Which of the big three will be seen as a classic?

Which of the big three will be seen as a classic?

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Oda will die before One Piece gets an ending and despite Naruto's final arc being bad, the ending was great and a million times better than Bleach final arc and ending.


One Piece is the only one of them to be the best selling manga of all time.

One Piss went to shit long ago. It will be remembered as the shounen the that kept getting milked until long after its prime.

And yet despite what you claim, it continues to be the best selling manga of all time, with its closest competitors Hero Aca and Black Clover still not even coming close to matching it. General consensus holds otherwise, and that's what determines what gets remembered.

I think Naruto had more penetration on a world wide scale. Might be the Nips prefer One Piece. Bleach is a distant third compared to the others.

Being the best selling manga doesn't mean anything when you have like 90 volumes to be honest, imagine something actually popular like Dragon Ball or HxH having that many volumes

It will never receive the DragonBall treatment. Hell it won't even get the Saint Seiya treatment. Save your breath, no one cares about your meme buttpirates.

Naruto. Doesn't matter how well One Piece sold it's not as big a worldwide phenomenon as Naruto was.

How can you actually live in that much denial?
Have you looked around japan for even a minute?
Quite a lot of people care about it. It's the biggest thing

None of them i hope.

It became the best selling in 2008, when it had less volumes than Dragon Ball.
I doubt this is true, but good if it is? Why would anyone fucking want a One Piece Super?

To be honest you know fucking nothing. There's manga out there with more volumes than OP and they're not anywhere near the best selling manga list.

Doesn't matter what americans think so that automatically rules out the first two. Have you ever been to Japan? They eat one piece up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Speak for yourself. The only thing Naruto was known for was being a hit due to ninja-bullshit and its anime not getting ripped apart of 4kids. OP reigns supreme.

Do you guys actually Believe that? There are 3 or 4 times where the series should have ended. It got a classic half ass YuYu Hakusho style ending too.
Kubo tossed Bleach to the curb like a whore who was charging him by the minute.
I've never gone back over Naruto but I don't remember thinking the later arcs were bad. It escalated pretty quickly at points but otherwise it was steady for me.

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they all went to trash a few thousand volumes ago

One Piece.

The majority of weebs hate Naruto and don't even remember Bleach.

Naruto up to Zabuza is classic
Bleach up to Soul Society
One Piece up to Water 7

All 3? They were all very popular and incited discussion, even bleach in it's prime.

All 3 of them are at least 40 volumes too long

>It will be remembered as the shounen the that kept getting milked until long after its prime.
That's exactly how naruto and bleach are remembered right now. One Piss is still in its prime.

Hunter x Hunter sells less per volume than One Piece. One Piece is at 87 volumes with 430 million sales and Hunter x Hunter hasn't even cracked 100 with 35. It's a big shot that's somehow thriving on hiatuses but you said a falsehood. However, Dragon Ball did sell more per volume, but not by a crazy amount, being at 240 million sold in 42 volumes.

Naruto is probably the most iconic and the greatest penetration in the west so probably Naruto. I can't imagine One Piece disappearing from the cultural lexicon either considering how long it has been round and how popular it is.

>greatest penetration
What did he mean by this?

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