So what do you bros think of Kouji Seo?

So what do you bros think of Kouji Seo?

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Horrible writer.

Complete hack that isn't even good for fanservice since all of his girlls have massive sameface and same body syndrome.

Half&Half was nice.


I think his stuff usually starts out alright, but almost always hits a point where it starts to deteriorate after a while.
Thus,his shorter stuff's usually better

Princess Lucia was his best work, and that was just ecchi harem trash with a horrible ending.
Says a lot about the rest of his catalog.

I want to kill his men and rape his women

瀬尾 公治 = Seo Kouji . It's 2018, and it's high time you stupid EOPs did away with your dated whitewashed name order.

>Princess Lucia .. horrible ending
What really got me was that he didn't even tie up the love triangle, even though it felt it had been officially put to rest ages ago.
I mean, it was obvious from the get-go that Lucia would be the end-girl, but for the last third of the series the MC's crush on the nice angel was barely touched-on.
So having the series end as though it was still up in the air seemed pretty off.

I'd always hoped we'd get a few chapters that focused on the abrasive, big-titted angel and the demon harem as individuals, but it never happened unfortunately

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He's my favorite manga artist, by sole virtue of his art. His stories can be... hit-or-miss to say the least.

He should do Fantasy sex chapters for all his old series that ended too

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A hack who turned any of his series into utter shit at some point.
Even his currently ongoing manga started out interesting, got that huge twist with main girl dying and has become a boring SOL shortly after main girl 2.0 showed up which caused many people here to drop it. Now it's ending and no one gives a shit.

Started reading Kimi No Iru Machi for some reason and liked it. Inmediatly started reading Suzuka and also liked it. Reading Fuuka as well and I might like it more than the other two.

But still, it's like normal romance to be fair and at some points it depicts interactions realistically (except for the fact that most women characters fall for the MC at some point). All 3 mangas follow the same structure tho and because I read them back to back its even more noticeable.

>become a boring SOL...Now it's ending and no one gives a shit.
I think part of the problem is that Seo's stuff thrives on dumb drama, and while a story about a band should be fertile ground for that, Seo always kept it kind of tame. he probably couldn't do drugs or sex stories without alienating his audience, and I'm not sure if people were invested enough in the side characters to care about any potential break-up drama or dysfunctional behaviour

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Marry one, fuck one, kill one

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Still mad about Asuka, fuck Seo

Only half & half so far which did not have a predictable ending and was actually decent and pretty heart wrenching.

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arr look the same

I don't understand what makes him do the things he does. Like, in Suzuka and A Town Where you Live, it was obviously, blatantly clear that the main character and the main love interest were TERRIBLE for each other. As in, absolutely terrible.

In all the fantasy chapters, the relationship is a lot more healthy. I don't get why he finds this essential: Even in that Love+ manga he did for Rinko, he introduced Manaka who got most of the screentime. Couldn't he just do the, I dunno, Kimikiss Various Heroines route or something? (The latter is sexy as hell, I'd say.)

I guess he just prefers a single heroine/single end deal, only doing the alternates as what-ifs.
I think alternates endings are weird though, because they feel like they'd have to split off from much earlier points in the story.
Like in Kimi Machi, it seemed like most of the characters routes were closed-off by 100 chapters before the end.

I think for the most part though, it's the rage-inducing drama that keeps people reading, so that's why he keeps using it

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it was a fun ride

I wonder if this'll be the last cameo we get from these characters?

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I thought the blue-haired one would be a fun ride, myself

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>have a track record of worst girls winning all because they're main girl
>for once main girl is best girl and wins
Unless the isekai meme is true, I bet he feeds off our anger.

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Is Seo a Sith Lord?

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