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New LT when?

As always.

I want to see some hi-jinks between Kiriha and Flute

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Fuck that. We don't need some slut cockblocking Kiriha.

Screens. Post some screens.

We don`t need dumb sadistic tsundere flute. Let`s her be broken.

A flute is just what Kiriha needs to deflower Kazuya's asshole.

She already deflowered him well enough in the dream sequence.

Dream doesn't count though.

Threesome when?

"Come on Tatsya, Flute is in position, more play me some sweetass music."

It's been a while since I read this, but isn't Kiriha dead?

Like that'll stop her from raping a cute boy.


Why do you think that?

nobody gives a fucking shit
the story took such a nose dive with kiriha's revival that Ican't bother to give a shit anymore like before
waiting on more porn

>waiting on more porn

Go to Parallel Paradise then.

It's certainly hard to take anything seriously
And thanks to being spoiled months ahead theres little reason to look forward to new chapters.

>Kiriha's revival
Wait what? She gets resurrected?

After how little ceremony there was about her death, could there be any doubt?

She respawned with loss of gold and experience.

Well, it's not unexpected, but I hadn't heard of it. Where are these spoilers coming from anyway?

Spoilers don't have that much of an impact.

It's a monthly. What do you expect? Sup Forums can't keep up constant conversations for anything that isn't weekly.

What did the needle do to Kazuya?

can't wait to see him asspull her back to life

>the story took such a nose dive with kiriha's revival
The story was always garbage. The only reason to read this is for the art.

Really really lewd shit.

Yes. It has gone full shonenshit with Kiriha being revived in the middle of battle right as Kazuya is about to lose.

Was needle a girl or a guy?

Depends which end you look at

I did not see that coming

It's a guy because you can enter it from the butthole and it can penerate with a penis.

>nobody gives a fucking shit
fuck off

I never thought I'd be wishing to go back to the monster of the week school shenanigans, but this arc is atrocious.

Is the tourney over yet?

Yoshikazu's stream just showed him drawing everyone's reactionfaces to Madarai getting knocked out.

>Not a fist through the skull

Close enough.

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I just want more Kanaka, honestly.

Did...did he died?

No. Water dolls, remember?

No, they have those damage replacement dolls set up for the battles, remember? That gets destroyed though.

Wood in this case.

To hear is to obey, effendi.

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I miss her

alright lads, I watched the entire anime and thought it was below average at best but those last two episodes were god-tier

who did the music?

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Music is ok but the anime budget was shit.

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Shit. Actually did forgot about that.

You know it.

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How long until the chapter is published? May? June?

No the tournament is finished i cant wait for the threesome with Obi and Flute.

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Comment from Ouhi/Ouna not long after the… unpleasantness.

1 question:
Kanaka was revived with 1 cristal shard.
Could Kokuri being revived with her own cristal?

>Could Kokuri being revived with her own cristal?
Obviously she will. Death has become meaningless. I expect Kanaka to be saved as well.

Watching the stream. Hamada pounded out the roughs for about 4 chapters in a few days back in November, then started hammering away at them. Looks like he planned on making the chapter he's working on a major event; it's at 44 pages, and not sure if it's done yet.

Blue Haired Satania.

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I doubt about Kanaka. She was corrupted in that panel before stabbed.

Also Kokuri is a deity, not a human or exorcist.

Most likely. 108 just hit the stores, the digital release should be in a couple of weeks (TL/TS probably soon after, anons), so 109 should drop in April, digital in May, then 110 (where all this goes down) in May/June.

Loving this spring.

>manga is only in jap or rusian

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I didn't think so either, but with how halfassed Kiriha's revival was I wouldn't be surprised if he asspulls her into being good.

Yeah, we get zero excitement for the monthly Grand Blue thread. Shit's just leaking readers.

Is kiriha back yet?
If not then call me back when she is

I preffer this instead of reviving arc.

I can't wait for Kazuya to go through the motions of restoring flute, and then having a passionate reunion with Kiriha where she feels so awkward and out of place that she leaves the room.

Stick around after the credits…

>ntr in my manga
Also go to hell with the childhood friend.

If it took no effort to revive her then why bother killing her at all? Her death now was just a shit excuse to change the setting. We didn't even need a revival arc. Just have Kazuya actually put some effort into reviving her. You gave him the retarded power to create tsugumomo, so have him learn to use it over the 3 year time limit and eventually revive her. Instead she just comes back before Kazuya really has much time to grow.

I'm thinking something more like the first post-Ascension bath and Kiriha's restoration to full size after Kazuya's mope in the futon.


Dude what
You mean in print?

Hoping Kazuya's amasogi-creation power gets re-developed in preparation for the big showdown with Kanaka.

This is why Sup Forumsnimango and tsugumo.moe exist, dude.

>he can create tsugumokamis because curse power
>goes mad with that power and almost kills her own
>obi was cutted and sewed
>he wrapped around his torso as a good luck charm
Boom, you have the explanation. Kazuya only needed 1 chapter to grow in mind. Now is body training.

Kiriha is Kazuya's partner. Involving flute at all would be NTR.

How long has Kiriha even been dead in the story? A month?

Printed i mean.
No if she consents.
Maybe. Also she was cutted in pieces but it was silk. If she was burned she will be fucking dead for sure.

I've been wondering about this too. Kazuya and Sunao both look like they've gone up a few centimeters since the fake-engagement storyline.

I don't want Flute to die but I really don't care for her becoming a long term partner for Kazuya or part of the main cast unless she mellows out somewhat.
The sex crazed possession shtick wasn't entertaining to me.

>the sex crazed possession shtick wasn't entertaining to me
Wrong manga then.

I see your point; I do fill in Tsugumomo whenever a license publisher asks for new title suggestions. In the meantime, I get paper when I can afford it (through Kinokuniya) and digital as soon as a collection comes out on BookWalker. At least I can get sensei a cup of ramen.

I'm still mad that my favorite loli died.

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Kiriha consenting only changes the NTR subtype. Flute needs to go away and not be a homewrecker.

Kazuya first fucks Kiriha.Then she bondage flute and Kazuya fucks her too.
We win.

>Absolute degeneracy like Tsugumomo is actually in print in Russia


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harem is not NTR

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>someone's lover bringing in more people to fuck isn't NTR
Whatever you need to tell yourself to stomach shitty harem anime.

>complains about shittty harems in a thread for a shitty harem

>threesomes are now NTR

The mental gymnastics never cease to amaze.

At least we know you were never around for the discussions about Sunao and Kiriha.

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Having permission makes it netori, which is still NTR.

Kind of dissapointing is not a Kazuya-Kiriha-Flute threesome ascension

I'm not usually one to ask for sauce but where can I download high resolution scans of this, preferably .cbr or .cbz
I'd buy the tankobons if it got published in my country but importing is dumb and a hassle and I won't bother with low quality scans.
Apologies for being an asshole.