Ryuuou no Oshigoto

Ginko is Sup Forums's town bicycle

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Best girl.

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Don't fret, Ginko. You're flat and petite enough for my lolicon cup of tea.

The nauseating whining of a dusty old hag.

Go take your pills already you fossil

How does she even compete with this?

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It grinds my gear how this show's use of loli seemingly only applies to grade schooler because of their age. The author needs to discover the wonders of superior legal lolis.


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She didn't deserve to get trashed like that but Ginko really needs to put on the big girl pantsu and try to be nice instead of acting like a bitchy tsundere cunt 24/7.

Someone didn't see episode 10. She was straight up dere and wanted a kiss. And in the next, she offered to cook, help, and continue off wanting a kiss and more.

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Meant for

Stop samefagging you neolith

She's literally kuu and teasing half the time though. At other times, she gets jealously that sometimes is accomplished by hitting MC and then dere with wanting the D behavior.

If only she was like that from the start. She's fated to get rekt.

>two (You)s

90% of the time she's a violent tsundere, what are you even trying to say?

She's not the main heroine of the story. Fated to lose is inevitable.

Why? Nothing would really change.

>90% of the time
Not even more than a handful.

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You first, autist-kun. inb4 checklist clockwork.

Don't encourage him please.

No problem. Flat-chested, petite, and smol JCs are in my strike zone because close enough to a loli.

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What a qt


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Ginko 100% deserves to lose.

Taking turns riding ginko with fellow Sup Forumsnons!

I want her to dominate me in bed, then halfway into it I'll turn the table on her with wild ravaging and mind break.

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Picking up Ai

>implying she can cook
>implying she can help with anything
She's a slut that wanted to fuck no matter what even though the man was busy doing his fucking job which she wants him to fail at just so she can have him for herself.

a shit