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Press F to pay respects to our fallen hero, "the Disposer"

He's now bobbing his head in Heaven, watching over us.

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>Press F to pay respects
I really hate this Sup Forums meme. I just wanted to mention that.

Give context to this picture

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>wan piss
>design is just shit thrown all over the place

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>Do npcs poop?

Oda has really run out of ideas hasn't he?

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Who are you again?

The one with the talking pigeon on his shoulder.


How's your sales looking?

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>they could make a fighting game just with this family and the Germa
I hope ASW make that OP fighting game after the DB one

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>Set up CP9 as forming a familial bond
>They remain true to their nature as brutal good guys
>Fuck up some marines and tell Spandam to eat shit
>Go back to being World Government cronies
Is this the most wasted buildup ever? I thought were were getting the Dark Justice Pirates.

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>heard you talkin shit

>DBS ended
>HxH will be on hiatus for years again
They are all going to come here, right?

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>What have you been doing last night Sanji-sama?
>Fucked my fiancé got a problem with that?


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Rip threads

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I don't think there's any denying Sanji pulls puss when they hit the port for a few days. He just has issues pulling important women.

Who is this fat fuck and why should I care?


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user the treads were killed by shippers and faggot posters years ago

Where the fuck did shipping even come from? There was a bit in dressrosa but nobody took that guy seriously and he was just shitposting around too. What the fuck happened after Zou?

Sanji is set up for a marriage. The vilest things follow.

True but shitposting will be on a whole new level

It started in Zou when the whole wedding subplot kicked in.


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Its not shitposting and Oda is clealy feeding us moments. Itll be over with in a few chapters anyways so whats the problem?

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>Itll be over with in a few chapters anyways

Please be true

404, fun not found

You cancerous shippers will take literally anything as Oda "feeding you moments". You won't go anywhere, least of all Tumblr where you belong.

>the end of the pirate king battle
>Luffy vs Blackbeard

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BB beats luffy and hands over him to the WG.

Then Bobbin becomes PK and another war

The thread is already dead with shipping zombies.

Denial wont work. I could tell you why you are wrong but you'll never accept it. Point is we had a reason to ship post this arc. I doubt Reverie or Wano will bring on anything so it'll probably stop. I couldnt care less about other ships.

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>OP critics are Hunterfags.
Are you this threatened by HxH that it develops into paranoia user?

go to bed tyll

and humorously appropriate pic because it looks like he's wearing noontec zoro's

Sales don't define how good a series is user

I have an ones question for you, why do you Shipp so hard in One piece? You know that ships are not going to happen, right? Or if they happen it would only be after EoS, what's the point?

Pretty good metric though.

A lot of them have come out as that.

Whats the point in discussing anything about a fictional story a nip is writing? Maybe because its fun? Just look at how much fun the LuKafags are having with their posting.

Well LuKa's are just faggots protecting their fantasies in the characters, they know is not going to happen, but Luna sana seems like they believe what they said

Its just fun to ship post user, at least it is for me. I am serious about SaNa too. I know itll happen EoS if it happens at all and thats fine. I just like talking about moments and talking shit to rival pairing, like Im sure they like to do with us.

cool, leave

I suppose Fairy Tail is better than Vagabond,Berserk,Vinland Saga and PunPun then.

>point is we had a reason to ship post this arc
>this arc
Yes and who the fuck cares? Nobody dislikes you for being a sanafag specifically. It's more about posting things here that no one likes and just causes shipwars between lunafags. You could've just stopped and prevented threads from being ruined but you had to do it and you now ask why people look down on you?

Pedro was dead before he even died.

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Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not after you, user

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I'm not THE Sanafag tho. I also never "asked why people look down on me". Why would I care?

>Its not shitposting

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None of those were me. I get the point though and change it to "There is a reason for shitposing about ships."

I genuinely hope that user is struck with the most aggressive form of cancer.

I agree with you. I still hope Lucci and Kaku are actually undercover and will sabotage cp0

Just read the chapter
Smoothie still hasn't done anything and feels bad about actually doing her job

What are your expectations for the reverie arc? Im hoping that, if Cobra really dies, that Luffy's wife ends up becoming a revolutionary

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It's time to settle this.

Croc has made himself a 'legitimate' king like Wapol or Judge and attends causing Vivi to freak out

Add option for "strawpollfags" please.

