Bakemonogatari manga ch2

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And chapter 3 spoiler
Oh!Great went crazy with fanservice.

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I have a preference for the anime version of this outfit due to it's simplicity but it's nice to see Oshino going full Priest mode for this like Tadatsuru.

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The art is so fucking good
Hitagi is so fucking hot

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he scrubs up nicely indeed

Nobody cares?

I don't remember Araragi shielding Hitagi in the novel or anime, I wonder if Nisio is behind these changes.

I'm warming up to the art

The manga is better than shaft's garbage slideshow.

I'm sure Oh!great himself is behind these changes.

based OG, great art as usual


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>to it's simplicity

actual smoke coming out huh?

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As expected of veteran mangaka, or maybe i just getting used to isekai manga drawn by semi amateurs.

I never read Oh!Great's works, but that art is fucking fantastic. Are his works good?

Juicy Crab's pussy

nisio doesn't mind

Air Gear is my favorite shonen of all time but it's really not for everyone. Tenjō Tenge is great too but don't expect to see the main cast alot, more than half of the series is flashbacks of shit that happened 10 or 1000 years ago. I'd say give them a try but don't be afraid to drop them If they don't click with you, some people just kept reading them for the art back in the day.

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whats the fastest way to save this shit
i want to read it on my kindle

Maybe better ask here

What happened with that Nisio crossover high school manga?

No translation but still ongoing I guess.

Art is shit

He doesn't. It happens so fast that he can't even move. Oshino even says something like "you're useles. I told you to act as her wall if something happens."

But in the manga Shinbou sucked his blood and buffed him. So he was able to be Hitagi's wall.

How the fuck he manage to deliver god tier drawing every chapter and every weak?!

These are only the first 2 chapters, they could have been done well in advance before the publication started.

have you ever red Air gear?

well that's something that SHAFT couldn't get away with on the tele right there!

He's a veteran who doesn't need to waste half a week okaying the storyboard with the editor.

Yes, and that's makes me think, it is pure skill or something?
What's makes the other author cannot do the same?

the script is already done. it's an adaptation of a light novel

Bitch please, this is normal for him, You should see the stuff he put out during the years when Air Gear and Tenjou Tenge's serializations overlapped.

they overlapped like 8 years out of 10 of seralization

Having read the chapter I will say this. It looks like HS took after her father's side of the family in the looks department, and the family house is in quite the precarious location after all.

Wait is Oh Great the illustrator? Shit I didn't even realize that, that's kinda awesome.

Don't die thread

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>The manga is better than shaft's garbage slideshow.
You take that back


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The fuck is with that group and the ridiculous downscaling?

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Never really thought of gahara as a waifu before this manga.

Sexy body and seductive banter
Fucking great combination

I never knew I wanted goth lol Crab.

>The beta Araragi
>The Chad Oshino

Does this special service make her a slut?

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Oh! Great is a national treasure

Nisio too.


You didn't think that watching the first season?

He's like Mashima Hiro except with a more realistic artstyle.

They can draw in like 2 days an entire chapter

I've been partial to cakes for quite some time.

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Makes sense, Oh Great characters look older

>They can draw in like 2 days an entire chapter
Don't you know this is pretty much standard for weekly serializations?
Most of the week is spent working on the story, making drafts and having reunions with the editor. The actual art is almost always made in a rush in the last few days.
Here the story and dialogues are already written so he must have more time do work on the art.

Thank you Oh Great for blessing us with another amazing Kissshot

Makes me realize how much useless shit Shaft puts in the anime to strech the screentime.

Nah it takes a really long time, Mashima is especially known for being Kishibe Rohan fast and Oh Great too, he even serialized tenjo tenge and air great at the same time albeit Tenjo Tenge was monthly.

Boichi from Dr Stone is two weeklys right now.

he did Tenjou Tenge and Air gear at the same time and wrote the story and dialogues for both though
>Mashima did 2 or even 3 chapters of Fairy Tail a week sometimes because someone on the magazine went abscent.

Method Air to Spin That Grab Moonride

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>tfw oh great will do kizu justice

Looks like he fell in love with her already.


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He would go that far for a random girl on a street. He's Araragi.

Really hope he doesn't follow the anime order

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The serialization is only for Bake

It will definetely continue if it does ok

Black Hanekawa when?

I'm not a big fan of tsundere Gahara.

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does he do hmanga as well

Why does she look like fucking Amthest from steven universe?

he perceives life from a 4D perspective.
It's why his stories are always incomprehensible to brainlets but his art still remains kino to all.

He used to, but you don't really want to read it. Just look at the Oh! Great! Tenjo Tenge MIX gallery on sadpanda if you are horny

Maybe this time since he's only in charge of the art the worst girl won't actually win.

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started out doing hmanga

But Simca won in air gear and she's best

But Kururu was best girl user

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Air Gear has fantastic art but the story goes kinda crazy later on, but what many people tend to miss about is that the later part is OG take on what freedom really is for someone, the last battle in the mango is two completely different concepts of freedom clashing against each other (someone who embraced it all vs someone who threw it all away).

>but what many people tend to miss about is that the later part is OG take on what freedom really is for someone,
OG! portraying freedom as a chaotic acid trip sounds about right


Better than SHAFT

Anyone knows where I can find the japanese raws?

Do we know if there's plans to continue beyond Bake? At first I didn't like the artstyle that much, but after these two chapters I'm in love, I need to see him do the whole thing.

The manga is advertised as a Bake adaptation and the first chapter only showed crab, snail, monkey, snake and cat so probably not (as of now anyway). Things should start to get slower anyway when the chapters start having 20 pages

Yeah, I know it's Bake, but maybe Oh!Great had commented on his future plans or something like that.

>Maybe Oh!Great had commented on his future plans
He actually said he wanted to continue Air Gear and then Biorg Trinity happened. Once that ended I was expecting more Air Gear but here we are at chapter 2 of Bakemonogatari

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I can see him doing some Air Gear stuff in a year or two, would love to see some Simca/Kururu again.

I'm still waiting, though I wonder how he'll approach it since all plot points have been pretty much tied up already.

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surely that's an "at this stage" at this point now?