Co-workers start talking about anime

>co-workers start talking about anime

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If Hiro deleted Sup Forums tomorrow I wouldn't even care at this point.

tank god im neet


co-sisters begin having a deep conversation about anime.

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Pls public b& again


perform the self killing ritual

>Co-worker walks up to you
>hey user you look like the type a guy that watches animes
>what did you think of Darling in the Franxx 02 was so cute amirite?
Wat do?

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perform the self killing ritual

turn 360 degrees and shove pencil in ass


>has coworkers

Sharpie in pooper.

call her pleb for shit meme taste and continue down the hallway to my janitorial closet




How would they even know how a person that watches anime looks like? Is there a giveaway that isn't some baseless stereotype (most Sup Forumsnons are underweight, not fat)?
Maybe a personality quirk; for example looking detached from your surroundings?


you just know

>Maybe a personality quirk; for example looking detached from your surroundings?
Being autistic is a sign of watching anime?

>most Sup Forumsnons are underweight, not fat

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The type of people who watched anime in my highschool (~14 years ago) were the violent ones who fought after school, and the "alternative" girls who fucked around like rabbits.
How are people today?

>co-workers talking about how great the live action GitS is
>have to sit there and bite my tongue to not reveal power level

>coworkers start talking about anime
>it's only entry level trash

>co-workers start talking about anime
Never make that mistake, keep your power level hidden.

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Sup Forumsnons still hides their powerlevels, right?


What's your favorite board Sup Forums that's not anime related?
I personally enjoy lurking on /ic/ from time to time.

I like /po/.

>in bus, travelling around town
>bunch of 20-something year olds talking about "animemes", fate, and and Re:Zero "memes"

/p/, I guess. Though I visit it only about once a month, I'm on Sup Forums nearly all of the time.

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>listening to the r/a/dio at work
>phone ringing
>pick up phone
>uhh, what's that noise
pic related

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I never talk about my hobbies with anyone at work, not even the ones that are socially acceptable like wrestling and

I never speak of anime or manga unless it's online with people I don't know


>it's porno
How exactly do you talk about porno in pubic? What do you discuss?

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>having to click it to know it's porno
user is so innocent.

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My co-worker casually asked me if I had Fakku Subscription a few days ago. Do I kill him?

>Co-worker walks up to you
>"So I heard you're quite the fan of those Japanese cartoons. Ever heard of Rose of Versailles?"

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I just said I didn't discuss it, user.

This is where you throw him under the bus, make him the designated loser in your department.

I literally just posted this to try and get a public b& again.

That was funny as fuck

No. You casually answer him "no, what's that?" Then you proceed to make fun of him and bully him every day for being a disgusting weeb.

i'll hide it unless asked

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i love /w/ and /wg/
this is probably my first post on Sup Forums

Yes, but you said it's socially acceptable, i.e. other people are doing it.

They're discussing penises.

Of course. I intentionally use anime ringtones sometimes in a desperate attempt to smoke out people for fun, though. It's interesting to see people look around like some hungry birds when I play a popular anime's OP.

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There is only one good thing that came out of Versailles.

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Sup Forums- blogs and serious discussions

/diy/ --> /ohm/

Used to like Sup Forums but Sup Forums is shit now so I rarely go there. Actually I've just generally been coming to Sup Forums less and less. Probably for the best.

I miss beecock. It was better than this cancer.

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anyone else intentionally wear anime t shirts and have anime pins and have anime ring tones in an attempt to scare off normgroids? i use anime as an anti girl shield, never had to talk to one since i started doing this except for at cash registers and with my mom. 3DPD will actually go out of their way to get away from you if you have an obsession with anime, its great.



Wait, what? They got rid of /z/?

I cycle constantly through Sup Forums, Sup Forums, and Sup Forums

It's a lot better than the usual "Sup Forums - betas complaining about women" shit

You're the one who has it. It's obviously made-up.


Fuck it, I'm done. After the absolute shitshow that is today with half the threads literally being either Franxx or DBS, and now a fucking blogshit normalfag thread, I'm leaving Sup Forums and never returning. Enjoy your dumpster fire, retards, you earn every bit of suffering you get from having any personal investment in the ""quality"" of this cesspit.

Underrated post

see you tomorrow

Where are you going?

See you next week
le super sekrit good quality board, probably,
that he will leave because it's dead
that or something with his friends

>"" ""
I don't like the threads either, don't get me wrong.
I'll not miss you because you're a crossboarder.

Please take me with you.