I'm really finding it hard to understand how basic you folks are about missing out on the real main point of this...

I'm really finding it hard to understand how basic you folks are about missing out on the real main point of this episode.

That Futoshi is actually the most versatile and prolific stamen of the cast shown so far. In a single go he has shown perfect synch with two different pistols. He literally did more with Chlorophytum than Milkman ever did, and was far more effective in Genista as well.

Even when undergoing the kind of emotional trauma that shuts down most Franxx partners, he endures it and puts everything he has into protecting his teammates without it causing him to miss a fucking beat.

Everyone has been going on and on about Milkchad NTR'ing everyone, but the reality is the only milk he wants is from Hiro, who can't even be bothered to deal with Milkvirgin.

The only stamen who can pilot without any issue with Ikuno is going to be Futoshi. This fat fuck can literally pilot with anybody, hell he could probably even pilot Milkchad. And Milkchad would probably like it.

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Sup Forums disregards this because "lol xd fat"

Can I get an edit of this picture with a gun in his mouth?

You're missing the real real point of his character development, he has never ever thought about competition before so he took Kokoro for granted, now that he's been separated from her he's finally giving it his all to protect her and win her back. Literally everyone won in this fucking episode but Sup Forums is just too retarded, truly the Sup Forums of anime.

Probably. Surprised it doesn't exist with all the hate he gets. But it's almost 2 am, so find someone else.

I actually love fatty and have thought that milkman was the worst character in the show since his autism attack with 002 happened.
It just seems like the edit should exist

it does and I have it, but this isn't the board for requests

I'm fairly interested how his relationships with Ikuno are going to unfold. They are pretty much the outcasts of the group and both of them will never get what they currently want.

Somebody clue me in to the milkman meme, where does the nickname come from?

He's going to man up and become papa loyalist along with the dyke.

NTR overshadows everything user. That's why it's a scourge no matter which side you stand on. Fatty shined massively but no one cares because his girl got milked.

Cant wait for fatty to pilot with Oni

>he endures it and puts everything he has into protecting his teammates without it causing him to miss a fucking beat.
he only cares about protecting kokoro. he abused ikuno to do so after she already dumped him

>before this ep there where Fatoshifags

>after this ep there are Ultimate Gentlemen

I'm euphoric, lads.

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Lose some weight, self-inserter.

mfw Futoshi in ep. 12

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Abe propaganda, he is gonna dick the dyke straight. It helps he has boobs.

>It helps he has boobs.
Ikuno isn't too receptive to boobs it seems.

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>she was barely ever treated as a human being, always got shit dumped on her and endured it
>gets paired with a guy who can be extremely overprotective and will probably take a liking in her at some point
That would be nice to see.

Conversion fetish of yuri character is always a good thing to see.
This is basically Kiznaiver 2.0 remembering the glasses girl ending with former fatty guy.

I doubt the people behind the show have actual balls to not convert yuri character straight and actually develop her as friends partners with a guy with also making Futoshi grow up and not being suddenly interested in her only cause she is a girl he needs to protect.

But then seeing how Ikuno girl x girl plan failed horribly, I bet in her own mind she is as devastated like Futoshi was, so this will be basically pair up the spares thing going where both can't get what they really want and settle for worse just because they must to not get discarded by the system.

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They should practice with different partners in case someone dies.

>and win her back
God I sure as fuck hope he doesn't try to do that. She showed a complete disregard for him, he should straighten out the dyke and stick with her instead.

>Literally everyone won in this fucking episode but Sup Forums is just too retarded, truly the Sup Forums of anime.
No true, Ikuno lost completely.

I bet 02 trying to be a pilot x Ikuno as co-pilot would work.

Probably, seeing how 02 seems to be capable of piloting more or less on her own even without stampede mode. Hiro was trying to hold her back from being so reckless against the Klaxxosaur this episode, so clearly she had at least partly control over the movements.

No, he was actually shit with Genista, despite being a good pilot. He was shit with Genista because he would put Kokoro's safety above what the mission required, and thus only made lackluster effort.
By being paired up with a pistil that he doesn't love or dot on, Futoshi can now be more aggressive and fight for real.
His feelings for Kokoro held him back and made him pilot the Genista at a lower effectiveness.