Who made the cake that saved them again?

did the cake save them though?

He'll probably consider suicide once it's confirmed it won't happen, whenever that may be.

We all know he has a miserable life, let him die a slow death

Im starting to think that Carrot will ask to join the crew and Luffy wil refuse and she will join only after wano. Just because there is still one thing that all SH have that Carrot lacks: Her relationship with Luffy its like, non existent, she likes him and hugs him but he doesnt give a fuck about her. Each straw hat had a Arc where they developed a conection with Luffy and Vice versa, but Carrot barely spent any time with him, maybe in wano she can mature more and her relationship with Luffy gets developed

Saved the Sunny a lot more damage at the very least.

>none of those were me
You can't deny the amount of sanafags in the threads came because of the one who started it though.

>did the cake save them though?
It already did speed reader

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Pudding. She had the ideaof baking the cake, she was the one that went after Chiffon and Sanji for help and she was the one that was able to manipulate all the cooks in cacao so that they could the cake in time

What? Why would you think that?

And Sanji was the one who sniffed out all the ingredents so they could make the cake in time.

And it wouldn't have been made on time nor would it have tasted well if Sanji wasn't there faggot.

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>he doesn't give a fuck about her
yeah he does, she's rescued him and he's rescued her like multiple times; their bond has been proven through crisis

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Okay, but if wasnt for Pudding he wouldnt bake the cake in the first place nor would he be able to bake it before Big mom killed everyone so yeah, Pudding is the one that saved everyone, Sanji just helpes

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>ichiji will never fuck you
why even live

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i had completely forgotten that the entire reason nami was in tears was because she was literally about to fucking die

Carrot looks creepy here desu

Thats not enough, a bunch of people have recued Luffy before and not all of them are SHs.

What do you mean?

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>That's not enough
And yet here we are, with a new character without precedant.

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>Sanji just helpes
Without him there would be a cake either.

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Chopper isnt the one who decides who joins tho

Yes there would be, it wouldnt be as tasty but they would try to make one even withkut knowing how to exactly replicate it. Withkut Pudding the SH including Sanji wouldnt be able to get out of the seducing woods and even if the did they would be killed bu big mom at the sea and there would be no cake

Sanji is the reason it was done in a few hours.

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carrot's chewing gag doesn't work without luffy, hence why she has no choice but to join the crew
idk why people think there's some strict requirement behind joining the strawhats, luffy asked a literal tree to join. most people don't because they couldn't possibly keep up with them, but carrot loves their shenanigans

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Could Jinbe have tanked Elbaf's Spear?

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1- you are ignoring that the head chef didnt had Chiffon and Pudding helping him, it wasnt just because of Sanji that the cake was baked so fast, he only did the cream iirc
2-my main point still stands that without pudding there would be no cake at all so she is the one that saved everyone and Sanji only helped

Has there ever been a time where the Strawhats didn't let someone join who wanted to?

Sanji couldn't do shit without the other chef's, Pudding and Chiffon. Sure he made it tasty and accelerated the speed but that doesn't make the other's effort wasteful. More importantly the only reason all this happened is because of Pudding. She put the effort and risk of betraying them to save the Strawhats.

He did the cream, recreated the plans of Streusen from scratch, thus reducing the preparation time a great deal.

Vivi, maybe sort of kind of?

Without Sanji there wouldn't be a cake either, since he's the one who managed to replicate the recipe.

>wasnt just because of Sanji
Never said that. I said he is the main cook there and the reason they know how to make the cake. They wouldnt have know how to make a replica if it wasnt for Sanji.

He asking the three was a gag moment, and having a real relationship with luffy is indeed a requirement to join since he is the MC and captain, name one straw hat that didnt developed a relationship with Luffy before joining the crew

>that one random post attacking LuKa
Is he jealous?

I fucking love Carrot's VA, she's so cute and energetic and I literally can't think of a better choice. I can't tell if it's just good fortune or if Toei deliberated carefully about who to pick.

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if you think about it, there's got to be a water-water devil fruit no mi that doesn't have any of the weaknesses of the other fruits. i think the eyepatch character has this fruit

Nah man. Vivi told them she really wanted to continue, but her country was also important and thus, she decided to stay.
She is technically a Straw-Hat but not really.