Just finished Vol 12, no wonder LNfags have been bitching about Vol 13 all this time

Best moment so far in these Volumes was that sudden GRASPU HARTO, you LNfags know of what i speak

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You're given 100 levels for an NPC and a small area to design to your hearts content. What race is your NPC? Classes, personality, backstory? What equipment do you farm for your NPC? And the area, what do you design it as?

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I almost forgot how savage Shalltear is.

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And wtf. Brain escape death for the second time! His luck stats must be so fucking high!

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My waifu and our gated house.

Hey user.


Wanna know something?


I like Evileye. I wonder if Lakyus would be willing to be a surrogate mother?

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I'm shit with names lets just go for Bone Master for now and if you don't like it recommend something better
15 skeleton Mage
10 elder lich
5 overlord
Necromancy and summoning skeletal undead of all variety and strengths, just dump into these kinds of classes.
Meme lord who loves to fuck around and taunt people but has a decent idea of common sense and knows when to do what to do. He prioritizes playing passively and building up his skeletal army to destroy invaders.
Anything prioritizing summoning for the undead and skeletons, his style would be classic elder lich, robes and shiet. Also he doesn't have flesh like some recent shit tier elder liches, he's full skeletal.
Full of traps and gimmicks base around bones and skeletons of all types. Shill out so that I can have naturally spawning undead of a good enough tier. Have many chasms and bridges that can be cut down to lead to trapped areas disguised as secret treasure rooms. Very dark, it's part catacombs at the entrance and becomes a cave with water pouring from the roof into the chasms. The chasms are actually portals that let the water keep flowing into itself. Position the water to fall into pathways between chasms so that it puts out light sources and drenches invaders. Preferably, it'd be good if it were a magical kind of water with propeties to put out anything emitting light. Basically, the dark chasm from DS2. The moment an invader is detected, Bone Master is alerted and begins building up his forces.
The area is called The Bone Zone.

>YWN get to remove Evileye's boots and take a big whiff of her feet after a big battle.
Is life even worth living?

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>she's undead
>you take a whiff
>its fucking nothing.png


Shalltear was created by a Supreme Being, I ain't gotta explain shit

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The new cover for Volume 13 was released a few hours ago

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as always delicious so-bin art

who says she can't sweat? There are many types of undead, all with different features and characteristics.
I will fight you TO THE DEATH unless you acknowledge the god tier smell of EE feet

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So much time until it's here. How do I spend it?

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Sebas’ voice actor died FYI

Shalltear>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>lupus=CZ>>>>>everyone else>entoma>EE
Shalltear would make you smell her feet.

Opinion discarded

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You scared me for a moment, I thought Shiba Chigeru died.

Your opinion was never taken seriously

Yeah, I meant the English dub VA. Still a terrible tragedy, though. His voice for Wrath in FMA was legendary.

EE>chair>>Lupus=Solution>POWERGAP>everyone else>>>Gargaran>>>Entoma

>What race is your NPC?
>Classes, personality, backstory?
He's a Wizard (Ogre Mage), Transmuter specialized. He was orphaned in a big city and was scouted by a magic shop keeper because he was smarter than the other orphans. He became a transmuter to fix his face. He is something of a weeb, dressing like Japanese shogun and acting like a huge kabuki actor. Has a massive, 16", 4 lb dick.
> What equipment do you farm for your NPC?
Has a katana that is small enough he gets bonus from dagger proficiency.
>And the area, what do you design it as?
Has a pagoda-styled mage tower in a big city. Sells magical items of his own creation. Buys tons of Japanese goods and tends to overspend on them.

Do you think Sebas was designed to look like Father in the anime? He's got the beard.

come with me if you want to live

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Is his name Nek'ba Eerd?

15 Angel
15 Archangel
15 Valkyrie
15 Paladin
15 Beast Tamer
10 Cleric
remaining points focused on personal defense and strengthening/commanding/healing beasts
Cute little girl who likes to summon the cutest possible familiars, but goes into a rage if anyone hurts them and slaughters the fuck out of them
Ancient loli angel who is the patron deity of cute animals
Would focus on a lot of heavy armor and defensive stuff, with some shit to boost the beast taming and support powers. Weapon should be a holy sword or lance and a shield. Also maybe have some kind of item that lets her take damage directed at her familiars herself instead.
Would literally be a petting zoo, with extremely high level rabbits and other animals everywhere

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>Beast Tamer


PoorLucky Climb-kun

EE reminds me of Shinobu, I really like EE, she's interesting and cute desu

can't wait to start reading the LN, It's hard to find time for it though.

