Release the Spyce

New key visual, PV and the first character song preview are out.

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I look forward to it, should be fun. Also best pair coming through.

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Doesnt seem like mahou shoujo, with the spy and stuff.Secret agent? mmo/game?

Will be a ryona anime?

Why does it have to be magic or games user? They can just be spies.

I spot a fresh Chinatsu.

Because of the school setting, unless its a spy academy.OP image seems more of a ninja team too.Modern ninja academy?

Read Golden Genesis.

>cute girls doing cute things, battle/action. all girls cast, and inevitable yuri
I love this tread.

Found chapter 0, nothing much in that.

>Golden Genesis
>Chapter 0
No, you didn't.

Googling that found me other stuff. You meant the novel? Not this?

I meant the novel, yes.

>tiny skirts
I don't think my penis will survive this show

Wait, it's not original?

Mix media project with LN and manga adaptation running along with the anime.

There will blood and suffering?

release the spics?

the spies

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>delicious midriffs
Picked up.

More Katrina x Shin?

Quick rundown

>Action anime with full female cast and guaranteed yuri
>Namori (Yuru Yuri creator) original character designer
>Manga's been out since late January, mangaka is a big fan of Namori
>Anime by studio Lay-duce, guaranteed to be fucking dogshit animation-wise and pretty much only good for the yuri
>"Namori is really creative guys I swear, disregard the fact the cast is not-Akari, not-Yui, not-Kyouko, not-Chinatsu, and some blue haired OC girl"
>October 2018 airing date

Why is the bottom right corner empty? Pic feels a little weird without anything there.

I only see Akari and China

>Those animal ninja partners

Manga ch 1 or the novel have been translated?

In other words, the Spyce must flow?

Ops that was on the OP.

What's the function of midriffs? Flexibility?

easier access for navel licking sessions

Spyces dess.

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So basically a worse PriPri?

Dumb Beato you have your gun show

I wouldn't say worse, it's just going in a different direction. The author of Spyce talked about PriPri in some interview.

Yay. More physics defying skirts. Put them in some other clothing if you're not going to bother with making physics a thing.

Why is China so shit?

My only complaint is their legs are quite spindly, i.e. their thighs aren't thick enough.

Japs rarely do legs right.

Looks bad.

How about a knife show, user?

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You just wanted panty shots