairly sure that happened.

yeah they did

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*presses f instead*

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>we will never get any more beerus and whis moments
i'm genuinely saddened by this.

No Plague arts

S. Glad it's over. It had some good moments but it only dragged the franchise down in my eyes. The art style is shit and the atmosphere is asinine. The way it handled it's character is borderline offensive, even though I couldn't give less of a fuck seeing how sappy and glossy everything is. The next movie seems really interesting animation wise. I hope it erases super from everyone's memories. Perhaps it'll be able to capture the comfiness of DBZ.

we will literally get them in 9 months user

how about this?

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>in my eyes.
No one cares about your eyes, faggot. Japs loved it, it made mountains of money for Toei, and it's getting a new movie later in the year. Suck it.

This but switch Gotenks for Gohan.

Its about time the series ended and we can get a new one that gives Gohan the respect he deserves!

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Censor it. Cuckhan deserves no wives.

I wanna see him again soon

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I don't find Gohan interesting but it doesn't feel right that he's considered only slightly above Piccolo now.

when are we getting a /DB/ board?

Popimi Dorado would wreck Cell Dorado.

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When they ban furries and Caulifla/Kalefags.

this, i need my chadhan general

How did pedro's like the final episode?

what if we fuse those posters?

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Im honestly not gonna be surprised if they find someway to bring Omega Shenron from GT to the sequel and them gathering forces to battle him in some anti-climatic battle

very good ep I think

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Ban them too.

When will we get a /bitch/ board for drama queers like you?

get over yourself pansy, this happens every time a popular show ends.

don't let others form your opinions

This was the exact moment he knew it was over.

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