Omg an overlord thread

I already read the manga dozen times already and the LN a few times too.

Anybody know any single manga/manwha/ln similar to this masterpiece ?


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Too bad Brain is gay, otherwise I would ship this. He's the first person to call Shalltear beautiful. I don't even think Ainz said it after she was resurrected.

10 Toxic Amphibian
10 Amphibian Druid
10 Amphibian Fighter
15 Amphibian Lord
10 Imp
5 Arch-demon
10 High Druid
10 Nature's Herald
10 Swamp Mage
10 Summoner
toxic swamp, poor footing and low visibility
extremely greedy when it comes to food, but touchingly maternal to allies
uses natural armor of mud+wood constructed and maintained via Druid skills
various magical items to boost spell power and mana resources
anything that buffs allied mobs

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are you implying that brain was thrown that bag of gold from Gazef... because of services rendered???

I wanna marry her

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a cute!


True misery.
Anyways, I wanna flail Evileye

How was that a phonepost?

>loli vampires on top
This user here knows and is wise and not a faggot like the others.

I'm phone posting. I would have put flail in spoilers if I wasn't.

i just read volume 7 and it bored me to hell, are there more volumes like that so i can skip them?


is this really from so-bin the cover? looks different to me then his regular art style.

What do you mean? It looks exactly like his style

really? for me it looks different.

I Love her design! Is she supposed to be a ninja?

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He's also you.

>level 10 chuuni

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counter Albedo

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Yes. No tampering required!

She's an arcane spellcaster, and they have restrictions on armor. Her racial levels make up for any lack of defense anyway.

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What episode is this from?

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scared the shit out of me i must admit

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Nevermind, I found it. S01E02. It's likely when Mare is terraforming to hide Nazarick, and Ainz comes down to reward him, and then Albedo and Demiurge catch up.


I'd figure out a way to make her fertile again so we could raise a family.

I do love the scene from S02E01 where Albedo's eyes dilate.

Pic related.

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cot damn that arse is THICC
>You will never shove your face and nose into it
fuck this torturous life

pump all her holes full of seed
[Wish Upon a Star]


I make a mind control specialist succubus slut with a World class that lets me MC the un-MCable. Then I turn my area into pastiche of Japanese AV settings and fuck the NW under my control.

Albedo is ugly. I don't quite get why, but her face is the worst among the Nazarick girls and it really degrades what should be the best look of everyone.
Fanart seems to correct the problem. Is it because her mouth usually takes up all her face, and her chin is round like egg?

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> Name
> Race
Necromancy (vampirism/life stealing kind), poison, dump everything else into agility and defense
> Personality
Big fucking skeleton spider that goes around draining life from the area.
> Equipment
Sturdy bone plating and armor. Insanely heavy necrosis poison, basically you're fucked if you get bitten.
> Area
Usually roams around eating travelers but sometimes lurks in a deep cavern filled with bones, basically fighting him in there is suicide as he just rebuilds himself whenever he takes damage and he basically has complete unobstructed movement in bones cus he can just deform and reform.

This sorta shit is pretty fun to fuck around with.

sasuga user-sama!

>Albedo: Let's get married. Ainz-sama
>Ainz: I'm gay!

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He looks like Papyrus.

>>Ainz: I'm gay!

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>Ainz: Look, I'm literally made out of bones, and yet I've never popped a single one in your presence in the entire time you've known me. I don't understand how you can be this shocked.

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Time to open Spa salon.

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RTW is better.

I-is that G-Ghost from True Capitalist Radio?!

She also uses that mana to damage thingy.

>Anybody know any single manga/manwha/ln similar to this masterpiece ?
Konosuba is better

>And then Albedo went on a genocidal quest throughout the New World, obliterating entire Kingdoms in her way, looking for a sex change magic item

give us a friggen konosuba S3

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Now I can't unsee


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>but touchingly maternal to allies
Seriously, I bet you will try you best to get your Allies to be "Carried" inside by you.

Does Clementine come back?

So how do you think Ainz is going to "die"

Tanks hit for Neia for some raisan and dies? Gets smacked into a building and "dies"?


this thread satisfies muh dick