Persona 5

「PERSONA5 the Animation」

PV2 is out

Are you excited? Will it break the cycle of bad Persona adaptations?

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p5 is already bad anyway

I only request that they do the true end valentine's disaster for the anime.

OP sounds nice

Who is the anime love interest going to be?

Makoto? Ann?

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makoto obviously

Seems like it will be good
I hope it will deliver.
Still I'm at an age where I can't really self insert though so I will just watch it for the visuals and classy.

Maggots pls
Ann is the true love

Obviously Makoto because her sole reason to exist is for everyone to fucking suck her dick. God I hate it.



Is the song from the PV out or do we gotta wait for the anime to get it?

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Neat, never noticed this.

Everyone will get ship teased

does nakama actually have a different meaning than 'friends' or are they just pulling an 'all according to keikaku' here

My wife Futaba is so cute.

but ann is for kamoshida



She's such a nice combination of adoptive imouto and lover.

How many episodes is it going to be?

How are they going to fit everything in?

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I hope so

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Fuck you. I enjoyed the story.

P4 had every single side character social link condensed into 2 episodes. The VA of the Fortune Confidant is also dead so she might be cut down to a minimum.

Probably 24

They're not. As said, expect a lot of cuts to minor characters (although fan favorites like Tae and Kawakami might get some additional screentime)


Sae is bae! NTR the imouto!

I always wait before starting the mission/going to mementos to check if there are new ones

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i want to bully the kitty.

Not allowed

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There should be a Morgana route for going to bed early half the days or more.

The P4G anime was still hilarious by virtue of the fact that it was based on Brotag doing NG+.


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The story is good, but extremely slow paced and the characters are pretty dull. It took me four playthroughs to get tired of the Persona 4 story, but I am already tired of 5 after one playthrough, but that may be because I am tired of the Persona story structure.

No. It could never match the kino that was Trinity Soul.


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>Yusuke paints them from the back
>picture has them from the front

Contains non-dead pancakefag. 0/10. Back to your containment thread.

Why is Mona against this romance?

Because you steal his waifu away right in front of him you bastard.

It's not stealing when it was never his and he had no chance to obtain it

Honestly that was probably 60% of the reason why I even went for Ann in the first place. To NTR the awful fucking cat. Then I realized she was actually a 10/10 fembro so it all worked out.

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Fembros aren't for lewd activities, only for friendships. She is the rare tomboy (girl).

>Fembros aren't for lewd activities
Then why everybody here say "just fuck already" for Jun and Tomo?

Morgana gave a really good impression at first, but got progressively less likable the further you got into the story and by the time he leaves the party he became the least likable main party character ever in Persona.

Ken and Haru are worse

If they're going to go the nakama route for the main party then at least throw a bone to the hag squad.

holy fucking shit taste.
Story is crap, villains are dogshit, characters are all basic tropes, gameplay mechanic is repetitive use different skills until you find the weakness. The only thing good about the game is the music.

>use 90% of game cutscenes
>call it a trailer

>gameplay mechanic is repetitive use different skills until you find the weakness
So you dislike both Persona and SMT as a whole then. Why are you even in this thread? Do you like talking about things you don't enjoy?

How much of a fucking thigh gap to you need to have to sit with her like that

No, but I do it on principle.

That OP sucks. Was hoping it would stick to the acid jazz feel of the game's OP but now it's just a generic one.

Guys stop bullying Morgana he just wants you to be well rested and ready for the next day

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Can't wait to see all our favourite adults.
RIP country bumpkin

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Ohya a shit . Chihaya, Takemi, and Kawakami are god-tier though.

We can watch the first 6 minutes of the first episode with Satou Rina (Makoto) and FukuJun (Ren) on the 28th.

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They probably won't get a lot of screentime, but I'll treasure whatever they get.

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Haru has the worst case of coming in so late in the game

Hopefully the anime fixes that

Don't bully the drunk.

I still prefer the Sae and Makoto as drug addicted JAV stars for the yakuza ending more.

>Ohya stacked

This is a better fate than standing next to Goro I assure you.

No such thing as a bad ending in P5 prior to Sae's palace.

Post scenes you want to see in the anime.

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I want a scene where it's explained what the lolis do with the money they get from letting you use the compendium.

Something like having them visit the store where you work part time to buy sweets from you.

Wait a minute, something's not right

Sadly won't happen as there is no romance

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Makoto is for /u/ with every girl

>Are you excited? Will it break the cycle of bad Persona adaptations?
The p4 anime was pretty gud, though hell p4g wasn't even that bad by itself, it was just shit because it focused on worst girl too much.
When Marie wasn't there it was pretty good.

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>this what Annts actually believe

I can see it happening as a dream sequence

I'm not looking forward to it, but I'll hold out hope. If they make significant changes to the plot and characters, it could work, but that might upset the fans.

There was a time when Atlus made good, or at the very least unique and non-repetitive games. Now it's just endless dull re-utilization of the already pretty shallow SMT3 combat system. IV and Apocolaypse are pretty much the only good Megami Tensei/Megami Ibunroku games to have come out in the last decade.

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IV and Apocalypse have the same shitty press turn system you just complained about. The only thing different is that they are not in full 3D.

I can't wait for Hifumi's 5 second cameo

P5 was shit because we couldn't romance the broken used goods.

Director is a confirmed Gorofag so I'm mildly curious how it'll go.

Not that user, but I can give you IV, but IVA has by far the best gameplay in the entire franchise.
Fixed smirk and affinities were really good mechanics that were added into combat.

Came here to say this, P4A was alright.

But you could romance Kawakami

He just said Goro is the most interesting character outside of the Phantom Thieves.

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>whole episode of the lolis taste testing different sweets
>caroline licking justines fingers after they're all sticky from various things

Seiji Kishi is not directing it, so it'll automatically be better than P4.

I realized that game came out later than I thought. Didn't realize it was 2009. I'll also admit I enjoyed P4, but those two are really the only exceptions.

They tried to take it an interesting direction. They did a lot of balancing that gave you niches to build a team around, by Apocalypse you could tell they really embraced the zaniness and gameness with the power curves and level 999 bosses. And even with the caveat that most of the system remains the same, you still have the soundtrack, story, characters and atmosphere that really drew me in, especially with the tie ins to the rest of the franchise.

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Mamoru is handsome.
Also it's good to see Sugita and Aoi so far apart, I'm sick of them.

I can see why you would think it is shit if you never played the game, but it is a really fun watch if you already beat the game, but want more of the characters and setting.
I think that is the best thing an anime adaption of a videogame can offer.

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>couldn't romance the broken used goods
You can romance Ann just fine.


Everyone's going to ride the Joker Cock Carousel, but he only has love for vidya.

The story and characters of Apocalypse were a mess though.

>but those two are really the only exceptions.
>those two
>p4 and DeSu only
I object son of man

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>To NTR the awful fucking cat.
holy shit, me too
Would you guys really want a career woman like Makoto? imagine working hard and coming home to an empty house and having no food ready for you.
imagine when she does get home she's too tired to cook or service you?
Makoto(and Sae) would make terrible wives.

>Would you guys really want a career woman like Makoto?
Yes. the rest of your post is gibberish.

I played the game and thought it was shit.
Unless you like a show that's just tired "look how fun I am" memes up its own ass - P4A never tried to actually tell the story.

I sort of enjoyed the second anime about Mary though. It showed the Mary and Adachi SLinks and came out just before Persona Q, so I didn't have to buy a Vita to play Golden.