Who was in the wrong here?


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>60+ threads since subs
Just what we needed.

Kokoro was in the wrong in that he led on Fat's feelings, but she was also right to leave.

Fat people are always wrong by default.

he is fat

Fuck you guys

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t. fatoshi

Promises to lardasses don't count anyway.

He's a shit and boring character. I don't think a single person actually cared about him.

It's clear how they had zero compatibility almost from the start. Futoshi+Kokoro relationship was completely one-sided, I don't think I could blame Kokoro if I was in her place and I didn't feel anything towards him. She acted nice because she doesn't want to hurt anyone and that kinda backfired...

doesn't matter at all, what truly matters is based milkman shed his gimped horse and got a sweet ride that'll let him finally show his true potential

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Kokoro was wrong to lie, but she wasn't wrong to pick milkman over fatman. Guy deserved it for being a sad beta orbiter.

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Fuck Fatoshi. Even with that said he shone his brightest on battle with a broken heart and dyke on lap while Kokoro can actually be herself with Milkman without the cutesy and shy act so this development is fine.

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>advocating for generals

Quit life.

Milkman is going to plant his seed in fat fucks girl and nothing he can do.

Fatty is a clingy bitch.

Kokoro was right.
Fat acceptance is wrong and I admire trigger for embracing this. Amerifats could learn a thing or two from this anime.

>Picking Milkman
She's obviously retarded for picking a gay

Where's the "I don't give a shit about these background characters" option?

Is it even possible for fat characters to lose weight in anime?

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they're both assholes


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There is everything wrong about being a fat ugly beta.

Where's the both option?

just pick both

>vote split 50/50
will this be ryuko's boobs vs satsuki's ass all over again?