Why is it that every anime/manga unfailingly pushes their anti-CHRISTIAN (note, not religions; you never seen other religions being criticised, even the slightest bit) BS all the time?

Honestly, as a Christian this irritates the fuck out of me, everytime I see a priest or clergy or "church" in anime its always cartoonishly stereotypical tropes being pushed.

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Japs dislike Christianity, usually.
Also, Christianity is generally related to westerners and some right-wing mangaka really have an anti-western bias.

Because the catholic church was one of the most powerful entities while basing its power purely on an invisible power and moral superiority, and through the conquest of the world European history has become an international baseline for story telling.

This combined with protestant anti-Catholic propaganda makes for some easy villains.

Nobody cares pussy. Grow thicker skin or fuck off.

maybe you should've thought of that before dropping the nukes


They're just expys of Christianity. Aside from the whole Christian hunts they used to do, they don't really care too much about the actual content of the religion. They only care that it's cool. Kinda like Christmas. They celebrate it because its fun, not because of Santa or Christ.

What they really care about is all the "Killing in the name of my god" shit. And with all the crusades, exorcism movies, dragon slayers killing dragons to spread christianity, holy wars, witch hunting, it's perfect for Japanese chuunibyou to paint a target on. It's just so incredibly easy. It has a history of incredible violence, and there's so much media on it. Honestly, you should just fuck off for being so triggered about something like anime. Go be mad about religion in places that actually care about it in real fucking life.

Because Catholics are a big meme. Nobody cares about Islam or likes, they are not meme enough.

They don't care about Islam because even japs know sandniggers are savages

because catholics tried to take over Japan you fucking dumbass, wish I could bash your head in with a history book

I felt like the huge war between reincarnated griffith and the last free apostle was in reference to the islam invasion of Europe.

>Catholic = Christian
user don't tell me you're this retarded

>Catholic church
>moral superiority
>invisible power
Nigga what? Its called softpower and it was very very real. Church had an army, hoards of gold and an integral part in european politics for thousand years or more

These, authors can be anti western for whatever reason and their only contact with christianity is through Japanese popculture. Thats why we get weird shit.

If you get butthurt about how your religion is depicted in fiction then you are a pathetic little faggot.
Also consider the history of the Catholic church, particularly the history with Japan.
Besides which there are also favourable depictions.

>If you get butthurt about how your religion is depicted in fiction then you are a pathetic little faggot.
>draws a picture of Mohamed priase be unto his name please dont kill me.

The time frame in discussion it is catholism = christianity, everything else is fringe heresy

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>Church had an army, hoards of gold and an integral part in european politics for thousand years or more
I didn't mean to imply that it didn't.
But its armies were not what made the emperor beg for forgiveness at Canossa for 3 days.

Was it not?
>beg for forgiveness or I'll tell your peasents they are doomed to hell because of you
>I'll also give them weapons and help coordinate them if they ever choose to vent their anger

Japs never understood the whole feet washing, slapping and sacrifice idea. It is so stupid for them. Why would you love enemy and why would you wash his feet ? Is this some kind of fetish? Just use your god powers to win and don't go an die willingly.
But they understood the "weak must fear the strong" part of history. So there you go.

So what, you want to copy the sand niggers now?

>catholism = christianity,
Are you ignorant of Eastern Christians?

>you never seen other religions being criticised, even the slightest bit
you picked the worst pic for this argument, did you not read the second half of berserk?

>don't go an die willingly.
But thats a very Japanese thing to do.

I don't think they needed any weapons from the pope. The lords were well armed enough if they got a sufficiently good excuse to rise against their master.

But I think we are largely in agreement and it's just wording that we are arguing over.

You get "weird shit" because anime is dominated by urban fantasy for young adults. Weird exotic (for Japan) shit is what the audience wants. Research into actual Christianity is irrelevant because that's not what the story is ever about.

if you don't like it don't read it

>fantasy should adhere to modern times
I hope youre not seriously thinking that multiple churches existed in history

When did they do that?

The orthodox church is not an invention of modern times.
Educate yourself.

Medieval history I should add where most fantasy shit is

Stop being butthurt christfag. When the Japs use christian imagery it's simply western mythology to them, no more no less. They just think it's cool and edgy.

The "willingly" part is important.

This is Fate/Apocrypha's Ruler.


Gaspar Coelho and the San Felipe incident of 1596, google it

There's a reason their religion is feared and why everyone sucks up to them.

We should put back the fear of God into everyone.

>taking over japan
>one fringe rebellion
Okay nip

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Even before the schism multiple branches exist, albeit much smaller than Chalcedon.