One does not need to be in love with the assigned pistil, as the plantation 26 generic squad showed.

Dyke will whip the fatty into shape and he’ll fuck the gay out of her. It’s kind of predictable.

No. Theirs will be a relationship with no love whatsoever. Ikuno is accustomed to it.

I sure hope so, they both deserve some happiness.

sure she couldnt munch on the strawberry flavored carpet but at least she got a pilot with better synchro ratio

No, She performed way better with Futoshi. That's something.
>He literally did more with Chlorophytum than Milkman ever did
Not gonna lie, that was impressive but right now that is his only redeeming quality. Now he need to forget about Kokoro and move on, then take responsibility for his new partner, and also stop eating all the time and get fit.

Well, there is a reason if they choose him as a pilot even if he's fat. I feel that Futoshi and Ikuno will trigger a new form with chloropytum.

> being nice to someone means you need to be with him for the rest of his life
aside from breaking the promise (which the fatty imposed on her) kokoro did nothing wrong

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I agree that Fatoshi is a good pilot.
He is, in fact, second-best after Goro - Zorome is an impulsive retard, Milkman is edgy and shit redeemable only with a willpower he takes to fight and NTR, Hiro can only pilot 02.
He is soft though, which makes him a good target for bullying and NTR. I can sympathize to him, but it was for the better.
Imagine him finding out that Kokoro was dicked by Milkman.

The thing Kokoro did wrong was always lying to him rather than being honest. In the very first episode he already asks her if everything is alright and she says yes, even if it's clearly not.


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Honestly, he should have shown some anger towards her. It was so jarring how he blamed all of this on Milkman, when Milkman did shit all and wasn't even consulted on if he wants to pilot with Kokoro.

Because shitposters have gotten hold of it and are spamming it without having watched the episode. That and it matches up to enough of Sup Forums's triggers -- if you squint -- has made it a memetastic success.

That would be out of character

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Yeah, it was in line with his character, it still felt super weird. I hope he manages to get over Kokoro and realizes that he deserves better.

It's the classic beta male response when your woman is unfaithful. Blame the guy.

It's pretty obvious that lots of people haven't actually watched the show outside of this episode because the argument always goes that Fatty put her on the spot (which he did) and ignores everything that happened prior to this episode, where Kokoro had countless opportunities to make her real feelings more obvious rather than constantly encouraging his delusions.

He really should have gotten mad at Kokoro but at the same time it was a bit of a one way relationship. The guy was destined to get his hopes up. It's gonna be a good learning situation for him hopefully.

>dat pic

At least one nip is triggered.

I don't remember her encouraging his delusions. I do recall him fawning over her and her being polite. Goro made his feelings for Ichigo obvious and took it like a champ when they weren't reciprocated.

The stranest thing from these last threads is, that all of the fatfags hate Kokoro and start sharing strange sentiment to fucking Milkman.
Like the only answer to NTR is NTR! Take that you slut! Look as I fuck your pretty boyfriend, and god damnit look at his pretty hair... i mean fuck you Kokoro!

kinda disturbing

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>I don't remember her encouraging his delusions.
She sat on his lap and fed him during lunch and stuff like that.
Fatty constantly asked her how she felt about the current situation and every single time she'd pretend that everything was fine and encourage his delusions.

Not saying that Fatty didn't make mistakes but Kokoro has been dishonest about all of this from the very beginning. She could have treated it as a purely professional partnership, just like some of the other teams did.

Mr White Knight needs to grow up. A girl being nice to you doesn't mean she likes you. Not sure why people find this so hard to fathom.

A girl's feeling can change. Especially true during puberty.
Out of the 5 arranged marriages, only one of them happened to work. And one of them was a complete disaster, where two gays of different gender were paired up.
Morale of the story: The government is shit at assigning your lifetime partner.

They're both kids who made some dumb decisions. It's not really surprising at all.

