Dragon Ball Super

This is Freeza.

Chilling at Capsule Corp. with his new friends

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Stop making fucking super threads you stupid fucking Dragon rat.

Reminder that Gero’s research and incentive to build 17 stemmed from his service in the Red Ribbon Army.

Bow to your real savior of the Universes.

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bruh look at this dude

gohan and frieza are going to become friends.

>hurr I hate dbs threads so much imma bump them

Sage has been invisible for years, you newfag dumbfuck.

This is the new Family Kamehameha

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Based Chadza

> Freeza and Goku team-attack
> Freeza and Goku defeat the final antagonist
My younger-self would have an aneurysm

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>The DB chad
>Enjoys a single show that is the same shit repeated for 30 years, but only needs to spend 20 minutes/week on it.

>The Moe virgin
>Watches 30 shows every quarter year that are all the exact same shit year after year and wastes all time/money on it

17 ACTUALLY got his boat. This is the best DB ending ever.

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>b-b-b-b-but we can't spam the catalog!

Suck my dick. We'll spam the catalog as much as we want because /dbs/ are the chads of Sup Forums and they can sit by and watch our threads move 3x as fast as their shitty buyfag and seasonal garbage.

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If you can't handle this, don't be on this board when the new Code Geass airs, newfag.

Man, I remember when any Dragon Ball threads were redirected to .

What the fuck happened to Sup Forums? How come low powerlevel newfas are being let around running rampant?

Code Geass is Code Geass. It has a huge part in Sup Forums's history. Dragon Ball is entry-level weeaboo shit and has always been frowned upon.

80% of Anime and Code Geass wouldn't exist without Dragon Ball's influence. I bet the creators were all inspired by it too, who wasn't?

Bulma paid for it too, so it all worked out.

Why the fuck is this happening? I wanna like this series, but wtf...

If Goku punches you enough and you spend enough time around him, you're already a friend.

fine, ill make more franxx thread instead

Freeza is the new Vegeta

Reminder that Vegeta/Nappa KILLED Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu. And Bulma still fucked him

Super even said so

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To be honest, shouldn't Beerus be worried Frieza will try to usurp him as the new GoD? Can you imagine how strong Frieza will become after a few years of training?

Still won't surpass Beerus. We have never seen him at full power.

You gotta admit that Tenshinhan is kinda cute, in a derpy way.

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Guess who's back, back again !

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Nearly every one of Goku's allies have tried to kill him at some point. He just likes surrounding himself with people that wanted him dead.

so when is the new movie teaser supposed to come ?

How did the spics react to the episode?

S-so el grande padre had no hidden evil keikaku after all?

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>da only real animu is the one with titties and pinku hairu xDD
fuck off moe faggot, db is the anime of chads

Why does Vegetable keep getting cucked by the lizard?

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Frieza went back to ruling the universe immediately after this scene. The only difference in his character is that he'll probably avoid earth for a while

What? Just ask them. They're 75% of the posters in the threads.

I mainly meant those public live screenings they were going to have.


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I missed you man.

I like how they dropped the recolors for the final 3 vs. 1 adn went classic on Jiren.

>New Vegeta
>Already gathering a new army and knows what he needs to do to overthrow the gods.
Yeah, no.

go back to Sup Forums already, faggot.

should of had krillin shake hands with him too

The better one, Goku and Freeza fighting together made Vegeta mad jelly

>Caulifla and Kale is back
>Freeza and Goku are now bros and have better teamwork than Goku and Vegeta
best timeline

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>And Bulma still fucked him
Is Bulma gonna fuck Freeza?

>entry-level weeaboo shit and has always been frowned upon.
>entry-level weeaboo
You know what's even more frowned upon?
The misusage of Sup Forums lingo. Do you even know what a weeaboo is?
Tip: It isn't a synonym for anime fan or for otaku.

I loved it

That's kinda Goku's thing, he influences everyone he meets, even Jiren changed after the ToP

yup. we are the chads of Sup Forums. you should be happy we're in your board, nerd. go watch konata's funtime anime or whatever the fuck it is you weebs watch nowadays

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>one of the most popular shounen series in recent memory finally comes to a close
Every time.

>it's popular so we need thousands of thread at the same time
Every time

An ocean liner is a ship, not a boat

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Ships are just big boats.

So what was the deal with the spoilers that had Frieza cheapshotting Jiren after Goku had been eliminated?

This so fucking much, my nigga

>the absolute state of moeshit slurpers

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you retards are aware chad is a derogatory term for autistic fucks who think they are based but in reality are just idiots acting ridiculous in public right?