Historically Christianity in Japan meant the growing influence of western naval powers to the island nation.
Japanese authorities didn't take kindly to this development and there has been a history of oppression on foreign religions.

Nope. Mostly it is neutral, heretical interpretation or purely aesthetics.

Whenever it is negative, it follows the patterns of Western anti-Christian models of explaining Christianity. As a side note: Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the Catholic centers of Japan.

I'm not going to go out of my way to find a complete fucking history lesson for you. I found an example. That shit has happened. There you fucking go.

>Amakusa Incident
book to the head to you too

I'm not even religious but if hanging blasphemers would kill this trope I'm all for it

You mean ignorant heretics who werent christians?

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No, we should get rid of everyone that wants things censored because it upsets them, or insists their stupid clique deserves favourable "representation" in media.

You're the heretic, faggot. How the fuck can you even imply Jesus is part man?

This. I don't see the Chinese or Japanese getting upset by Avatar.
Goddamm you Sup Forumstards and Tumblrinas equally make the West look bad by being crybaby sensitive soyboy cucks that makes the rest of the world think that's everyone here.

>I hope youre not seriously thinking that multiple churches existed in history

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>I found one peasant rebellion not uncommon for the time
Sure lad, do you browse /x/ too?

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Fuck off, you know nothing about anime, manga and their representations of Christianity. Japan loves Nuns and mainly describe them as pious, often working in orphanages, people get married in Churches and white dresses in front of priests etc. Your opening image is a remebering of what Christianity has been for a lot of people in the past: violent unforgiving people who tortured, burned alive and destroyed your sacred places of cult to build churches there.
As a Christian, you should know this is a part of your history.

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>not uncommon for the time
So you admit Christian rebellions were common.

Exactly. Also Japan doesn't bother depicting Islam this way because no one things muslims are cool.

Not him, but he's talking about peasant rebellions. Peasants rebelled for all kinds of things.

Because the Catholic Church was almost cartoonishly evil for quite literally ages and I'm pretty sure they still excuse that whole child sex abuse thing.

Most evil Christians in pretty much any fantasy settings are depicted with Catholic overtones.

>Peasant rebellion
Actually read my posts

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Say that to my Janissaries not online and see what happens.

Read some history books instead of silly propaganda.

Oh, my bad. I'm getting (You)s on all sort of threads that have my interest and my attention is scattered. Gomenasorry.

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Kirei, a 'cartoonish stereotypical tropes-pushing' christian character.

Well I want more like him.

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Kirei did nothing wrong though

Ok, specifically I meant sacrifice for other's sake. The only thing that resembles that is kamikaze but really barely since it is not saving anyone.

This watch Silence OP

>every time I see [x] in anime its always cartoonishly stereotypical tropes being pushed

>As a Christian ree I'm triggered please this is very upsetting
Christcucks are fucking betas who destroyed superior masculine European cultures, so it's no surprised you're a bedwetting beta, OP. Enjoy your literal kike worship.

You have to understand that the history of religion in Japan has been one long sequence of other people telling them they're doing it wrong.
>You can't worship those Kinitsukami, Amatsu is where it's at
>You can't worship those kami, Buddha is the right choice
>You must worship Jehova, not those false idols
>You can't worship anything the Shogunate deems inappropriate, now step in line or be executed
>Never mind, Shogunate is cancelled, back to worshiping the Amatsu and the Emperor.
>Wait, no, we just lost the war. You can just do whatever, I guess.
And now you have a predominantly secular society with traditions of mostly Buddhist and Shinto practices and an awareness of how religion being abused to manipulate people for power is a universal practice.
And they don't just demonize Christianity, it is everyone, Christianity is just a big target because of how prevalent it is. See SMT.

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I see what your saying but that is really the kind of thing that happened when church and monarch were linked...well, maybe not he literal bible bashing but most of the other stuff

What about all the other times when the church was the good guys? D.Gray Man?

Because the church is cool as fuck and makes for super aesthetic villains, it's just 2D man chill the fuck out.

Because it's fucking cancerous. A lot of Japanese pop culture is derived from folklore unique to Japan like Yokai and the temples. It kills me inside to think of all the folklore across the world suffocated by aggressive expansion of the church. So much lost potential. I guess we now have the church boogeyman stories to tell instead. Thanks a lot. Maybe Christian lore will get to tell stories about Islam in the same way we talk about the church now.

Scientists get the same treatment.

Why would a christian even be on this website of all places? Unless you're one of those ironic christians I've been hearing so much about or the ones that are in it for "muh white culture" or some other nonsense.

Grow a thicker skin.