Main thing that annoys me is I don't see Kokoro growing much of a spine out of this while Futoshi is probably going to learn how not to be so overbearing (& maybe lose some fucking weight, you tubby fuck)

You could argue that she's has been a bit shitty for not wising him up sooner alright but they also mention that they've all only started to hit puberty recently and so that behaviour may have just been childish imitation of 02 and hero. That friend dynamic never changed for Kokoro but obviously it did for Futoshi. Hard to blame either of them really when they havent been told what the hell is happening with their bodies.

You clearly haven't read that one doujin. MC got cucked but then he fucks the person that cucks him. Now both the guy and his wife are now his property.

>A girl's feeling can change.
It didn't though. Her pulse rates in episode 1 were already shit.

Yeah, she's not. She suffered zero consequences from this, Milkman had to deal with the fallout.
Kokoro will just continue down the same path.

Kokoro's problem is that she's too nice.
She can't say no to people and wants everyone to be happy, so even if she had complaints or criticisms about Futoshi or her partnership with him, she didn't say anything and instead gave him affirmative responses. She led him on in the most pure definition of the term, even if that wasn't her intent. This incident was the first time we've ever seen her be proactive about anything, and even then, at its core, it was just an attempt to be nice and help someone she thought needed help.

This, she always forced herself when with him

>too nice
She’s just a coward who’s afraid of confrontation. Classic whore

>Kokoro's problem is that she's too nice.
That's not being nice, that's cowardice. The nice thing to do would be to make her true feelings obvious early on when he isn't fully emotionally invested in her yet. The cruel thing is to lead him on till there's a convenient opportunity to ditch him with minimal consequences for herself.

that's not how you pimp slap a hoe

That isn't nice.You want to know what's nice? Try reading Aho-girl. The girl Sayaka in that manga is nice. She's too nice. An angel. Not Cockro.

Season 2 when?

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What opportunity exactly did she have before the partner swap to make her feelings known? They've literally all just hit puberty. They didn't have romantic feelings before now. She was nice to Futoshi and he read it the wrong way. Happens all the time in real life to people who aren't very good at picking up on signals.

>Kokoro's problem is that she's too nice.

She's one of those nice on the outside but secretly masturbate at night and dream of being raped girl.

In hindsight, it's inevitable she'll fall for a "bad boy" of the group.

This. Sayaka is the perfect example of "too nice". She actually tries to do what is right and only breaks down and folds when she sees the other person taking it in a fairly negative way.
Kokoro never even considered doing the right thing.

Hopefully soon.

>What opportunity exactly did she have before the partner swap to make her feelings known?
It was already obvious from episode 1 (due to her pulse rates) that something is wrong, yet when Futoshi asked her she kept saying that everything is fine.
It's not just about romantic feelings, it's about her inability to communicate just about anything and instead taking the easiest way out. She also decided to ditch him in front of everyone rather than telling him in advance because that was the most convenient way for her to deal with this. She also stood on the sidelines later on and let Mitsuru deal with the consequences.

Maybe I should have used quotation marks around too nice, because I didn't literally mean that she is too nice of a person for her own good, but that she puts group cohesion and the desires of others before her own interests because she's afraid of rocking the boat.

>she puts group cohesion and the desires of others before her own interests because she's afraid of rocking the boat.
I'm not sure if I would sign that. She rocked the boat quite a lot when she volunteered for the partner swap and she clearly has a thing for Mitsuru. I don't buy for a second that this was her doing what's best for the team rather than her going along with her own desires.

Mind you, there would be nothing wrong with going along with her own desires. But she did it in the worst possible way.

> Are you alright?
> n-no fatoshi, I actually think you're disgusting
now you're going to say she's purposely misleading him by being nice

>I cannot express my problems in any way but downright insults
Well, that's your problem then.

She could have just not shown or reciprocated his interest. Like, feeding him after she saw 02 doing it.

>Win her back


I do agree with the first part of your post, I do want him to realize he was taking things for granted and start bettering himself. But not to get back with Kokoro. Hell I want their final interaction to be "Hey thanks, you dumping me was the best thing that ever happened to me. I got some prescriptive, put in work to make myself a better man, hit the gym to get swole. And now I'm a beefcake who is gonna go straighten out that cute dyke. Have fun with your edgy manlet, ya Thot"

mfw Futoshi won't get his episode.

