So what's the final verdict?

So what's the final verdict?

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poputepipikku / 10

shit / 10

>Kieri and Tokiomi Seiyuu
>Have them reach The Root

Top kek/10
Top tier shitpost

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the most well crafted shitpost of all time
fun garbage / 10


Hit or miss as fuck

this shit is still airing?

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Today was the last episode unless there's a season 2

though it was just going to be skyrim references and memes, but it turned out alright

It just ended.

Hit and miss but fun and worth the ride. Hopefully S2 gets greenlit.

AC-bu need their own show/10

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Who here excited for Hoshiiro Girldrop Season 2?

[s4s] out of Sup Forums.

Will she choose to be an idol or a wife?

satire in its purest form. 10/10

This show was 8/8.

Doesn't it mean we week get a OVA where age dies after choosing?

It was epic

It's referential comedy made for /jp/



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average. redirects here

Shit, right?

>that shit bitrate and all the artifacting that comes with it

user pls.
Step it the fuck up.

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i dont have a slowpoke but just imagine i posted it


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AOTS at the very least.

Oh no, bad end for the popuko and pipimi then.

Fair enough, faggot face.

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Either she'll choose to be an idol or she'll have second thoughts shortly after choosing to be a wife. Either way, they're not getting married that early into season 2.

POP TEAM EPIC x BATMAN NINJA Collaboration commercial

10/10 shit anime

kuso haha it's shit haha
fairly good seiyuu porn and experimental blend of different artstyles, a good way to offer more to those who already read the 4koma's, I'd say that the only weak parts were how much some of the original gag's dragged on without much happening

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HS subs finally out for those who are still waiting.

Majority of it was shit but every once in a while there was some gold like Hellshake Yano.




I have a feeling that Bkub might hate Takeshobo

Where's the doggy?


i want a webm of Pipimi punching the tree

Not a shitty soap opera, so it outdoes Sup Forums's meme studios already

is that the worst final episode of all time?

I didn't laugh once

I thought the show was alright.

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I liked it, a nice change of pace from other stuff out there. Sure not every segment was a winner but I enjoyed it overall.

Is that Peruvian Popuko?

Rick and Morty/10

Pretty entertaining with occasional bits of greatness. It's fucking laughable how low Sup Forums's general power level has fallen though. The number of blatant references/parodies that went over most posters heads was fucking absurd.

I thought that Shitpost: The Anime would bring a lot of, well, shitposting. And yet, after few weeks, it was barely noticeable, completely eclipsed by DitF and DBS.
Says a lot about the current state of Sup Forums.

At least the threads were cozy.

True, in the end it was the usual PTEfags with some animeonlyfags and seiyuufags.

It's shit. Unfortunately some people think that being shit is a merit and are raving about it.

We can only hope one of the BDs will have an actual Girldrop episode on it or something like that.

But it's been confirmed already

Ookawa-sensei is a genius
The anime is pure fffffun

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If they did, I hope they do a serious version of the spoof and then right at the end after 12 weeks, have Poptepic come back to ruin it all.

That still burns.

Dropped after episode 2

Buy Aoi Shouta's CD please.

The Kamen Rider parodies were the best part.

It was alright for what it was. My main criticism would be that the Space Cat segments dragged on for too long and it always felt disappointing when you got an episode that was just one long unfunny skit coupled with two or three adapted manga skits + two Bobunemimimmi.

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Fuck knows, I dropped it after three episodes. Did they continue in the same fashion of repeating the first 10 minutes with different voices?


epic simply epic

What a masterpiece anime. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

The game references were great too, because they weren't just blatantly obvious and used just to be popular. You really got the feeling that the creators had attachments to these games.

North-Eastern Brazilian

And I loved every second of it.

I disliked them at first but the ones in the last few episodes were some of my favourite moments.

Some of the bob team stuff was really hit and miss. I wish there had been less of those.
Otherwise great.

what was this?

It peaked at pic related and simply couldn't surpass it. It was still pretty enjoyable, though.

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That red triangle in the beer indicates she is from a state in the middle of brazil.
t. Hue

Meh, stopped being that funny past the first couple episodes. Being just a single 15 episode cut and pasted into a full episode really brought it down, especially when some of the segments took up the majority of the episode and weren't funny at all.

Good last episode though.

The low T French guy was cute

A solid 6. Most of the time I hated it but the few parts that were godly good saved the show.

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Shame about his hairline though I can relate

>low T French guy
That's a bit redundant.

I loved all the different animators

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Who made a Popuko mineira?

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I thought it was a bit wasted potential. Different animators doing segments is cool and all but it should've had more of the manga material.

and hambaga

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It was shit, but I will miss it.

>more of the manga material.


Aoko was in the female lineup too.

AOTS of the season.


Jouji has a ton of TM roles, Kirei is just one. If anything Araya is the one who'd probably be most appropriate.

Should've had Maaya as Popuko for completeness sake, but never mind.


It was shit, but I liked it.
The AC-BU stuff was unironically good, though

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Its time to go home! The series has ended! KAERO!

Pop Team Epic is... shitty!

So, Araya finally reached the Akashi Records?

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