I hate Kuroneko so much. People flip their shit over the ending, but the fact that best girl, JC...

I hate Kuroneko so much. People flip their shit over the ending, but the fact that best girl, JC, REAL imouto won is so satisfying. Knowing that there are some absolute degenerates out there who wanted Kuroneko to win, but got punched in their fucking face, like Manami by Kirino in the final episode, makes me unbelievably happy. Yes, the producers chickened out and avoided the pinnacle of controversy. Yes, Ayase is best waifu material. Putting the LN aside, the show promised incest and it delivered. Kuroneko is fucking shit, losers.

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Yes. I agree. Ayase a best.

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100% correct.

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There was just a thread with barely 10 posts

NekoDANCE :3

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the ending implied they were still fucking anyway, right anons?

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Ayase a nut job.

Ayase a shit.

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Oreimo is a garbage fucking tirefire of a title. All the girls' faces look the exact same save for kuroneko, Ayase is literally black-haired Kirino ffs. I hate the fact that I ever watched this shit. Also if anyone thought Kuroneko had any chances of winning they were 101% retarded.

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I don't hate any of the girls, but imouto ending was the right call.

Dumb voicefag.


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Also Kirino bragged about her love life with Kyousuke to Kuroneko in the after story.

Straight from After Story:
>Kirino: “What part of me are you calling a bitch!? Just what are you saying to this super pure otome Kiririn standing in front of you!”
>Kuroneko: “...... pure?”

>Kuroneko tilts her neck in doubt. And then, mutters with a scary low voice.

>Kuroneko: “All the women who dare to brag about their love life before me are bitches, all right?”

>Kirino: “Wait! I haven't be, be, be, be, been bragging at all, you hear!”

>Kuroneko: “Yes, you have. Why, specifically speaking, that Sunday last week----”

>Kirino: “Da~~! Sto~~~~p! You can't talk about that! You definitely ca~~n't!”

>Kirino covers up Kuroneko's mouth, panicking.

Yep, Kirino confirmed for "not pure" in after story, whatever it means.

Kanako is the patrician choice, at any rate

She only makes love to her own brother, how can there be anything purer than that?

>Win kyousukebowl
>Break up with him so he'll fuck his sister
>Be sad that you lost the kyousukebowl
What was wrong with Ruri

Explain that to Kuroneko.

who Saori here

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You're conveniently forgetting that the LN was clearly heading towards a Kuroneko ending, but Dengeki Bunko saw pretend incest as something more profitable so they forced Fushimi to change the ending.
Why do you think no one can give a legit reason for Kuroneko willingly breaking up with Kyosuke "because reasons"? Or Kirino, one of the most disliked fictional characters in recent years, won out of nowhere?

Her seiyuu voices so many best girls.

I'll give you a (You) for trying with this bait.

Best girl.
Fembro is always an underrated archetype.

>Yes, the producers chickened out and avoided the pinnacle of controversy.
What happened?

(Was fault of that bastard of fushimi)

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Do people actually believe this