Marchen Madchen Episode 9 sure is something special

I've NEVER seen quality of this level.

I didn't cut out a SINGLE frame. I had to stop a minute in after this fucking scene.

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It's the SAME background.

She just FLIPS.

Did NORTH Koreans animate this???

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post more and from other episodes as well

It animates THIS slowly.

I didn't cut a SINGLE frame.

Oh my god i'm taken aback by this.

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I've seen animation from the 40s smother than this

The thing is the basic concept seemed sincere enough, from the first episode or so it felt like something some visual novelist probably put their heart and soul into. I didnt really follow it too closely but this 9th episode just _lept_ out at me.

Hazuki's show didn't deserve this! ;_;

Jesus. Has an anime ever been cancelled mid production or do they always just tough it out no matter how bad it is?

Regalia got delayed to next season after 4 episodes.

her face is falling off someone fix it!!

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more please

Wait a minute this is exactly like that shit show from Girlish Number jesus

Which was odd because Regalia was pretty good animation-wise before the delay.

I feel like i'm going fucking blind. I dont know if i have it in me to cap every funny shot...

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Catastrophe didn't sneak up on them. It just struck.


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they hang on this frame for a while as a "check out our new friend!" moment.

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they're going to 13 eps I guess? Really curious to see if this is a slump or a slide down hill. (After reading that article, this feels like it could just be a string of really funny animation episodes)

That article up there has a few more gifs from the ep that i'm too lazy to capture, but boy almost any time someone animated (which was rare) it was bad, and half of the still shots felt like they were zoomed in long shots. It's worth watching this ep just for the curiosity of it.

I kind of hope the last few episodes are made by crazy people who have lost their minds.

Literally my thought exactly

She's so cute!

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>On top of that, right before the delivery deadline for episode 8, we lost contact with the production desk, so in the end we spent those two weeks mostly sorting out the production situation for the episodes still remaining.
So does this mean every episode up to the end is going to look this bad?

We can only hope

I lost interest in this series when it was revealed that losing their magical clothes sent them back to their normal outfits (The amount of "wacky nudity" in the first eps had me thinking they'd be nude when they got ownd)

The "quality" has me back in, though.

Girlish Number or Shirobako?

Girlish Number was about seiyuus working on an anime that went to shit.
Shirobako was about girls working to avoid that outcome with a director known for a similar fuckup.

How can this happen? Even if they're rushing they surely could at least keep the proportions right, is more like they just don't give a fuck anymore.

That's the thing, they, if you mean the animators in the studio, did not work on this episode. It was outsourced to small studios that deal with much less elaborate stuff like in-betweens, those guys don't particularly have to know how to draw.

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