The inquisition, burning of heretics, the crusades, the years of excusing domestic violence, that whole pledge to destroy protestantism and burning of lutherans but okay.

Don't forget those torture devices and all those methods of torture neither, definitely not-evil looking at all.

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That's just downright barbaric

>the Inquisition never happened
>witch hunts never happened
>jesuites and the brutal conquest of central/south america never happened
>literally the entirety of the Church's history never happened
Perhaps you should read actual history books and not the picture books you use in burgerland

Thats propaganda sempai, evil deeds of catholic church are vastly excgrarated or sometimes even falsely pinned on it

>The inquisition,
Was an improvement on what came before. It was quite literally the invention of modern courts, even if they did not have the same standards as we have today? You know what they had before the inquisition?
Duels to the death. The victor was considered to be the one in the right.
And the original inquisition gave everybody a second chance. It was only the notorious fucks who couldn't take a warning and then shut up about their shit, who got punished.

>burning of heretics
Mostly done by protestants.

>the crusades
Yeah, they were cruel. But if you're going to pretend they are Christian cruelty and Islamic victims, you're just uninformed.

>the years of excusing domestic violence,
That's not catholic specific.

>that whole pledge to destroy protestantism
Not like the protestants were any better in their treatment of Catholics.

>Don't forget those torture devices
Not specific to Catholics either. Do you think the Romans didn't torture people before their leaders converted to Christianity?
What exactly do you think happened in the Colloseum?

You think the Catholic church invented torture and domestic violence? Or violently suppressing rebellions?
It was a huge and powerful organisation that did a lot of pretty dodgy things to maintain its power, just like pretty much everyone else always has done.

The difference between a religion and a cult is that one seeks to help practitioners and the other seeks to exploit them. Then what happens is that you get people within a religion that try to twist it into a cult (make a villain out of a specific member) and people in cults who genuinely hold the faith (make a villain out of the structure of dogma as a whole).

Generally it's just an extremely easy way to make loathsome villains without having to write anything compelling. It's just outright manipulation of the vulnerable.

>Duels to the death
Wasn't the Inquisition mostly an alternative to lynchings and mob justice?

imo all religion is evil and hides truth if it conflicts with its interests (mainly money and power)

And others being barbaric too excuses anything the Christians have done and are still doing? For fucking real?

It's weird how he goes from "I never had a religion to change it" in UBW to complete anti-abortion stance in HF

Are you baiting?

Excellent example of christian logic.

Soooo good to be Atheist, so I can laugh to any of these representation of religion that make some extremists and other brainwashed losers cringe.

It means accusing the church of being evil is absurd and historically ignorant.

>The difference between a religion and a cult
is your point of view.
Your religious group is a religion, but that asshole's religious group is a cult.

>burning of heretics
>Mostly done by protestants.

Are you a catholic?

Because that is some of the most insane denialism I've ever heard.

>people accusing Christianity of being evil while ignoring Islam

I read that as burning of witches, which is the more common accusation. Sorry.

I'm an atheist. I'm just not a twit who thinks religion is evil just because it's incorrect.

Maybe it's because your religion is actually not that good, ever thought of that?

>Saying Japanese hate christianity.
>When a saturday morning children show have the MC turn into fruit jesus/adam while outsmarting a snake character.
I know OP is probably some atheist fag false flagging but it have to be noted Japanese really love Christ.

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It's happening in western media too, just take a look at There Will Be Blood which is one of the most popular and "important" movies of recent times. All they do in that movie is ridicule christianity.

Japan doesn't want to actually address the active extremist armed nutjobs, the reformed ones who don't bomb people indiscriminately and have a sense of self-preservation are easier and safer targets. It's just for fun and easily marketable material, not dangerous political statements.
You won't see a genderswapped Mohammad or Allah-chan any time soon, sorry.

Religion is a joke. Masqueraded hypocrites thinking only about manipulating some and despising others.
Look at one of them coming to attack you hobby, as if Anime was only about depicting the Church.
It's always the same, you fucking narcissistic Christians, it has to always only be about YOU.

Anime is FICTION, and you're a retard. Get the fuck out!

>Japanese really love Christ.
Christianity is a meme to them, they don't think about it that deeply. It's basically pop culture to them which is why Eva has shit like crosses and kabbalistic symbolism. It just looks neat to them.

you do realise that every aspect of catholism is twisted from orginal bible text and embedded with elements from earlier religions. (old roman, greek and egyptian gods etc.)

Whole point of catholism was orginally to control christians of rome becouse they had gain too much support.

Simplest example of this is worshipping of saints that goes against everything written in the bible...

>reformed Islam
Nice joke.

I am not sure where you are going with this.