Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Die Neue These - new screenshots

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i refuse to give it a chance

Thanks I hate it

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Wow it's going to sell 60K BDs!

>this yang

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It's like they did every single thing wrong that they could.

This Kircheis' face cracks me up

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A bit info about Iserlohn cafe menu. Main dishes will be "Hyperion", "Iserlohn Grill", "Artemis necklace" and "Thor Hammer attacks". The last one will be served with flambéing.

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>The last one will be served with flambéing.
I'd rather they serve it with an apology from the production committee.

The cafe looks like it mostly taggeted at oldfags and bookfags though

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>The cafe looks like it mostly taggeted at oldfags and bookfags though
Does it completely ignore the atrocity that is the new anime series?

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No wonder it looks classier than the usual anime cafes. Older fujos have deeper pockets.

So what's the deal here? They can't put all o fthe OG series into 2 cour. What are they doing?

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They are tasting waters. Adapting first two books and looking how well it goes.

They better allow some smoking in there; I'm not a smoker but the smell adds a lot to the atmosphere.

Looks cozy

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Nice boxes

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I've got barely any expectations left at this point in time. I might have to see about some liquor to go along with it when it starts.

Tanaka himself

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Rest of picture are here:

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Sadly, not

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How does this day keep getting worse and worse? I think I'm just going to kill myself now.

Well then fuck them. They lost my money.

I hope it'll at least give us some good memes
If Berserkfags survived the new adaptation, we'll make it through

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>tfw you're fan of both Berserk and LoGH

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Luckily, Miura himself killed my love for Berserk with his latest chapters, so I didn't suffer that much watching the new adaptation as if it'd happened earlier. But my love for logh is still at its peak.

Was Dusty even confirmed?

>he doesn't know


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Trying to be as optimistic as possible. Yang looks fine, even if literally every other character was butchered (except maybe Mittermeyer, assuming he has more expressions than just being angry looking). The writing could still be good.

>the writing could be good
That's a death flag right there user.

Thingken of royalties

Dusty most likely won't appear at all in the fisrt season, because he was introduced only in 3rd book of original novels.

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They didn't know it at the time, but this was the last time user would enjoy such a pleasant conversation.

so far so good

Today's reveal is Dominique Saint-Pierre, she'll be voiced by Sonozaki Mie. Tomorrow's reveal will be Maximilian von Castrop

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Well that's unfortunate, I guess I'll have to read the novels to understand the flow of this anime better but most people seem to dislike the translations.

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This Yang irks me to no end. Too young, too flat, too ugly. But I admit everyone else looks even worse.

Yang doesn't even look bad he just looks younger

Translations are fine, it's just, Tanaka doesn't write that well imo. The novels feel more like Tytania than the old OVA to me.

>this is a 30 year old chinese alcoholic man

The translations are fine, they just use different terminology for ranks and stuff, and they make Yang out to be way more cynical, which is arguably more faithful than the anime. They also use a few different translations of names (e.g. Wittenfeldt instead of Bittenfeld)

If you had to pick: the new anime's style or Golden Wings'?

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This. Fans seems can't admit that novels are not.as nuanced as adaptation, so they blame everything on translation.
The books are still great, you just have to lower you expectations starting them.

The new one

As long as it's just the art style, golden wings.

Must be the style. I just hate these faces with triangle chins and reptilian noses.


The manga Golden Wings based on looks pretty good though (for it's age).

Too many people on Sup Forums and Sup Forums worship "the original". As if you can only ever make something worse and never better. Any change will always be bad, etc. So of course they can't quite process the adaptation being better than the source material.

Novel yang did grow on me though, I hated him at first but now I actually like him more than OVA yang.

I'd prefer the manga art style.

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Some people like to pretend they're smarter or more cultured for reading the source material. Funny enough, these people are generally the ones that rely on translations and never read source material in moon.

I like this one... but not the Gothic renaissance, what the even
Rubinsky confirmation when
Golden Wings it's better than what most elitists here make it to be.

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>12 episodes as of now
>3DCG ships
>Production C.G.
>Directed by Kuroko no Basket director.

It's going to be absolutely atrocious.

>Novel Yang tried to act like a strict parent and punished Julian for misbehaving by leaving him without a dinner
>He felt so bad for doing this so he couldn't eat his own dinner and they both starved together till the morning
He is a treasure

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>Rubinsky confirmation when
Yesterday. He'll be played by Raikage from Naruto

Can you mention more differences between the OVAs and the original? Is it worth reading or it'll be a complete letdown?

Now those are some low-effort backgrounds.

Half the characters you think are major, aren't. Yang is an absolute fucking madman who will go on rants about shit and do things like They're interesting to read, pick up the first one and see if you wanna go on from there imo.

Yeah. But will he be some old bald man, an basuke abomination, or a woman?
Go read them and watch them both. I'd even recommend other media like the musical, stages, and manga. All differ.
Form your own opinions, user.

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>No sign of Jessica
The best character in the series and we've got nothing

Cant wait for this part and decadence episode

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Biggest two differences I've noticed so far were:
- Tankbeds don't exist in the novel. When Schenkopp "knocked up the dial" on Bagdash's tankbed, he was given a sleep drug instead. I prefer the OVA's take on this.
- Oberstein didn't lie to Reinhard about the Westerland time limit. It was all Reinhard's decision, and he hardly even argued with Oberstein about it. I prefer the novel's take on this, since it was weird that he would never even reprimand Oberstein for such doing such a huge thing behind his back.

Reading them is basically like rewatching the series, though, so I'd only say it's worth doing if you really liked the series and want to see characters' internal thoughts and stuff.

Some things that novels have but adaptation does not
>Castrop feeding his enemies to genetically modified horned dogs
>Yang and Frederica on accidental date
>Ferner's attempt to kidnap Annerose to blackmail Reinhard
>Yang using medal boxes to keep soap bars
>Ulisses backstory as the ship of broken toilets
>Frederica and Schoenkopf breaking in when Yang dances with Julian
>soldiers on mutined ship forcing their captains fight to death

Some things that adaptation has but not novels
>Dusty as Yang's buddy
>Konev as Poplin's buddy
>Admiral the cat
>Klopstock and his magical exploding cane
>Benemunde's revenge against Annerose
>Artemis' necklace around Castrop's planet
>Kessler and his ex-waifu
>Franz and Therese as Romeo&Juliet story
These are for first two books.

Bruh her seiyuu got announced 2 days ago.

>stage plays
I can't recommend this enough.

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Those actors are pretty fantastic.

The Takarazuka ones are really good.


Any idea where I could find the stage plays, especially Takarazuka one?


Here you go user, have fun!

This is downright impressive. I've never been interested in stage plays, but I would definitely go to one like this - and I would have a blast.

Honestly that's pretty low production. Musical theatre is good shit tho. Posting the king.


Takarazuka has the best uniforms out of all the adaptations. If only the story could have been handled better. Also not "low production", it was expensive and elaborated, it just lacked in writing and stage decor.

They must have spent a lot on the costumes then. Also I'm not knocking it btw, just trying to sell musical theatre cuz it's based incase that was the image I gave off (I figured it might).

>Yeah. But will he be some old bald man, an basuke abomination, or a woman?
The seiyu looks pretty male to me. He is also quite old, so I doubt if he'll be an ikemen

Kloppstok and Benemunde's stories were taken from side-stories.

The new space ships look amazing CGI sure shines in that field!

Really? Good to know.
I wonder if there is a chance to see side stories and Iserlohn diaries translated.

Michihara's manga was better

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For those who've missed yesterday's announcement

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The new series should have been chibi shorts.