Girls und Panzer


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Miho would make a pro boxer.

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Why does she look so goddamn evil? I thought she was past that whole cheating thing.

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When did GuP go full arcade?

aus pas camarade

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au pas au pas au pas

au pas camarades

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Also, for that guy who wanted a webm of the Mark IV last thread. Not sure why'd you want this though.

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That poor bartender!

Is there anything best girl can't do?

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It's because I'm a brainlet, not gross, right?

Poor cute lass

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oppai camarade


Punished Miho is the cutest.

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Uchuu no umi wa, ore no umi

But she is doing nothing wrong, Alisa a cute.

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She's just so cute, I hope she's recurring in the other OVAs

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There is not a single thing I dislike about BC Freedom.
>comfy schoolship
>GREAT uniform
>cute girls
>Marie and her mad lasses
>sex goddess Azumi was a student here

Cute slave

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She knows about Miho's bullshit, and she won't humiliate at that.

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Stay in KMM

>Marie can be seen


Even their school's background and structure is interesting

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Exactly. Marie knows they've been underestimated. Always remember, Miho is a savage bitch underneath sheep's clothing.

Mako is so lucky.

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If you insist

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The 3D was so jarring.

Damn that was funny.


I feel bad for the poor girls

I want to marry Andou and provide for her

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Loved that scene

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What a cute butt.

She doesn't bathe regularly though and eats frogs for breakfast.

>These are lower class girls living in the BC Freedom slums
I want to help them



I'll teach her some proper manners when we're lawfully wedded

Is a shame that they waste her and her team so early.

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Colonials a cute

>Garupan introduces another quirky team
>instantly fall in love with them
>you know they're gonna lose anyway because of plot
It fucking hurts bros. I want the frogs to win. On the other hand, Shark Team has been has been awesome so far, but I doubt their shitty tank is gonna last long.

>Marie's driver is also a 10/10
I will miss them.

Join the group

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Maybe next time in a Reverse Senshado where you win by driving tanks in reverse the best

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Must feel so good

Which of these delinquent vagabonds is cutest, Sup Forums?

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Or where we are free from Miho's plot armor

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>She doesn't bathe regularly though
That's a positive. Her natural musk must be lovely

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I hope there's a chance for a Der Film 2 where we get all the new bloods to duke it out have their own chance to shine.

Gradient gyaru is what i exactly wanted if we were to ever get Gyaru und Panzer.

So is das Finale really das Finale or will there be more stuff?

Why the fuck is German a mouthful?

The OVA says that all the previous rival schools (KMM, Pravda, Saunders, etc.) will be participating again. I wonder how Actas will show them given that we'll get only 6 OVAs, and the next one will no doubt still try to resolve the match with BC Freedom, so that leaves us with 4. Also, it seems like Mika is not gonna participate.

From what I understand, it's only the end for Oorai's story. I mean, Bandai specifically bought Actas to churn out GUP movies. I doubt they're gonna stop at Das Finale.

They should have made a league, instead of another knockout, but i know that's impossible.

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Au pas, au pas, au pas.
J'aime l’oignon frit à l'huile, j'aime l’oignon car il est bon.
The tournament will likely have 3/4 matches for Oarai, so it's doable in 7 OVAs.

That's good to hear then.

So We need to wait next half of the year for next part?

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That's what she wants you to believe, or maybe you're right, and they are too lazy to make more teammates to her.

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Does anyone have a source for this image? It's from somewhere on Twitter

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KMM and St. Gloriana will dip for a year if so.

>Anzio is gonna fight Bonple AGAIN this year
Wew. Would be funny if they end up losing this time though.

Ooarai won't make it to the final, that simple.

>Not liking frogs.
I bet you don't like snails either you uncultured swine.

Erika isn't that great commander tho

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Why is she outside the turret in the fight? She has to load and fire!

Yes please, I don't mind new protagonists. New school too please, how about the Chihatan school?

She is not the gunner, you can see her here.

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If Oarais ship already has such a big "underwolrd", what goes on in Pravda or KMM ship's lower decks?

I think they are, but they won't win it all. Miho will finally lose to Erika just how she finally wins against Darj in the semis.

Erikafags love their waifu the most.

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But the FT-17 had a crew of 2.

Sup Forums sings Flint's song when?


Why couldn't anybody hit shit in this OVA? The leopons can't, and the onion girls had six tanks firing non-stop on completly exposed targets and did nothing but scratch the paint

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Her driver can't see anything there, how do they manage to stay on road? Erika directing her?

corners and distance

New generation of carbon armor is magnetic carbon armor

That's probably why they lost in the first round before. Shit tier expertise.

>Half a year
Tell me it isn't so

Actually, Marie's crew has 3, including herself. Watch the OVA again, around the 36:40. She has an orange haired gunner. Marie actually just sits around.


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I'm super mad. ;_;

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Is this your first time watching GuP? Everyone has really bad aim unless its an encounter of over a few feet.

Thanks a bunch

I hope someone someday builds a saucenao for Twitter

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Yukari continues to be Japan's greatest treasure. I'm going to comiket in August, I hope they show it the next part there.

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