>you retards are aware chad is a derogatory term for autistic fucks who think they are based but in reality are just idiots acting ridiculous in public right?

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>17 is a phoneposter

t. virgin

That's not what it means at all, retard. Chad is a term the sad robots made up to describe all their high school bullies who they still have inferiority complexes about.

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Bulma's mom seems younger than her daughters.

Why did they just let him go free to reform his Army and be a genocidal tyrant? They promised to resurrect him, doesn't mean they can't try and imprison him or something.


Did you ever in your life think you would be in a situation where you would see throngs of people rooting for Freeza?

Were these ever collected anywhere?

OK, so Zeno wanted to erase a bunch of universes because he's a fucking amoral manchild who thinks that there are "too many".
But then he says that if the last fighter had been "selfish" and hadn't wished to bring back all of the erased universes, he would have erased the surviving universe too.
I don't get it. What if somebody had wanted to restore the universes, but assumed that there would be no point since he'd think Zeno would in anger just erase them again?

Strongest fighter in the universe is a phone poster. What a lad.

Also, really happy they brought my wolf boysss back

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Vegeta is getting so horribly BTFO left, right and centre that getting straight on cucked seems par on course for him.

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There are multiple people who can kill Freeza if they want to. Imagine if we cut back to him in Dragonball Ultra and he's actually running a catering delivery service? You don't know what Freeza is going to do. Maybe everyone rubbed off on him

Friendly reminder that there's nothing wrong with conquering the universe

A boat can fit in a ship but a ship can’t fit into a boat, kinda like rectangles and squares

What exactly is he gonna be doing now? He didn't have an inherit desired to train and become strong for the sake of it, he wants power and to conquer the universe.

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Zeno just did that because Goku gave him the idea of having a universal tournament. The erasure stuff was probably to give extra motivation. Technically all of this was caused by Goku, which is why Beerus and the Kais immediately silence him when Zeno asks him for another game to play in the last episode.

Basically Zeno is a baby and this entire tournament was for his amusement. The extra stuff about too many universes was just the writers disguising his true motives which could have been done way better.

I'm just wondering why anyone would join up with Freeza now. He personally killed everyone left in his Army when he invaded Earth.

He'll probably bully Mr Satan into giving him money

>Zeno just did that because Goku gave him the idea of having a universal tournament. The erasure stuff was probably to give extra motivation.
Nope, Zeno always intended to erase the universes. The Manga makes this clearer. If Goku hadn't shown up at the right time, he would have just erased all the universes on the spot.

fuck off Dunk. god damn furry

at what point do goku's friend become the bad guys?

>Impeccable father and husband
>Protects nature and animals
>First to actually injure Jiren
>Intelligent strategist
>Savior of all the universes and manking itself
>Had his fucking boat
Fuck Gohan, fuck Frieza, fuck Caulifla and fuck Vegeta.
17 really is the best character of Dragon Ball.
Fucking based.

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Sorry to take the joy out of your joycon but the manga isn't canon, the anime is.

Jiren is not some noble Superman character, he's just an asshole.

17 is also SSB tier.

Retard who claim that he's not are retarded

So is there any chance that Bardock is the antagonist of the new super movie? Considering frieza coming back and it more or less being goku's fault. I mean, it's possible that Bardock changed his name to Yamochi or something when he rejoined the saiyans of the past.

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>it's over

Shit, now I don't have an excuse to not watch GT

I'd like to know too but no one ever responds.

If I was Bardock i'd be pretty pissed considering my whole storyline was based around being the catalyst/vionist of the end of frieza only to have my dumbass son making it all meaningless in the end.

>don't show 17's family

ngl I'm a bit angry

Will probably get his shit slapped in the movie

>implying that his family is alive

Why else would 18 be so mad that he didn’t ask for the boat trip, the boat trip was basically going to be him wishing them back to life.

>We'll never know anime Jiren's wish

>get resurrected
>stand on a big rock in the literal hell your universe seems to be
>immediately start picking your nose

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18 is petty. Won't even save Mr Satan's life without a bribe

Early on he said he wants to know what is beyond strength. He learned that in the final episode - connections to others and trust allowed him to go beyond his limits and stand up again.

He got his wish bruh

18 is a greedy whore

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Did we ever see bunny girl fighting or did she get rekt off-screen?

Nah, Frieza is for Yamcha.

Bulma's sister was in the epilogue, maybe her

Glad this shit show is over.
Hope you'll finally stop creating these shit threads

I bet you guys are the one who shit post in my threads too, fucking bastards

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user there's a movie coming out and Jap ticket sales will justify a new series

Your ride never ends

Someone screencap that smug face Jiren makes at this episode?