Etotama new series

It is coming back!

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Old news.

I want to fuck a cock

Will Mo-tan be alive? This is important.

I want to commit a crime

Maybe this fucking industry isn't completely useless after all

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Good news

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Why is Rat so shit? She ruined the entire show!

Best zodiac.

I don't have to watch the new show to know that Nyaa-tan will try to achieve something big only to get denied and went back to status quo despite her efforts because "we need the old you more"
Seriously, who thought that making that shitty ending is a good idea?

More like Rabbest!

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You did it wrong.

>footfag bait
>best anything

An announce of a second season have never made me this happy before.

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I never stopped believing this could happen, and I'm finally rewarded.

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This show must be popular in NZ.

Count me as an honorary kiwi.

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I want to see Shima tan's strong personality turn into sloppy mess in bed!

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That's some deep lines in her hand.

Fó Yu

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I enjoyed the recap episode

I miss you user

I enjoyed your mum's arse

I miss her so much.

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Poor Snakefag, hopefully she'll get an episode in season two for them.
I, too, miss her. Desudesu is too good.

Now that I think about it, what would season 2 be about? The first one's conflict was resolved quite nicely.

Chinese vs western zodiacs.

>footfag bait
>best anything

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I want more Nyantan in animated form.

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I can't believe this shit is happening, but I'm not fucking complaining.

Same. I just wanted to kill myself in peace but then this shit has to drag me back from the edge. It's not fair.

Will this finally put a stake in salesfags heart?

Nyaa-tan didn't became god is a disappointment though.
Best girl. She deserves her own chapter.


For me, it's Mei-tan.

Old news mate.

Where is the part were she dicks her?

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