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okay then smartass, what would you say? take into consideration that you have no idea if you can switch partners in the future and that you're handling a teenage gentlesir who's prone to bawling when heart broken.

I hope it goes Kuzu no Honkai way.

The pulse rates are shown in episode 2.

>Mr White Knight needs to grow up. A girl being nice to you doesn't mean she likes you.
This is absolutely true for us.
But I'm not sure how obvious it was for Futoshi, who was raised in a very small group with little outside contact.
When he looked at his world and saw it all, seemingly, being divided by design into 1x1 pairs, with one girl being nicer to him than the rest, the idea that Kokoro was the "one for him" might be somewhat reasonable.

It would have been enough to just say that something feels wrong and that she has problems properly connecting. You can express this stuff in a way that does not immediately make it sound like an insult, but also doesn't feed the other side's delusions.

>you have no idea if you can switch partners in the future
We already knew that this was a possibility from episode 2, where Hiro pilots with Ichigo, and episode 3 where Mitsuru pilots with 02.

My bad. Still basically at the beginning of the show though. This wasn't something that just developed over the last two or three episodes, it was there from the beginning.

Finally, a harsh reality hit straight at Futoshi's face and destroying his unhealthy obsession for Kokoro.

Let this be a lesson to him for get /fit/ and stand like man on it's own.

Actually, when Mitsuru asked for a partner swap, he was denied. He only got to ride out with 02 because Hiro wasn't allowed to go out with her, and Mitsuru was the only official stamen pilot around left to quickly get into the Strelizia and save the rest of the team.
The test that Hiro had with Ichigo was also only just a test to confirm that Hiro can indeed perform adequately like a standard stamen.

Partners are normally permanently assigned. Having a good emotional connection together isn't really necessary, as the plantation 26 team proved.
All in all, we need to remember that the plantation 13 is really an experimental test squad that deviates from the norm.

I mean, Mitsuru is crazy hot lately. Can’t really blame people for getting confused.

All i'm saying is that people seem to be fully able of forgiving Futoshi for being so naive because of his limited contact with the opposite sex and his age yet are projecting years of wisdom onto Kokoro who is literally in the same situation. I think the take home message message is that they both fucked up but its totally understandable given the world they live in.

Well we can be sure Ikuno probably won't stop being gay but maybe Futoshi will be able to identify with her a bit better

Grown people on multiple threads raging at the bad decisions of fictional children is absolutely hilarious. I mean, you can feel the bitterness and rage in some of the posts because the shit hit too close to home. They act as if what Kokoro did actually happened to them and not Futoshi and are so damn angry about it. Keep it up, for it makes for fine entertainment. You will remain single forever most likely.

>Future episodes
>Futoshi become well-developed character after this
>Meanwhile Kokoro start obsessing over Mitsuru like Fatoshi obsessed on her
>Mitsuru is disgusted by this due to him being gay for Hiro

There's nothing good about being "just okay" in everything. You need to be the best.

It's not just the Futoshifags, though. You get equally butthurt wimps who relate to Kokoro. It's a perfect storm of anal agitation.

Murder-suiciding slut is the only way fatso has to keep face, else he'll be cuck-memed to death, no, to many deaths.

>she has problems properly connecting.
did she though? she performed well as a pistil.

your 2nd point is good, but I would argue those cases were irregularities (hiro was about to be deported, dino invasion), while kokoro jumped at the opportunity when it was legalized.

I must know the source of this doujin.

This needs to happen.

I would argue that it set the precedent for those rules not being as strict as they were presented. There was no point in figuring out if Hiro is still a viable pilot if they wouldn't have also been willing to team him up with one of the others.
The situation with Mitsuru showed that if necessity dictates that they need to switch up the teams because a team became non-operational, they will do so.

The point of the episode is that Japan hasn't gulped down the fat acceptance bullshit and you need to lose weight in order to be taken seriously

>did she though?
Her pulse rates were always low. Just this episode she herself again pointed out that Futoshi is always working hard and picking up her slack.
She didn't perform well, she was just operational. She's performing a lot better with the Milkman.

So, she's like the female version of a "nice guy"?